BlueChew Review:
Is BlueChew Legit & Does It Work?

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 24th, 2023

Recently, there's been tons of reviews and testimonials popping up online talking about this company called BlueChew. I first heard about BlueChew on Theo Von's podcast "This Last Weekend".

Now don't get me wrong, Theo seems like a smart guy... but I'm not 100% convinced he's qualified to give ED medication recommendations, although I could be wrong.

That being said, as a guy who's been prescribed Viagra in the past, I was intrigued to learn that there was a company offering the active ingredient in Viagra (Sildenafil) and Cialis (Tadalafil) for a much lower cost that I'm used to paying for Viagra, in a chewable tablet which claimed to only take 15-20 minutes to take effect.

Not only that, but because I was able to get a free trial which allowed me to try Bluechew by paying only $5 for shipping, I was very intrigued to give them a shot. I've written a separate post about how to claim this free trial.

With such a low risk at $5 to test out a product that was getting such a large amount of publicity, I decided I'd test Bluechew out myself and do a full breakdown of their service, to see whether in fact they were providing a legit service or if they were just another free Viagra scam.

What Is BlueChew?

If you're anything like me, you're probably a bit skeptical of this company.

Most companies that are selling sildenafil and tadalafil through the internet are doing so completely illegally or are just flat out a scam. Both of these medications require a prescription therefore, any companies selling these medications online without a prescription should definitely be avoided.

To be clear, this is not how BlueChew works, at all.

To explain, BlueChew doesn't actually refer to any physical product itself. BlueChew operates as a facilitator between healthcare providers and patients who are seeking medical help in increasing sexual performance. BlueChew is the service, not the, well, blue chews.

Upon signing up for BlueChew, a patient will have the opportunity to have a real consultation from real doctor over video chat in which their questions and concerns will be raised. This allows for a completely private discussion with a medical professional as to the severity of their difficulties with having a penis that functions properly. I'm a big fan of this regime since patients don't need to make appointments for an embarrassing penis-themed discussion with the doctor they see for all of their routine work.

I won't get political here, but straightforward medical care that's easy to access and helps preserve privacy is something I think our current healthcare system could learn from.

Depending on severity the doctor will either suggest lifestyle changes, reassessment of medications with their family doctor, or write a prescription for one of the two most commonly prescribed medications for erectile dysfunction: sildenafil or tadalafil.

If the prescription route is taken, the patient can now receive chewable BlueChew brand tablets send to them on a subscription basis directly from BlueChew at intervals of every 30 days. It is worth remembering that while BlueChew helps to connect patients to licensed physicians as well as serve as a conduit for them to receive medication, they themselves are not an online health care provider, nor are they an online pharmacy. They do work in conjunction with pharmacies for supply, but that's it. To this effect, the BlueChew tablets received are best seen as designer medication provided exclusively for those who seek out the services of BlueChew.

What Are The Ingredients?

There are two main options from BlueChew when it comes to what compound you will actually receive:

Sildenafil and Tadalafil.

Sildenafil is better known by popular brand name Viagra while Tadalafil is best known by popular brand name Cialis. These ingredients are FDA approved for the treatment of erectile dysfunction by prescription only.

A typical Viagra pill with the active ingredient sildenafil comes in a dosage of 50 mg, with 25 mg and 100 mg pills also available. BlueChew's sildenafil come in a dosage of 30 mg per tablet.

Cialis, whose active ingredient is tadalafil, is typically given in a 10 mg prescription but 20 mg as well as 5 mg is not unheard of depending on severity. BlueChew's tadalafil come in 6 mg tablets.

These active ingredients are well known to the medical community so there's nothing extremely out of the ordinary about these pills besides their more finely tailored doses for the average user and the method of delivery.

⬆️ (free trial) ⬆️


Sildenafil works by blocking the action of an enzyme that typically breaks down a compound vital for the regulation of blood flow to the penis known as cGMP. Practically this means an effect is created where about 30 minutes after taking a sildenafil pill the patient is able to achieve a rock hard erection with extreme ease. The duration of this positive effect on penile blood flow lasts about four hours. A man must become aroused to receive the beneficial effects, it is by no means a "boner pill".

⬆️ (free trial) ⬆️


Tadalafil also works by inhibiting the enzyme related to the breakdown of cGMP and isn't a "boner pill". What is unique to tadalafil is that it lasts a full 36 hours instead of the 4 typical of Viagra. It also takes about 24 hours for tadalafil to work as opposed to the 30 minutes to an hour typical of sildenafil. Men who wish for a longer window of possible sexual activity choose this compound over sildenafil. In some men, the beneficial effects can be felt for longer than 36 hours.

The Main Takeaway: Because of the differences in time to become effective and duration of action, Cialis like pills are typically taken on an ongoing basis for round the clock male enhancement whereas Viagra like pills are taken on as as-needed basis.

Why Is BlueChew Special?

So if they're using the same FDA approved active ingredients as the big players, why don't we just stick to Viagra or Cialis through the usual way? Why BlueChew at all? Well, besides the fact you're personally connected to a medical professional to discuss your issues in a timely fashion, there are a few worthwhile things about BlueChew that make it unique.

Unlike other online services that promise to provide erection dysfunction medication, BlueChew has a recognizable name behind them and a reputation to uphold. All of the information about them as a public company is right there on the BlueChew website for all to see. BlueChew also does in no way suggest that their service does anything to subvert existing laws or help you avoid the need for a prescription, nor do their business practices do anything to that effect. The sketchiness factor is nil, something I don't see very often in this industry.

Normal formulations of sildenafil and tadalafil are in hard pill form. When they are taken by mouth the entire pill needs to be slowly digested by the body bit by bit. Those subscribed to BlueChew will receive chewable tablets instead. What this means is that when the tablets are chewed the overall surface area of the tablet is increased which reduce the overall absorption time. This isn't a phenomenon unique to BlueChew's tablets, any chewable tablet will absorb faster than a similar tablet that's swallowed whole to be digested over time.

How Much Does BlueChew Cost?

BlueChew is significantly less expensive than a similar prescription to sildenafil and tadalafil.  The average price of a 50 mg pill of Viagra is approximately $22, while even at the lowest packaged amount of 6 pills BlueChew is merely $3.33 per pill. When it comes to tadalafil, their highest price per 6 mg pill is $5 each for 4 pills while 5 mg pills of Cialis goes for $30-$40 a piece. My research suggests that a large part of how they're able to offer such significant discounts is that the patents are expiring on formulations of sildenafil and tadalafil which has allowed for competition to grow. It might not make a whole lot of sense, but the easiest way to describe for me is "brand-name generic".

Here's a full overview of the BlueChew prices:

Sildenafil Prices:

  • Active
  • Busy
  • Popular
  • Pro

6 Tablets - $20 per month

Tadalafil Prices:

  • Active
  • Busy
  • Popular
  • Pro

4 Tablets - $20 per month

Should I Choose Sildenafil Or Tadalafil?


This begs the question: which BlueChew formulation should be chosen for the most ideal improvements to the penis? It all depends on what you find can be acceptably fit into your sexual routine.

Sildenafil requires just an hour's worth of notice of sexual activity and you'll be good to go for the next four hours after it kicks in. That makes it much better suited for those who aren't quite sure if they are going to need to take a pill or not and can handle having a shorter window of possible action with just a bit of notice.

Tadalafil needs an entire 24 hour period to kick in but is effective for a period of approximately 36 hours. People who want to take a pill once before expected sexual activity with a day or so and be prepared for longer periods of time prefer to take Tadalafil.

It's also worth mentioning that some people find that Sildenafil is more "powerful" than tadalafil. These anecdotal responses suggest that the quicker acting sildenafil provides a much more reliable and noticeable improvement to their sexual functioning which is why Viagra has always remained at least somewhat more popular than Cialis. Others suggest the opposing viewpoint with Cialis being more effective for their erectile dysfunction, this suggests personal biology has a horse in this race to some degree.

You should select a pill based on which you think will be easier to fit into your lifestyle first. If after taking it initially you aren't getting the kind of results on blood flow that you love to see or don't like the process, switch over to the other option for your BlueChew supply for the next month.

Does BlueChew Work? - My Experience

Now time for the actual BlueChew review. It isn't much of a review if don't cover both options available.

First sildenafil one month, then tadalafil the next month.

For my first month I received just six pills of this Viagra like product to review which arrived in a discreet, non-descript package not unlike ones I've received in my other online shopping endeavors. Inside was another black package with a tear-open slit containing each of the pills. 

Suffice to say, the BlueChew packaging is far from childproof and I recommend swapping your remaining pills into a capped pill bottle to ensure they remain fresh.

Now upon taking my first "blue chew" and mashing it up with my teeth I would describe the taste as passable. It isn't chalky or indicative of a bad idea and there is a bit of sugar/flavoring agents present but they aren't overpowering. I think the pill being easy enough to take but not so tasty that you'd want to eat it for the taste alone is a feature as opposed to a bug.

About twenty minutes, placebo or not, I could feel as if there was something going down inside of my body. At the 30 to 40 minute mark my wife got tired of waiting and began her best sexy dancing for me. You know that sound a coil door stop makes when it springs back into position? That's what the urgency of my hard boner reminded me of immediately. I was quickly aroused and fully engorged. The actual sex itself was much more pleasurable and I lasted a very satisfying amount of time before reaching orgasm. Some of the other times I took the pills I thought it was more difficult to orgasm than usual but it was nothing a little bit of creative horniness couldn't overcome.

The next month gave way to a similar review, four tadalafil tablets in the same type of package but grey. It tasted identical to the sildenafil option.

I took it in the afternoon one day expecting to be rip-roaring for the hard work in the next days of giving my wife her part of the blue chew experience. At around the 27th hour mark, no "switch" type feeling was present like the sildenafil-containing pills but the ability to enjoy a pain free process of getting an erection with minor arousal was still there. The overall strength of the erection wasn't as throbbing and hard as the Viagra like pill, more like a normal above quality erection.

My wife reported that with the sildenafil containing BlueChew tablets each of the days I took one my erections were significantly harder, there was a slight increase in my penis size (due to the extra blood, I didn't grow any extra dick), and that I was able to go at a faster pace and more consistent rhythm than usual.

She felt it could easily lead itself to a meat pounding type experience, so anyone taking sildenafil from BlueChew should be aware to not get too selfish in their technique.

The next month with tadalafil containing BlueChew tablets she reported that on the days I took it the strength of the erections were definitely above normal levels while my overall technique wasn't changed much. It was in general a longer sex session yet not long enough to get stale.

Is BlueChew Legit?

Besides the pills themselves, it's important to also review how the BlueChew service itself works. The main reason why my wife and I are so skeptical of this industry is that it is full of bunk pills and shady service providers who are mainly trying to exploit people's insecurities as opposed to legitimately helping them.

Signing up for the service requires filling out a basic medical information form that mostly just deals with the questions the doctor will be asking you anyways. This is mainly to determine whether or not the services provided will be a good fit for your current lifestyle. The form is SSL encrypted as well as HIPAA compliant, plus at the end of the questionnaire you consent to the release of the information provided as well as the future TeleHealth call.

After filling out the form once truthfully I was required to upload both a picture of my ID as well as a selfie. I consider their process extremely hard for anyone underage to circumvent which is fantastic.

Next, I was curious as to how quickly the service would boot you out if you answered in such a way that the medication legitimately isn't for you. I said I was taking all kinds of medication, couldn't get up a flight of stairs, and in general filled out my application as if I was a horrible candidate desperately trying to receive some pills for erectile dysfunction.

During each step where I answered in a way that made me ineligible, I was promptly informed of such. I was told by the site to discontinue existing ED medication, was told I would not be able to receive tablets while taking nitrate medications, and finally at every point in time in which I would have to fill in "other" information such as health conditions or medicines taken, I was given a full response form to fill out. The due diligence is comprehensive and easy, those who absolutely should not be on this medication will be filtered out immediately while those who are more on the fence have the ability to state their case and have a doctor review it in full.

Knowing they aren't just fly by night pill pushers did a lot for them to earn over my trust. Since they already use high-quality encryption for my mundane details, I was satisfied that they would be able to adequately protect my payment details as well.

After a period in which my application was reviewed, I was connected to a doctor via a TeleHealth call and I explained what I was seeking to achieve sexually and gave some extra information about my physical state. After being approved by the doctor I was able to have my first 30 days of tablets shipped out.

I was subscribed for a period of at least two months but not exceeding four, I forget the exact details unfortunately. What I do remember is that when I cancelled my subscription I was able to do so with extreme ease using simple to find buttons on the site. Upon using the subscription cancel process, my card was not charged again and no product was shipped that month. Post navigation I was completely satisfied that I would not have to try to cancel again.

Overall, their website is extremely modern and easy to use. It's not all flash and no substance, either. The checks and balances are obvious and present even to the end user and cancellation was easier with BlueChew than it was for my cable TV provider a few years back.

So, is BlueChew legit? 

Absolutely. This company/product is as “legit” as they come. It’s a very straight forward service which is 100% legal and legitimate. No scams here whatsoever.

Bluechew User Reviews

Here are some videos made by Bluechew customers:

Channel Name: The Virgin Micheal

Subscriber count: 8,500 >

Channel Name: The Sextrovert

Subscriber count: 10,500 >

How Do I Get BlueChew?

BlueChew is not available in the following states in the USA: Arkansas, Hawaii, Idaho, Nebraska, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, and South Carolina. There's also no BlueChew Canada or BlueChew UK equivalent at this time, any websites suggesting you can receive BlueChew in these areas are peddling falsehoods and are in no way connected to the real BlueChew service.

The official BlueChew website is the only approved way to receive genuine pills under the careful supervision of a doctor who is aware of your medical history.

Use promo code "GOBLUE" for 6 free tabs. Click here to redeem your discount.

Is BlueChew Safe?

Since there are no other ingredients with medicinal effects, BlueChew is precisely as safe as Viagra or Cialis depending on which type you choose.

People who are on blood pressure medication should mention it to the prescribing doctor during the video call to ensure that there are no adverse interactions between their current medications and tablets from BlueChew. In general, any conditions that affect the circulatory system or liver function should be mentioned to the physician before taking any tablets designed to lessen symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

This May sound like an advert you'd hear at 4PM after an episode of Maury Povich so bear with me: if at any point you have an erection that lasts more than four hours or experience any sort of vision loss you should contact medical help immediately. An erection that causes pain is equally cause for concern, those with penile deformities are at a higher risk of this effect.

Besides rare cases and minor headaches, these compounds are considered to be extremely well tolerated by an overwhelming majority of people who take them.

Side Effects

Interestingly enough, these compounds were initially investigated as alternatives to typical high blood pressure medication. Testing proved they weren't so great to that effect, but you can't expect any self-respecting drug company to just shelve a compound known to reliably cause erections. That's your quick history lesson on Viagra.

The side effects of sildenafil all relate to how it causes blood vessels in the entire body (not just the penis) to relax. That means that headaches are the most common side effect in healthy adults with redness, nausea, diarrhea, upset stomach, and memory problems being some of the more extreme effects in sensitive individuals.

Tadalafil side effects are similar, with headaches being the most commonly reported side effect and the usual flushing/nausea/upset stomach being possible as well. Of course, the length of time in which these side effects can possibly arise is longer.


Based on the experience of my BlueChew review, using their online service was easy, trustworthy, and absolutely up to the standards expected from a service such as this.

Don't just take my word for it though. There's plenty more BlueChew reviews you can read on their website.

There is no pain associated with having to cancel, and you can in fact cancel at any point of the subscription without worry. There's a whole lot to love and very little to harp on. If you're looking for help improving sexual functioning from a trustworthy source connected to real doctors, BlueChew managed to get it all done without any weird hang-ups.

If you feel that my BlueChew review is lacking information important to you or you just want to share your experiences with BlueChew, leave a comment below and we'll see what we can do!

Affiliate disclosure: Some links contained in this post are affiliate links. We may receive a commission for purchases made through these links.

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Mark K - December 18, 2019 Reply

Thanks for this informative and honest review; and for the links. My free trial has shipped already (in one day.) The process was simple and straightforward. Regarding your comment “…My wife reported that with the sildenafil containing BlueChew tablets each of the days I took one my erections were significantly harder, there was a slight increase in my penis size… and that I was able to go at a faster pace and more consistent rhythm than usual.” This is exactly what we would be looking for as an outcome also (harder, faster, and consistent rhythm… the slight size increase being a bonus on top of that.) We were also curious to know if the effect of the pill wears off after your orgasm? We were thinking that if still feeling aroused, could I possibly go for round two with my wife if I stayed hard from the pill after my (first) orgasm (this would also be an amazing side benefit for her.) And thank you for this website and the time you both put into it. Your reviews are awesome.

    Angela Watson - December 18, 2019 Reply

    The effects of the pills do not wear off after orgasm. There’s an alright chance that you’ll keep your erection even after orgasm. If you don’t though you’ll still be able to get another erection worry-free so long as your session didn’t take a full four hours! Multiple rounds are definitely on the books when you take these pills.

    Also, thanks for your kind words 🙂

Patrick Stafford - May 1, 2020 Reply

Cool post, Angela.

But I already read a few blogs where I see some people say that it’s not FDA approved while some say its FDA approved but the way it is distributed is not approved by FDA?

Can you help me in this regard like whats the reality behind?
Thanks in advance.

    Angela Watson - May 10, 2020 Reply

    So as opposed to being a pharmaceutical company themselves, BlueChew operates more as a service provider for connecting patients to doctors that can figure out proper treatment for, well, you know exactly what. All of the ingredients are FDA approved since nothing within the pill isn’t also found in varying amounts in a bunch of other FDA approved items. BlueChew maintains a relationship with multiple pharmacies to ensure production of pills with those ingredients as written on the prescription.

    So long as your state allows for confidential medical information to be transmitted digitally the entire process is extremely smooth. That’s why there’s a handful of states who can’t receive BlueChew at all because their medical privacy laws are a bit more cautious.

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