Dragon Dildos Explained with Buyer's Guide

Get That Buzzing Pleasure With This Fantasy Love Toy!

Dragon Dildos Explained With Buyer's Guide

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: June 13th, 2021

Have you ever wanted to be brought to uncontrollable orgasm by tentacles? Have you ever wondered how freaky aliens are? Have you ever daydreamed about if you could handle a dragon’s dick? Yes, you read all of those questions correctly. Let me back it up a little bit.

The sex toy industry as a whole is a combination of what happens when ideas meet innovation. Experts saw a vibrating massager and asked themselves how they could make that body safe and clitoris focused.

Creators saw a rubber phallic shaped toy and dove into the possibility of making fully safe replicas of penises. Manufacturers saw a tube of lipstick and wondered how they could make a powerful sex toys that could fit in your pocket just as easily.

However, a great sex toy is only half the job for a lot of us. Depending on who you are asking, a full, outerworldly orgasm involves a great deal of mental imagination, visual satisfaction and tactile touch--after all, there is nothing like watching porn, a gorgeous partner’s assistance or feeling a sensual touch to help you get your eruptive finish.

Although we attach naughty memories, sexy associations and personal attachments to our sex toys, there are few toys that force us to require us to have an open mind and to just trust our feelings. There are toys that cater more to our fantasies and our dreams, instead of our earthly delights.

That is the realm where Bad Dragon Dildos operate. Instead of picking up a dildo and knowing what it is and how to use it, Bad Dragon dildos will have you wondering what the hell it is in the first place. In a world where sex toys are straightforward and right to the punch, Bad Dragon invites us to leave behind convention and memory, and instead enter into fantasy and imagination.

In this article, I will provide a few of my favourite Bad Dragon dildos and why they are truly underrated, yet fantastic sex toys. I will also dive in to provide some background as Bad Dragon as a company, because it takes a lot of guts and genius to succeed in such a specific niche of sex toys.

Who is Bad Dragon and Who Would Use Their Products?

Bad Dragon is a sex toy manufacturer that creates, designs and sells fantasy sex toys. If you are shopping for conventional pleasure makers like masturbators, wearables, vibrators, dildos and everything else on the sex toy menu, you might be in for quite a surprise when you gander at bad Dragon’s catalog.

While closed minded shoppers may call these toys unusual, users who give their products a chance call them fantastic because they are simply fantasy toys, and they feel pretty damn good too.They are instantly recognizable because of their vibrant colours, strange patterns and monster-esque features. 

Playing on our preconceived ideas of what monsters look like, Bad Dragon works its magic. Whether it’s growing up watching Scooby Doo or David Cronenberg films, we all have a similar idea of what an alien might look like, or how a werewolf’s fur feels, how a tentacle moves or what a dragon’s texture might feel like.

The company uses this to create really unique patterns and sensations on the toys themselves--the tentacle dildo, for example, will have nubs and ridges that you would not have on a regular dildo modeled after a penis. Similarly, a dragon’s penis, a lizard’s tongue or an alien’s dick will all feature new shapes, variations and inconsistencies that a human penis will not have. 

So, who would use Bad Dragon dildos? Anyone who has a keen preference for fantasy and Hentai, as well experimental sex toy users who are looking for a change. There is a sort of predictability when it comes to conventional sex toys, so why not try a completely new experience to reacquaint your body with true pleasure? 

In addition to all of the above, each toy Bad Dragon makes is hand designed, so all of their products contain custom colours and firmness, which can be observed by looking at every small detail in this highly detailed product line. Because of their hand designs, each Bad Dragon dildo is highly customizable in terms of firmness, colours and size--you can even have a multi-coloured dildo that has different firmness levels throughout.

Enough about the company, let’s move onto the dildos themselves.

My Favourite Bad Dragon Dildos

Before I get into the toys themselves, it is worth mentioning that all of Bad Dragon’s toys are 100% body safe as they are made entirely out of a specialized silicone that is non-toxic, hypoallergenic and non-porous, all combining for an amazing time and a quick cleanup too.

Bad Dragon Ika

Shaped like a tentacle, this dildo turned a simple curiosity into a full blown fetish for me, and it surely can for you as well. Unlike conventional dildos that remain relatively consistent throughout the shaft all the way to the head, the Ika has the base as its thickest point and then becomes more narrow as you approach the head--similar to a real tentacle. At its base is a flat, circular surface that is easy to grip and to control the depth of the dildo.

Once you let the Ika penetrate your vagina, you can enjoy the nubs that are designed like the suction cups on actual tentacles--worry not, it will not stick to you! With slow penetration, you can really feel each nub and the changes in its surface. Because the tip of the Ika is the narrowest point, you have a lot of freedom to shift, turn, and point the dildo in any direction inside your vaginal canal, so it is optimal for either deep penetration and for G-spot stimulation.

The Kia has a slight curve to its design, so I found that when angled the right way, it was already at my G-spot. Overall, this dildo is shaped wonderfully and you can really see (and feel) the thorough detail on the Ika.

Bad Dragon Chance Flared

There are two versions--the Chance Flared and the Chance Unflared--but the Flared has my vote. This fantasy dildo is almost shaped like a hose: there are multiple ridges and the thickest point is its head, which is flared out. At its base is a pair of stationary and immovable testicles, which serve more as a handle and grip for the dildo.

Bad Dragon advertised this toy as their longest dildo, and it did not take me too long to find that out for myself. If you really want to test your deep penetration and your vaginal capacity, this is the dildo for you because it has all the girth (and more) that you will need to enjoy your time. 

My only word of caution with this dildo is to make sure you and the Chance Flared are well lubricated, because it will be a lot to take. I felt more excited than intimidated, but I could see why some users might get intimidated by the dildo. With some mental preparation and a lot of lube, this dildo will provide you with a world of pleasure.

Bad Dragon Fusion Lil Squirt

Bad Dragon markets this dildo as a fusion between a dragon dick and a canine cock, and to be honest, I can kind of see it. It is a cute little thing--a skinny, upward leaning penis with a pair of tight, immovable testicls that are meant for holding and to maintain grip.

As the name suggests, it measures about 3 inches in length and is considered to be more of a “warm up” or teaser toy, meant to be used before moving on to another toy or to prepare yourself for penetrative sex.

As the name also suggests, the Fusion Lil Squirt features the ability to shoot out a stream of any liquid you want--be it lube for preparation, fake cum, water or anything you so desire. After all, it is meant for warming up before a bigger penetrative event. It is also a great toy for preparing you for anal sex.

In terms of my experience with it, because it is 3 inches long, it is nothing to write home about for its penetrative prowess for me personally. However, its squirt function is surprisingly strong for such a small dildo. I used fake cum and I really felt it shoot deep into my vagina. 

Bad Dragon Rex

I like to imagine the Bad Dragon Rex to be what a dinosaur’s penis to look like, but that could just be me associating the dildo with its “Rex” name. Regardless of what it is modeled after, it packs quite the punch when it comes to orgasmic joy. The Bad Dragon Rex is one of the longest dildos on their product line as well.

In terms of its appearance, it has two firm testicles to hold onto for grip and handling and then it has a smooth and veiny shaft that starts out quite narrow, and then gets thicker as you move up. The head is the thickest part of the dildo, and the tip is just a small but extended bump.

My experience with it was great, to say the least. The Rex is thick enough to fill you widely, but I found the tip and the head to be the most enjoyable parts of the dildo. When angled correctly, you can properly target your G-spot while enjoying the thickness of the shaft. The testicles are nice and big too, so if you are a ball lover, this is the toy for you.

Bad Dragon Nova

The most notable quality of the Nova’s appearance is its many ridges. My Nova came in a multicoloured grey and peach, so to be it most resembled an alien of some sort, but with all of these toys, there are so many ways your imagination can go.

At the Nova’s base is a flat circular surface with a customizable suction option in case you want to leave it on the floor or wall. It has two small tesicles to hold onto, and then 4 ridges, each becoming narrow until the next ridge. If you love teasing, this is the fantasy dildo for you because you will enjoy every stage of insertion--whether you are inserting one ridge at a time or the entire toy fully. 

My experience with it was mostly positive because with enough teasing, I easily came to orgasm in a very short matter of time. However, because of its ridges, it lacks when it comes to length and deep penetration. It is absolutely top notch regarding girth and sensation regardless.

Bad Dragon Orochi

My first impression with the Orochi was that it looked like a demogorgon from the Netflix show, Stranger Things due to its scaly body and head. If you are looking for a toy that really looks different and made of the highest quality, this is the one for you as it looks top tier all along.

It has a flat and circular base, and then immediately goes to the shaft--there are no testicles. The scale-like shaft contains many spirals and curves that twist around the dildo until you reach the head. At its head is a ribbed and thick texture that is consistent with its wideness at the shaft.

My experience with the Orochi took some time to get used to, but I loved it once I did. The changing texture of the scales combined with the twists and curves of the shaft were unpredictable and amazing to feel, and the head just gives you that extra push needed to reach orgasm.

Bad Dragon Nocturne

A winner of the 2016 AltPorn Awards for Best Novelty Toy, it is not difficult to realize why, as it is widely known for its iconic design, resembling a werewolf’s penis. 

When it comes to its appearance, the Nocturne is characterized by its thick and multi-width shaft, bulging knot and 3 ridges toward the top. At its base is a wide, oval shaped bottom that can have a suction attached to it so it can stick on a surface.

My experience was deeply satisfying as it is quite long and thick,further complemented by its many textures along the shaft and the ridges on its head. It is also curved as well, so it can easily stimulate your G-spot for a fantastic orgasm.

Bad Dragon Echo

The Bad Dragon Echo resembles a girthy and curved penis, almost like a conventional dildo. 

In terms of design, the Echo has a flat base that can have suction attached to it so that you can mount it on a flat surface. The base can easily be held for good grip and handling.

Along its shaft is a multi textured section that gradually gets wider in girth. When you reach the tip, you will feel a textured ridge that adds a remarkable amount of pleasure to your session. 

My experience with the Echo was a very positive one due to its great length to girth ratio, and I found that the curve of the dragon dildo not only simulated a real penis, but could also target my G-spot with ease. 


Bad Dragon Dildos are best known for toeing the line between fantasy and reality. As conventional dildos are predictable in terms of design and function, Bad Dragon dildos successfully change what we know by providing unorthodox designs and appearances.

By testing convention and asking users to have an open mind, the manufacturers of Bad Dragon dildos are able to create truly unique dildos that change the masturbation experience completely. By closely staying true to the designs of monsters, Bad Dragon dildos give users a lot of liberty where normal dildos fail to do so.

Whether you are looking at the gradually narrowed shape of the Ika tentacle dildo or the wide, deep and filling shaft of the Chance Flared, you have dildos that can do things that normal sex toys cannot. If you want to be brought to uncontrollable pleasure from the ridges of the Nocturne or Nova, you have the full spectrum of orgasm enhancement to choose from.

If you are most turned on by unpredictable shafts, you have such dildos as the Orochi, Echo or Rex to give you the creative and unanticipated sources of orgasmic joy. For all of these, there are suitable toys that can get you warmed up like the Fusion Lil Squirt as well.

As we can see, there is no shortage of creative and unorthodox ways that Bad Dragon can enhance your orgasm. Whether you genuinely have a fantasy or monster fetish, or you are looking for truly unique dildos to bring the most out of your masturbation session, Bad Dragon dildos will certainly have something for you.

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