5 Best Fleshlight Mounts in 2024

Our In-Depth Review

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: March 20th, 2024

Are you a guy who's all about exploring new ways to amp up solo play or curious to explore different avenues of sexual pleasure? If that's the case, check out my review where I dish out the lowdown on the best mouth fleshlights.

Have you heard that most of the people using sex toys are men? Surprising, right? I'll let that sink in. But hey, no judgment here!

In fact, I've got some solid advice on how to keep your toys in top-notch condition so you can squeeze out every ounce of pleasure. Get ready to find a whole lot of pleasure you've never experienced before!

In this guide, we'll delve into the details of different Fleshlight mounts. So, if you're considering getting one, we recommend giving this a read to see if this adult toy is the perfect match for you.

How to Use Fleshlight Mount

Chances are, you've already got one and you're just seeking some detailed instructions. No worries, buddy, we've got you covered. Here are 4 simple steps on how to use a Fleshlight mount.

1. Prep It Up

Before diving into the action, it's essential to take a few moments to prepare your environment and ensure your toys are in top-notch condition. Firstly, you should probably lock the door to prevent any potentially awkward encounters with roommates or family members! The last thing you want is to an unwanted interruption while your doing the deed.

Once you've secured your privacy, it's time to inspect your Fleshlight and mount. Check that both are clean and free from any debris or residue from previous uses. Proper hygiene is crucial not only for your health but also for the longevity of your toys.

Now, here's a pro tip to enhance your experience: consider using a Fleshlight warmer before inserting it into the mount. This simple step can add an extra layer of comfort and realism by bringing the temperature of the sleeve closer to that of the human body. Just imagine the sensation of a warm, inviting embrace as you indulge in your favorite fantasies.

By taking the time to prepare your environment and your toys, you're setting yourself up for a truly satisfying experience. So, lock that door, check those toys, and don't forget to indulge in a little self-care along the way. After all, you deserve it.

2. Set the mood

Man watching porn on his laptop

Getting into the right mindset is key to enjoying your experience to the fullest. One way to do this is by diving straight into the action, allowing yourself to become fully immersed in the moment. However, if you prefer to take things a bit slower, there are plenty of ways to tease yourself and build anticipation.

Take a moment to admire the Fleshlight, exploring its texture and contours with your fingertips. This tactile experience can heighten your senses and awaken your desire.

Engaging in some steamy sexting can also help ignite your imagination and fuel your arousal. Whether you're exchanging naughty messages with a partner or exploring your fantasies solo, the anticipation of what's to come can be incredibly arousing.

For those who prefer visual stimulation, browsing through online adult content can be a tantalizing way to get in the mood. 

Whether you're into erotic videos, sensual images, or explicit stories, there's no shortage of options to choose from. Allow yourself to explore different genres and fantasies, finding what truly excites you and gets your heart racing!

By taking the time to indulge in these prelude activities, you're not only enhancing your arousal but also building a deeper connection with yourself and your desires. So go ahead, take your time, and savor every moment of anticipation before diving into the main event.

3. Use The Lube

Before inserting your Fleshlight toy into the mount, make sure that both the inside sleeve and your penis are generously lubricated for a smoother experience.

We recommend using a water-based lubricant, as it's ideal for use with Fleshlights and provides long-lasting slickness without damaging the material. 

So, take the time to apply plenty of lube to enhance your pleasure and prevent any unwanted excess friction during use.

4. Getting into action

Man with the Liberator Top Dog Mount

You're all warmed up now, whether you're enjoying a steamy shower session or engaging in some passionate doggy style with your partner. Close your eyes and immerse yourself in the delightful sensations.

We recommend easing yourself into it before you find the perfect rhythm, speed, and depth that feels just right for you.

Doesn't it feel amazing to have the mount do the work for you, simulating the back and forth motion that mimics the feeling of your penis thrusting inside a vagina, anus, or mouth? Keep at it until you reach that incredible climax!

How To Clean Your Fleshlight Mount

The first thing you'll want to do is carefully remove the fleshlight from its mount, being sure to handle it with care. 

Once that's done, gently slide the fleshlight case off its sleeve, taking care not to damage any delicate parts. 

Now, it's time to give it a thorough cleaning to rid it of any lingering bacteria. Using soap and warm water, wash the fleshlight and its case diligently, ensuring every nook and cranny is addressed. After the cleaning process, rinse it well to remove any soap residue.

Here's a pro tip: To prevent any unpleasant odors, make sure to thoroughly dry the fleshlight and its case before storing them away. 

Once dried, consider placing them in a satin pouch or a designated box to keep them safe and secure until their next use. This extra step not only helps maintain the cleanliness of your fleshlight but also ensures its longevity for future adventures.

How To Make A DIY Fleshlight Mount

Let's begin with a simple DIY project: the Pillow Pocket Integration. This involves sewing a pocket or pouch into a pillow or cushion to conveniently hold your fleshlight. It offers a comfortable and discreet way to use your fleshlight while lounging or resting.

Here's a slightly more detailed approach called the sandwich method: Start by carefully placing your fleshlight between the mattress and the bed frame, ensuring it's nestled securely in the space between. Adjust its position to ensure a snug fit, making certain it's tightly positioned for stability while you engage in your activities. This method provides a discreet and convenient way to enjoy your fleshlight without the need for additional mounts or accessories.

Top 5 Best Fleshlight Mounts for 2024

#1. Fleshlight Universal Launch - My Go To Automatic Toy

  • Materials: ABC Plastic, PC, and Silicone
  • Size: 14” (15.25” with smartphone mount) x 11.5” x 7.5”
  • Weight: 3.2lb
  • Charging Time: about 1.5h 
  • User Time: 60 mins

At the top of my list is my absolute favorite: the Launch. Ever since experiencing its incredible performance, I've become a devoted enthusiast of automated pleasure.

Here are some of its standout features: hands-free operation for effortless enjoyment, capable of delivering up to 250 strokes per minute, ensuring an exhilarating experience.

It's also equipped with a convenient smartphone holder, allowing for seamless integration with your digital devices. Plus, it's compatible with a wide range of sleeves, offering endless possibilities for personalized pleasure sessions. Explore additional features of the Fleshlight Universal Launch here.

How To Use:  Insert the product through the circular opening, then utilize the large latch to secure it firmly. Lift the large latch from its left side to adjust the strap snugly, being careful not to over-tighten and risk damaging your Universal Launch or stroker. Now, it's time to power it up.

For a more focused experience, adjust the stroke length and cycle through the three available pleasure zones: base, shaft, or tip. The universal smartphone mount on top allows you to enjoy your favorite content hands-free while controlling the device. With a full charge, your sessions can last up to 60 minutes. Alternatively, you can keep going while plugged into the wall using Fleshlight Active Launch Mode.

Make sure to use our coupon code “DrClimax10” at checkout for an extra 10% off!


  • Stability
  • Hands-free operation
  • Versatility
  • Customizable experience
  • Compatibility with accessories


  • Setup time
  • Space requirements
  • Limited mobility:

#2. Fleshlight Shower Mount - Runner Up

  • Item Dimensions: 3.15 x 3.54 x 3.15 inches

The Fleshlight Shower Mount is an innovative accessory designed to enhance your Fleshlight experience. Its adjustable attachment allows for hands-free Fleshlight sessions, giving you maximum freedom and pleasure.

The durable suction cup base ensures secure attachment to any flat surface, providing stability during use.

With its convenient on/off switch, mounting and dismounting the product is effortless, making setup a breeze.

Plus, the simple wing nut adjustability feature allows you to customize the angle for the perfect fit and angle, ensuring maximum comfort and satisfaction every time you use it.

How To Use: To use the Fleshlight Shower Mount, first unscrew the cap from your preferred Fleshlight and attach it to the mount. Then, firmly press the suction cup onto a smooth surface. Activate the ON/OFF switch to secure the product in place. For angle adjustments, simply loosen the wing nut located on the side, reposition the Fleshlight as desired, and tighten the wing nut back into place. Read our full review here.


  • Hands-free experience
  • Adjustable attachment
  • Durable suction cup base
  • Convenient on/off switch
  • Simple wing nut adjustability


  • Limited to smooth surfaces
  • Compatibility with specific Fleshlight models
  • Requires manual adjustment

#3. Liberator Fleshlight Top Dog

  • Item Dimensions: 15”L x 12”W x 14”H

If you fancy the doggie-style position, this could be the perfect fit for you.

Specifically designed for use in conjunction with Fleshlight products like the Fleshlight Go Stamina Training Unit Butt, Fleshlight Ice Lady, and Fleshlight Pink Lady Original, this item offers a stable and comfortable base for your preferred position.

Crafted with a robust inner foam core, it ensures durability and reliability. Plus, cleanup is a breeze with just warm water and soap.

How To Use: Simply secure your waist in the toy pockets to keep it in place during use. Adjust it to the perfect height for the doggy-style position, allowing for deeper penetration. It may feel different from other setups, requiring you to widen your legs to achieve the perfect angle.


  • Stability
  • Comfort
  • Durable Construction
  • Adjustable Height
  • Easy to Clean


  • Limited Compatibility
  • Size
  • Requires Additional Storage
  • Price

#4. Liberator Fleshlight On A Mission

  • Item Dimensions: 27 x 10 x 9.5 inches

This option might just be the easiest and most straightforward for us. It wonderfully replicates the feeling of the missionary position, providing a familiar and comfortable experience. Introducing the Liberator Fleshlight on a Mission – a product designed to enhance intimacy and pleasure. But here's the twist: it's not just for solo play.

This versatile mount can easily accommodate the weight and pressure of a partner, allowing for shared experiences of passion and closeness.

Picture this: as you use the Fleshlight, your partner can engage with you, kissing or sitting on you, intensifying the connection and pleasure. It's truly double the fun and excitement, bringing a whole new dimension to your intimate moments together. Double the pleasure!

How To Use: Just insert your Fleshlight and slide your weenie for a realistic missionary position thrusting.

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  • Realistic Experience
  • Versatility
  • Comfortable Design
  • Durable Construction
  • Enhanced Sensations


  • Size and Storage
  • Compatibility
  • Price
  • Initial Adjustment

#5. Fleshlight Flight Adapter

  • Item Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 9 x 7 x 1.5 inches; 1.59 ounces

Considering taking your Fleshlight Flight for a water adventure? You'll definitely want to consider the Shower Mount adapter. This handy accessory makes it easy to attach your Fleshlight Flight to the Fleshlight Shower Mount, ensuring a hands-free solo play experience in the water.

How To Use: Unlocking hands-free water fun with your Fleshlight Flight is a breeze with the Shower Mount adapter. Begin by effortlessly unscrewing the cap of your Fleshlight Flight, then seamlessly attach the adapter and screw it onto the Fleshlight Shower Mount. With this simple process, you're all set for an hands-free water fun!

Crafted from the same durable plastic material as the Shower Mount, the adapter ensures a secure fit and reliable performance every time. So, dive into pleasure without worries – it's smooth sailing from here on out.

If you purchase directly from the official Fleshlight store, you can often snag yourself a great deal, as Fleshlight frequently offers discounts.


  • Hands-Free Experience
  • Compatibility
  • Versatility
  • Easy Installation


  • Additional Purchase Required
  • Potential Leakage


Using a Fleshlight mount offers the convenience of hands-free pleasure during intimate moments. Whether enjoying solo play or incorporating it into partnered activities, the mount provides stability and enhances the overall experience.

However, users should consider factors such as compatibility, installation ease, and maintenance requirements before making a purchase. Ultimately, the Fleshlight mount offers a versatile and enjoyable way to amplify pleasure and intimacy.

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