The Best Animal Dildos for a Zoo Worth of Sex

For A Satisfying Zoo Experience

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: June 14th, 2021

  • Has a length of 9 inches long (8.5 insertable inches)
  • Has width of about 3 inches
  • Come with ejeculation capabilities
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  • Has a length of 8 inches long (5 insertable inches)
  • Ideal for both viginal & anal penetration
  • Made from PVC, entirely body safe, non toxic and odorless
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  • Has a length of 10 inches long (9 insertable inches)
  • Has ridged texture
  • Specialized for anal play
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In its most basic terms, sex is an animalistic act and humans are just evolved animals, right?

So ultimately animal genitalia are just different representations of how nature has evolved to help a species survive, right?

Some people aren't going to take that as an answer, that's for sure. But having the same old human shaped penis stand-in can often feel a bit stifling creativity wise. If it's not attached to a real human, why does it even have to resemble a human in the first place?

Sure, the right realistic dildo can work wonders all the same. That's not to say human beings have the most immaculately designed wangs themselves though. To help scratch an itch without making it hard to sleep at night with your actions, animal dildos work fantastic.

That freedom from the constraints of human biology is where animal dildos shine best. As we all know, there is nothing like the inconsistency and unfamiliarity that animal penises contain, like curves, width variations, length variations, unexpected ridges and in some cases, knots.

Size itself can also be played with in ways you just won't find in the conventional dildo market. From size queens to hardcore fetishists, animal dildos really don't discriminate. A lot of women I talk to just consider what it says on the package as a big game of pretend while they are in charge of whether or not they're actually envisioning themselves having sex with that animal.

Ultimately at it's core animal dildos aren't about catering to beastiality or anything like that. They're simply catering to the fact that there's a lot of different ways to get off and looking to the animal kingdom for pleasurable inspiration.

dctblv2-table__imageFST 8-Inch Realistic Animal Dildo With Anal And Vaginal Stimulation
  • Has a length of 8 inches long (5 insertable inches)
  • Ideal for both viginal & anal penetration
  • Made from PVC, entirely body safe, non toxic and odorless
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dctblv2-table__imageErasexa Ejaculating Akita Dog Dildo
  • Has a length of 9 inches long (8.5 insertable inches)
  • Has width of about 3 inches
  • Come with ejeculation capabilities
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dctblv2-table__imageTantus Fido Canine Dildo
  • Has a length of 10 inches long (9 insertable inches)
  • Has ridged texture
  • Specialized for anal play
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dctblv2-table__imageChance Unflared By Bad Dragon
  • Incredibly long in length
  • Proven durable
  • Available in flared version
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dctblv2-table__imageMr Hankey’s Centaur
  • Has a length of 12 inches long (11 insertable inches)
  • Has a width of about 2 inches
  • Textured shaft and ridged head
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Best Dog Knot, Wolf, Werewolf, Canine and Fox Dildos

FST 8-Inch Realistic Animal Dildo With Anal and Vaginal Stimulation

This animal shaped dildo’s most notable feature is its dog knot, which really gives off the feeling that the dildo is connected to you while you are cumming to your body’s delight. 

Modeled after a dog, albeit a well endowed one, this dildo is 8 inches long (insertable to 5 inches) with a maximum width of about 2 inches, ideal for both vaginal and anal penetration after warming up and a generous amount of lube.

It also has veins on its long shaft, which adds some realistic texture to the dildo. 

Made from PVC, it is entirely body safe, non toxic and odorless. With a rounded flat and round base, as well as its thick and flexible shaft, you are able to freely control the dildo to the best angles and positions you want. 

Erasexa Ejaculating Akita Dog Dildo

A Japanese word for “dog”, the Akita dildo contains the iconic dog knot as well to really feel literally connected with the dildo while your body is uncontrollably enjoying the penetrative prowess of this well designed dildo.

With its pointed head, pronounced ridge, long shaft, knot and flat base, the Akita is a perfect combination of pleasurable delights.

This dildo is 9 inches long (8.5 insertable inches) with a maximum width of about 3 inches, so it is meant for much deeper penetration than other products of this kind.

The Akita dildo also comes with ejactulation capabilities, so you can maximize your own pleasure by simulating the feeling of receiving a load of semen inside your vagina. The ejalculation adbility is quite durable as well, so you can use any products like fake cum to feel deep inside you.

Tantus Fido Canine Dildo

This dog like dildo is meant for anal play and it packs quite the enjoyment punch due to its iconic knot that is strategically placed in the middle of the shaft, making it give off an anal bead sensation, but with more girth. Above the knot is a ribbed and ridged texture that plays with your anal muscles.

With its 10 inch length (9 inch insertable length) and 1.5 inch shaft width (2.5 inch knot width), the Tantus Fido is a considerably large workload for your anus, but a hugely rewarding experience.

Once you insert past the middle knot, you will feel the dildo’s ribbed and ridged texture stimulating the inner anal muscles. 

The middle knot acts as a plug that releases an amazing pressure when inserted and pulled out. That combined with the ribbed upper portion makes for a wonderful formula of pleasure and climax. 

Best Horse Dildos

Chance Unflared By Bad Dragon

Modeled after a horse’s penis, this dildo is sure to give you a fun ride due to its long length, durability and subtle ridges. It also comes in a flared version.

Just below its tip is a subtle coronal ridge, so immediately after insertion, you will feel a change in texture that completely satisfies your sexual curiosity. Along its shaft are veiny, lifelike textures and a subtle medial ring that can be felt and enjoyed as you further penetrate deeper into your vagina. 

With its considerable length and width, at the base of the dildo are two firm testicles to hold for grip and for better handling while your body is moving about in enjoyment.

Although this dildo is ideal for deep penetration in the vagina, if your anus can handle it, it can be used for anal play as well. 

Mr Hankey’s Centaur

Modeled after the Greek mythology creature the centaur (a being with the upper body of a man and the lower body of a horse), we now have the chance to live out our curiosities of what a horse cock feels like. 

With a glans that is not too big, a realistically textured shaft and a ridged head, the entire dildo guarantees a great orgasm with every use. My Centaur came in a medium size, which is 12 inches long (11 insertable inches) and about a 2 inch width. 

While holding on to its flat and circular base, you will find that the shaft tapers right up to its tip, where it widens up a little bit at the ridges. 

Best Tentacle Dildos

Lovehoney Tentacle Textured Sensual Glass Dildo

As we all know, tentacle dildos are amazing products due to their significantly detailed bumps and suction appearance, along with their varied widths as you move up and down the shaft. 

Measuring 6 inches long, this beautifully designed dildo is sure to give you an adventure of orgasmic delight.

It is just objectively beautiful to look at, and it certainly feels amazing as well due to both the underside and topside of the dildo featuring the bumpy, suction and ridged textures like a real tentacle would have (minus the suctions actually sucking you.)

 Its curved base gives you a very firm and confident handle of the dildo, and its widest part is just below the tip of the toy, so re-insertion and penetration is guaranteed to get your toes curling. Because of its glass texture, it is temperature responsive and satisfying to look at.

Uberrime Tentacle

As a hand sculpted artisan toy, this tentacle dildo is delicately crafted to hugely enhance each masturbation session. It is curved and flared out to offer gentle G-spot stimulation or prostate massage like feelings. 

Measuring 6.75 inches long (5.5 inches of insertable length) and 1.4 inch maximum width, this highly detailed dildo is soft and flexible. It also features 16 soft suckers and many ridged textures to enjoy.

Made of soft silicone, it also features unique marble colours, which also adds to the beauty of its appearance and uniqueness of its manufacturing. 

Uberrime tentacle dildos always give off a shimmery appearance due to its skin and body safe pigments, making you enjoy the orgasm that the dildo offers you while admiring its design and appearance.

Best Dragon Dildos


This dragon dildo features amazing ridges that are so far away from conventional dildos or sex toys in general. The marketing of this dildo is that it is a “tier jerker” and we can truly see why when we look at the many tiers, or levels, of the dildo.

Immediately after insertion, you will notice how many different layers the dildo has along its long shaft.

Once you slowly and deliberately pass each ridge, you will eventually reach its bulge, which acts similarly as a knot from dog dildos, meaning that pulling the dildo out will require some gentle force as it is “connected” to you.

With its flat circular base and many ridged shaft, along with its bulge, the Nova is an amazing dildo that maximizes your curiosity about expectations, anticipation and predictability.

The entire dildo curves upwards as well, which adds another layer of enjoyment to each session.

Seahorse Dildo

This dildo is best known for its many textures along its shaft as well as having two testicles at its base, similar to more familiar or conventional dildos.

My Seahorse dildo came in the small size, meaning that it was 10” long (8.75 insertable inches) and 2 inches wide. Along its long shaft are many horizontal and vertical ridges, almost resembling boxes if you were to look at the dildo.

As you insert from the tip down to the base, the dildo gets wider, and if you are in the doggystyle position, you can feel the testicles gently caressing your clitoris.

Best Exotic Animal Dildo - Walrus

Master Series Walrus Dildo

This walrus dildo is best known among size queens and anal stretching--it is not meant for beginners at all because of its long size, wide girth and varying textures along its shaft.

Immediate upon insertion, you will feel the stretch. With a prominent glans ridge, you can feel filled right at the tip, but as you penetrate deeper, you will notice how each ridge gradually gets wider as you approach the base.

The base of the dildo is 6.3 inches long and 4.7 inches wide, so you will likely have to plant it on the floor and ride it. Meant for stretching and testing your penetrative limits, this dildo will take you for a ride.


Animal sex toys are ideal for users who want to test their sexy curiosity when it comes to predicatbility, expectation and anticipation. With animal sex toys like these, you truy do not know hwat to expect.

With dog knots like FST, Akita and Tantus Fido animal dildos, you can truly feel connected to the dildos while your body is in the middle of its amazing orgasms. With horse dildos and their many ridges rocking your world, you can truly enjoy a deep penetration with its long length and the textures along its shaft.

With tentacle dildos giving you a highly concentrated number of bumps and textures, you can easily reach your climax because every detail can be felt. With fantasy dildos like the Nova or seahorse, there are so many texture changes that will surely have you curling your toes in ecstasy. If you are a size queen, there is no better alternative than the walrus dildo.

All things considered, animal shaped dildos thrive because they are so opposite from the conventional dildos that we have grown used to. Using any of the animal dildos listed above, you can surely enhance each masturbation session. 

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