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How I Tripled My Semen Volume In 2 Weeks

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: February 4th, 2021

I won't mince any words here, today we're talking about how to optimize your semen load for the most volume. Ejaculation is an integral part of sex. They don't call it the climax for nothing, after all!

In a world where everyone is slightly different though we weren't all born with the kind of semen production we're happy with.

In fact, there's not really any aspect of our bodies we don't try to tune up in some way. That's where Volume Pills comes in.

The results are fairly identical to Semenax (which I've reviewed previously) but it manages to increase semen reserves to double or more of your usual using completely different ingredients.

Do Volume Pills Really Work?

Luckily attaining bigger loads and being able to shoot that load farther is very easily accomplished with simple supplementation. It's more or less just a matter of providing the body with the building blocks for all aspects of semen so your body can operate at peak efficiency. Much in the same way eating certain things can make your semen taste different, eating certain things can make more or less of it in general.

When I tested out Volume Pills for myself the full benefits were realized at about the two week mark with a difference about 8 days in I would say. I would only ejaculate once every two or three days to allow for some accumulation though, so it is a bit imprecise when exactly things kicked in.

Ingredient Breakdown

While Semenax's ingredient list tends towards Western supplement ideals with ingredients like L-Arginine, Zinc, as well as a few herbal ingredients that are well studied in the field of academic research. 

Volume Pills on the other hand offer a great solution for people who don't want to supplement those ingredients in particular but would instead prefer a more herbal based blend based on traditional medicinal thought. Here is the back label containing all the ingredients:

As you can see, the only really recognizable ingredient would be the 24mg of Zinc. Now the reason why just about every single male supplement, especially semen enhancers, contain Zinc is because most men are deficient of this mineral that is vital for just about every level of semen production.

The various herbal supplements in the proprietary blend are all easy to look into with most of them being just as well researched as supplements like gingko biloba or saw palmetto. Some of the standouts however would be the Ling Zhi mushroom extracts as well as other cordyceps-related fungi. 

Two ingredients that stood out to me were Drilizen as well as Solidilin, specifically because of the ™ next to both of them. A trademark symbol always means you'll need to actually look into the components of that blend.

Drilizen is a blend of various traditional medicine plants that work together to boost nitric oxide production as well as few spillover effects to other parts of the penis. Increased nitric oxide allows for simpler dilations of blood vessels in the penis which translates into more blood flow.

That means the penis has more nutrients to work with, like anywhere that gets some extra blood flow.

Some of the more minor aspects of Drilizen explain some of the effects of Volume Pills like feeling a little more amped up with testosterone as well as feeling "fuller" in the balls. Sorry, don't know how else to explain that.

Solidin is a bit less murky in that it's used also for mostly generalist purposes but with a huge focus on prostate function. It's an extract from a flower-looking plant (sorry, not a biologist) used in other supplements or on its own to get the prostate working properly.

 When you consider that the prostate produces 30% of all semen volume, it's more or less a no brainer why it's here.

As I said before, the other herbal ingredients mostly go for generalist blood flow and nutrient optimization with a little bit of everything to hopefully reach an effect on all structures that make up our male junk.

The breakdown on where semen volume comes from is as follows: Testes (3-5%), seminal vesicles (65-75%), prostate (25-30%).

Everybody gets a little love from each of the herbal ingredients much in the same way each of the structures in the penis get a little love in Semenax from vitamins and minerals. How exactly this works in the body is a little out of my pay grade of course but it's worth noting just how close in effects they are. 

My last point about the ingredients is that while a lot of them were news to me there's a surprisingly promising body of research on the large majority of their formula. They're unknown to me and probably most people but scientific studies have not slacked in the slightest at exploring why these herbs have stuck around for so long in their respective origin zones.

My Experience Using Volume Pills

So it wasn't until the week and a half to two week mark that I started actually feeling some of the benefits of this little pill.

Whenever I take a supplement that gives the right amount of fuel to my male bits there's a definite heaviness to my sac that I refer to lovingly as having "power balls".

Power balls are almost always an omen of good things to come, and come I did. I'll get it out of the way first that the erection strength/power increase wasn't massive during my time taking Volume Pills. They aren't called Dick Pills for a good reason is all I'm laying down here.

Obviously these pills are going to be finely tuned for the most effective semen production your body can handle. At that job, they perform amazingly despite having some rather niche ingredients that I'm not super familiar with.

A simple analogy I like is that it makes semen production much more like a Ford factory than a garage workshop.

After it finally kicked in, I would easily ejaculate just as much as I did with SemEnhance, some of the bodily feelings were a little more subtle with Volume Pills. What I love most about the extra production is that I really do feel like some extra energy is going to the penile muscles (or maybe its just the extra pressure) since the loads shoot way further. 

To be as honest as possible I'm just not the type of guy interested in having a little dribble at the end of a romp that would make the "phtooey" sound effect. I'd prefer more coverage is all.

I read a lot of people talking about 500% gains in semen volume once it kicks in. The thing is, I absolutely cannot bring myself to measure out my loads in a very small measuring cup a few times before and a few times during my trial for a proper comparison.

Just eyeballing it seems like at least three times as big of a load. It's also a lot easier to see just how much I came on Volume Pills since it shoots far enough to spread out. Out of courtesy I tend to tell my wife when I feel any given orgasm might have just a pinch more explosive power than she might expect from me usually. I highly recommend doing a few dry runs by yourself so nobody ends up losing an eye having sex.

There aren't a whole lot of other effects that aren't directly related to how some of the actual structures of the body produce semen and force it out. That makes it pretty great in my opinion since it isn't bundled in with a whole bunch of virility ingredients that might not gel well with everyone's diet or lifestyle.

While I did see the most noticeable as well as consistent increases in volume when taking the pills every day there still was a residual effect for about a week after I took a break from the pills.

These days I take them rather infrequently with some periods of increased usage since I'm a fairly experienced cum pill user (don't judge!) and just enjoy the little boost most of the time. I'm convinced I don't get enough Zinc in my diet as it is, the rest of the effects are just a huge bonus. Well, maybe not to the towels I use come clean-up.

How Long Did It Take To Work?

I will say that Volume Pills have a slower onset compared to more conventional supplements that essentially directly add more nutrients that the genitals specifically can make use of.

SemEnhance for instance started to show effects by the fourth or fifth day while it was a full week and a half before Volume Pills was doing similarly.

This worried me initially however I was relieved when after 5 weeks the effects of Volume Pills were in full swing while being comparable to other supplements I've tried that actually work.

There tends to just be two types of supplements in my experience: those that work and those that don't.

After riding out the first month and having very noticeable increases in the volume of my load as well as just an overall better cum shooting experience I was very satisfied. 

Most supplements will end up taking about a month to hit their peak in effects. This phenomenon I've noticed is exactly why I get skeptical of any pills that offer a lot of change in a short amount of time.

The first few weeks was the beginning of more force to my ejaculations as well as a likely doubling in size, with consistent gains towards the peak about five weeks to eight weeks in.

Once I was at the peak of the effects there was a night and day difference between my loads.

Where To Buy Volume Pills

I bought Volume Pills from the same place I picked up SemEnhance and I wouldn't doubt for a second they both get the job done in a similar way, but I'm convinced the more herbally focused Volume Pills works much better for those who want to avoid symptoms like nausea or gut discomfort.  

I mention all that because its hard to find brands that can be trusted for products like this.  When it comes to my penis, I'd rather not be taking chances.

Unfortunately some bad actors are kind of easy to find in the male enhancement sector so caution is required when looking up new brands. It's just the way things are sometimes.

The dedicated Volume Pills site is the best way to make sure you get the right product on top of the 10% discount automatically applied by the link.

How Were The Side Effects?

As far as supplements go the effects that I experienced were pretty laser focused towards the ejaculatory process. It's often really difficult for a supplement to not have a wide range of side effects since most problems in the body are fairly localized but more often than not supplements target the entire body somewhat equally.

I do believe there was some minor discomfort in my gut caused by the Zinc a few times. I highly recommend taking the pills shortly before breakfast or shortly after dinner. Make sure to drink lots of water on top of that! Staying hydrated is very important both for producing the semen you're trying to go for on top of avoiding just about all of the most common side effects for any supplement.

My blood pressure is consistently at around 120/80 with a little variation and by using my home blood monitor I didn't notice anything I'd consider concerning. Volume Pills has a much less potent effect as far as erection strength goes but anyone with serious documented blood pressure issues should absolutely inform their doctor about wanting to try Volume Pills. 

So in short, Volume Pills was very easy to keep taking without any hurdles. Two pills are taken each day, I personally went with one in the morning as well as one at night. Whether or not I remembered to take them that day probably caused me more discomfort than any physical side effects.

Final Thoughts

It really is a good example of a supplement naming trope I call "Exactly What It Says On The Tin," since by taking VP the volume of semen you produce and spray around will be increased.

Not hugely shocking necessarily since its mostly just giving the body what it needs to facilitate an increased production in sperm. What makes Volume Pills different from other solutions that get kind of same-y is a higher reliance on herbal supplements versus vitamins/minerals.

In practice what that meant for me is a lot more cum while taking the supplement and a lot more enjoyable of a time getting rid of it. I am a huge proponent of the idea that having more cum to shoot extends the whole orgasm for about a second (or more if you're lucky).

If you're here because you're trying to maximize your ability to shoot some loads that will be the talk of the town I highly recommend you check out Volume Pills as well as some of our other content on the topic so you can create the most fool-proof plan for super sperm:

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