VigRX Delay Wipes Review

Does It Really Work?

VigRX Delay Wipes

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 20th, 2021

So, there you are: you and your date (or dates), all alone at last. You’ve done everything right: you’ve wined and dined, you’ve danced and pranced, ate with your mate and now it’s time for the fireworks. And then it happens. The party finishes just as it was about to begin.

Your mind goes a million places, but this is such a normal occurrence for men of all ages, whether they are highly experienced or just starting out. From pornstars to first-timers, the tiny white army makes unexpected appearances for many reasons that are out of any man’s control, and it’s completely okay.

But….. It’s not how you envisioned this part of your day to go, and that’s where the VigRX Delay Wipes come into play.

For all of your future partners who get tickets to your skin flute show, or for you when you want to work on your biological swordplay, the VigRX Delay Wipes are a surefire bet to to delay the climax of your genetic show. 

With a brief review about the delay wipe itself, I will talk about how it helped me, and how VigRX helped my confidence when it came to overcoming premature finishes.

What Are VigRX Delay Wipes?

The VigRX Delay Wipes allow for a simple, yet effective way to help me keep my cool when things got too damn good. Feeling like a wet-wipe, but looking like a tissue, you simply apply it onto the tip of your penis enough for your willy to be covered with the chemicals contained in the delay wipe.

The VigRX Delay Wipe acts like an anesthetic for the tip of your cock. You won’t have to worry about blowing your cool because the tip of your dick will be significantly less sensitive (don’t worry, you’ll still be able to feel everything going on!)

Composed of Zanthoxylum extract, a completely natural substance that acts like the anesthetic mentioned above, your Johnny Rocket will hold out as long as you want it to.

The VigRX Delay Wipe is also composed from extracts of Peony, which works hand-in-hand with the Zanthoxylum and stimulates blood circulation to the point of contact, which in this case is the tip of your penis. Because blood flow is assisted by the Peony, you will stay hard as a rock, ready to visit poundtown.

The VigRX Delay Wipe is suitable for all types of sex: whether it’s your partner orally servicing you, giving a hand-on experience (or hands-on, plural, my lucky friend). Whether you’re visiting her tunnel of love or whether you were invited through the back door, the VigRX Delay Wipe is a safe and reliable wipe to keep the party going.

The VigRX Delay Wipe is tasteless and odorless, and leaves a smooth sense of moisturization around your penis, that provides easier awareness of incoming ejaculation. Being an organically natural wipe, with substances that are not chemically engineered, it is a healthy product that will rest any concerns you or your partner may have of sickness, difference in appearance and irritation.

Discrete and comfortable, the VigRX Delay Wipes are handy enough to hide in your wallet, pocket, or hidden in your home. Of course, do not keep it near heat that will dry the wipe, or in close proximity to cold that could freeze the damp tissue. As opposed to giant bottles or cumbersome tubes, the small box with individual packets of delay wipes are a favorable alternative.

My Experience With VigRX

The VigRX Delay Wipe helped me in a chain-reaction sense, starting as small as performance in bed, all the way to outward, legitimate confidence in every aspect of my life. I am all too familiar with some poor showings with my wife, where no amount of words or encouragement could pick my spirits up. With the help of this delay wipe, all of your concerns about deploying your tiny white battalion can be addressed.

In terms of cumming early due to overthinking, the VigRX Delay Wipes allows you to be less inside the head above your neck, and more inside the head below your waist. With the Zanthoxylum extract doing its work, almost numbing your feelings on your dick, you can stop thinking about cumming and instead, start focusing on your partner’s enjoyment.

With the Peony extract keeping you hard and ready for the fight, you don’t have to think about losing your boner. Once you use the vigRX Delay Wipe, you will find that your overthinking will leave, and you can apply all your thoughts on your deserving partner--they’ve worked hard for that, they earned it! 

If you are the type who finishes earlier than expected due to stress, you can be sure that the VigRX Delay Wipe will erase all of that for you. With the two natural chemicals working together, you can be completely in the moment, whether you are sitting back, lying down, leaning backward, or doing whatever your heart desires in the moment.

Your cock will be numb enough to throw away all the stresses of your life, so you can apply your attention to where it’s needed the most, however gently, roughly, passionately or casually you want.

Depending on your partner’s adventurousness in bed, sometimes you may find your cock rubbing against blankets, pillows, couches, thighs or ass, or any surface or body part you or your partner are against.

With this in mind, do be sure that you are not letting your dick lose its moistness from the VigRX Delay Wipe. if you do, next thing you know, you’ll be back to square one, enjoying yourself far too earlier than desired.


The VigRX Delay Wipe is a sex, and life, saver. Using it restores so much confidence in bed and in life. With the mindset that I could hold or release as long as I want, the expectation of performance in bed went away almost instantly. Sex could be truly enjoyed again, and I could really be in the moment. The same can happen with you for your partner or partners. 

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