Preparing Your Bum for Anal Sex with Proper Douching

Anal Douching The Right Way

Preparing Your Bum for Anal Sex with Proper Douching

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: June 24th 2021

Whether you’ve fantasized about anal, had a bad first experience and want to improve, or want to give it a first try in the very near future, you’ve probably weighed some pretty realistic options in your hypothetical pro and cons list about anal sex.

Yes, anal is great because you can have some pretty unique orgasms down there, but we all know that that hole is designed for another pretty important bodily function, too.

In case you missed out on the literary bestseller as a kid, let me summarize the iconic book for you: everybody poops. Anyone who has ever given a thought about anal has probably worried about the poop problem.

You could have had the best preparation routine, but when it comes to anal, we are running the risk of some unwanted leakage. While many choose to force themselves to poop, take a very thorough shower and hope for the best, some people prefer anal douching, and that’s what we’ll be taking a look at today.

What is Anal Douching?

SImply put, anal douching is a practice whose purpose is to cleanse out your rectum with water by usiing a bulb or hose-like device called an enema.

Usually used in preparation for penetrative anal sex, a successful douche cleanse will flush your anus from poop or other unwanted guest appearances during the main event. 

As stated by sexologist and sex educator, Emily L. Depasse, “an anal douche is a tool for removing any fecal remnants from the rectum, typically in preparation for receptive anal sex, through rinsing the rectum.”

If you are particularly curious, outside of the bedroom, you would use the douching device--the enema--in preparation for a colonoscopy or for major constipation. But we’re not here to talk about those things, we’re here to talk about anal sex.

How do you Douche?

As we all know, everything that we put into our bodies need to come out, whether we’re talking about foods, drinks, dicks or sex toys. Anuses exist for specifically that purpose, but the wonderfully tight hole contains some remarkable sexual sensations that ought to be discovered. 

While it takes a lot of practice to learn how your body works--and even still, some things might not go according to plan and some mistakes could happen--an acute sense of knowing how to properly douche can go a long way for not only your sex life, but your physical health as well, should the need ever arise. 

The best tools for douching will usually come from a standard douche kit, which is sold at most sex shops--you may find that they are available in both anal and vaginal versions, but either one works fine.

Alternatively, you could use bulb-type douches or a standard drink bottle with a sipper top. Another method is to use shower hose attachments, but if you go this route, you will want to exercise some caution as water pressure can change at any time, and sudden temperature alterations (ex: toilet flushing during your shower) can severely burn your rectum.

Once you’ve found your device, here’s how to properly douche your rectum:

Prepare Your Space & Your Body

Anal Douche

This is a hugely underrated tip, especially if you have never inserted anything into your anus in the past. Set yourself up in a comfortable space and position, which can be your own bathroom, on the toilet or even in the shower. 

Be sure to thoroughly read the instructions of the device and familiarize yourself with how it works--if it bends, how much pressure it releases and how it operates.

This is also a good time to familiarize yourself with how your body reacts once something insertable enters your rectum area. You can either insert a finger or toy (both with appropriate amounts of lube added) to know what the sensation will feel like and how your body will react.

Prepare the Douche

Anal Douche

Before any douching cleanse, ensure that your douche is completely and undeniably clean--after all it’s going into an area that not only has high potential for collecting unwanted substances, but it is also a high risk area for sexual health concerns like STDs or HIV.

Give the douche a thorough rinse with gentle soap and water and then gently pat dry with a clean towel.

Once the exterior is dry, fill the douche with lukewarm water or saline solution only, not hot water or other liquids like oils, alcohol, bleach or toxic ones because hot water can burn the skin and the others can lead to poor chemical reactions to the natural cells in your body.

Attach the nozzle to the douche and apply any type of lube onto the tip, so that it can easily be inserted into your anus. As you will have already noticed, your rectum is not self lubricating like a vagina or mouth, so you may need to apply lube onto your rectum itself to make the insertion process more comfortable for you.

Get Into Position

Before any douching cleanse, ensure that your douche is completely and undeniably clean--after all it’s going into an area that not only has high potential for collecting unwanted substances, but it is also a high risk area for sexual health concerns like STDs or HIV.

Give the douche a thorough rinse with gentle soap and water and then gently pat dry with a clean towel.

Once the exterior is dry, fill the douche with lukewarm water or saline solution only, not hot water or other liquids like oils, alcohol, bleach or toxic ones because hot water can burn the skin and the others can lead to poor chemical reactions to the natural cells in your body.

Insert & Squeeze; Hold & Release

Slowly, gradually and carefully insert the nozzle into your rectum and squeeze the douche entirely so that all of the water can be expelled into your anus. It is worth mentioning that this process should not hurt at all. If it does, you will need to add more lube to the douche and to your rectum.

After about 10 seconds, release the water into the toilet, a similar action as pooping regularly. Look into the toilet and see if there is any poop in the water. The goal here is to keep on doing this process until the expelled water is completely clear. If there is poop or hints of brown in your water, continue to douche.

Don’t be discouraged, especially if you are a beginner. Every single body is different, some bodies require two douches, while others need 3-5, and dietary or health concerns also come into play here. Don’t let multiple repetitions get you down! 

Clean Up & Play Time

Once you have guaranteed that your water is feces free, you’re ready to clean up and go have some fun, kid! 

Although we all know the excitement of what is to come, I highly recommend that you clean your douche immediately after usage. Wash the nozzle thoroughly with mild soap and warm water and then leave it to air dry. You can wash with soap multiple times if you need to.

Give your butt one last rinse in case you are going to have oral sex down there, wash yourself and your hands thoroughly. Once this is done, you’re good to go!

Why Douche At All?

On top of the mental effect that a thorough douche cleanse can have on your sexual confidence, douching is a great way to show your partner that you care and are committed to safe anal sex--after all, cleanliness is sexy, and in this case, a clean ass gives you more leeway to do more sexy stuff.

As stated by Felice H Schnoll-Sussman, gastroenterologist and professor of clinical medicine at Weill Cornell Medical College, “the gentle force of water and subsequent evacuation allows for a cleansing of the lower rectum and the anus.” Basically, this is a green light to get down and dirty with your favourite body part. 

In terms of science, your body maintains a delicate balance of electrolytes to function normally. If you douche incorrectly, you can cause imbalances that can harm your body. If you douche correctly before anal sex, you will have the right balance of electrolytes, so your body can perform to its maximum potential during your amazing anal sex session.

I touched on it earlier, but we all want to feel confident in our sexuality, especially before we get into the ancient and primal act of blowing each other’s backs out. There’s nothing like the sexual confidence after a thorough shower, or in this case, a successful anal douche cleanse before anal sex. You will have prevented any potential messes and you can truly let loose without any fear of spillage.

For your partner, this will show that you care about your body and that you are totally willing for what sexy plans they have in store for you. It’s a subtle way of showing consent and clear communication about sex, which is huge in this activity.

Douching with Anal Problems

As we have stated earlier, all bodies are hugely different. Given our different lifestyles, diets, levels of fitness and exercise, or even genetic history, some of us are more prone to digestive issues like Irritable Bowel Syndromeor skin problems such as hemorrhoids or anal fissures.

For any of these problems, inserting the nozzle into your rectum may be a painful experience and highly likely to cause pain and potential injury.

If you really need to douche, definitely use more lube than less, as using more can reduce your chance of irritation and further damage. A good high-fibre diet will help as well, but as always, whenever you are inserting your douche, be slow and gradual. 

For these, there are douche alternatives, such as enema bulbs, fleet enemas or enema bags.

Enema bulbs are a reusable rubber bulb with a nozzle on it that is entirely made of rubber instead of plastic to make insertion easier because there are no hard surfaces that could poke or rub against any skin or digestive problem. The bulbs are also widely known to be flexible too.

Fleet enemas are safer overall, as they’re easy to use and have a pre-lubricated nozzle that greatly reduces your margin of injury or usage error. 

Enema bags are similar to hot water bottles that you would use on a cold night, instead, you would fill the bag with a solution and squeeze the contents into you. However, for this type of enema, there is often a lot more water than your anus can handle, so you really have to be aware of your body’s limitations.

It is also worth mentioning that you should not use laxatives before any type of anal play, and that some store-bought enemas might contain stimulant laxatives as well. So just definitely be sure about the type of douches you are using before anal sex.

Douche Frequency

Moderation is definitely key when it comes to the amount of times you douche, there is no magic number or anything because all of our bodies are different. Many experts range from once a week to 3 times per week, but definitely not more than 3.

The reason for avoiding to over-douche is that your body needs to keep its natural ability to pass normal and regular bowel movements--after all, we don’t want to completely lose the ability to poop!

Also, if you douche too much, you can potentially cause tears in your anus, which opens a huge can of worms into your body and can really put you and your partner at high risk of transmitting infections and diseases. Similarly, if you douche too much, you are risking to damage your intestinal lining, and changing your electrolyte balance as I stated before.

As a rule of thumb, douching 1 to 3 times a week is best.

Debunking Myths about Douching

If I Only Use Lube, Isn’t That Enough?

No way, Jose! Douching not only has health benefits, but it’s a great form of showing sexual consent and having clear communication about anal sex. 

On top of taking care of your body’s hygiene, douching before anal sex is an important step in having a handle on your sexual confidence. Instead of thinking about holding your poop in or about accidental leakage, you can really enjoy your anal experiecne without the fear of natural occurrences happening at the worst of times. 

Anal sex is a two-way game, with givers and receivers. Because it involves others, it is so important to make your sex a comfortable experience for both partners. Anal douching is a great way to accomplish this because you both can show that you have prepared for each other  and have made your anal space a sexually safe space.

There is Only One Tool Used for Douching

Super false! Because douching is such a common practice with anal sex being so popular nowadays, there are many tools you can use to douche. 

There are the douche alternatives listed above: enema bulbs, fleet enemas, enema bags, or if you want to go the DIY route, there’s the bottle with a sipping nipple attached. However, with all of these expert choices at your disposal, I don’t advise to go through the DIY option--spend the small dollars to get a high quality and reusable douche.

You can choose between the flexible and rubbery texture of the enema bulbs, which use reusable rubber nozzles and bodies instead of plastic to make insertion easier. There are the fleet enemas, which are safer overall and significantly easier to use because of their pre-lubricated nozzle that greatly reduces your margin of injury or usage error.

There’s also the enema bag, which easily fills you up with water, though you have to have an acute self awareness to your own limitations as they can easily fill you up with more water than you can handle.

Douching Before Anal Sex Will Completely Clear Away Poop

Although douching before anal sex is a great way to bolster your poop free anal sex confidence, they do not completely rid your bowels from feces. At the end of the day, you are human, and if you need to go, just go.

Douching before anal sex is great after you’ve released all that your body could release at the moment. Douching will not replace your need to go, especially during anal sex, where your rectum is constantly shifting with pressure and natural muscles that make you want to release.

As per standard practice with any anal toy or anal sex activity, make sure you set yourself up for success: poop beforehand if you need to, clean up from that like a normal bowel movement, then take the necessary anal douche precautions before wiping yet again. 


Everybody poops. Anal sex is amazing, but there will always be the very natural and reasonable fear of poop making an unwanted appearance during your sex.

For this reason, it’s best practice to familiarize yourself with the proper techniques of anal douching. By laying out the clear instructions as listed above, highlighting the importance of douching, bringing attention to health or digestive problems and by demystifying questions about the practice, I hope that you can take away some helpful pointers to douching. Take care and have fun!

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