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Lovense Ferri

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 15th, 2021

With yet another isolation/quarantine/self-isolation period, Angela and I have had a lot of time to experiment with new ways of pleasure.

Having tried everything from toys to get each other in the mood, products to use during our romp sessions, to items for Angela post-play while I’m “out of service” temporarily, we both felt that something new would be a welcome addition to our repertoire or sex paraphernalia.

One such discovery was the Lovense Ferri, and boy, did it open up a new avenue into O-Town (and I’m not talking about the 90’s boy band.)

While it is so fun to orgasm from a collaborative effort between the sheets (or on top of the sheets, or in the kitchen, shower, living room couch, laundry room, car, you name it) there is something to be said about me having complete control of Angela’s pleasure wherever she may be, and whenever we want, after we consensually agree that gametime has started.

The Lovense Ferri allows us to happily play with our senses of anticipation, spontaneity, teasing, intimate climaxes or straight-up screamfests.

So, I better start talking about it, shouldn’t I? I’ll divide my review into sections about what it is, how it’s used, info about the app, the Ferri’s vibration patterns, connectivity, what sets it apart and a pros vs cons section to tie it all up.

What is the Lovense Ferri?

The Lovense Ferri is a panty vibrator, designed for you to wear while your partner controls the Lovense from their phone. While its primary focus is clitoral orgasm, it comfortably sits along the panty, making it vibrate along the entire lips.

As you can imagine, with great sexual power comes great sexual responsibility.

The Lovense Ferri is worn on your panties (not meant for insertion), attached to them via magnetic connection. Once worn, the fun begins. From an app on your phone, the Ferri comes to life for your sexual creativity to truly take over the show.

With its many different vibration patterns and connectivity capabilities, each use will provide a completely new experience.

Made from silicone and ABS, its texture is similar to many of Lovense’s vibrators. Being very light in weight, it will not damage or stretch out your panties.

For those who do not masturbate with partners, the Lovense Ferri is equally enjoyable and you can definitely be in charge of your own pleasure.

How does the Lovense Ferri work?

With the Lovense magnet (provided with the Ferri) you would place the Lovense in the inside, bottom portion of your panties (though not mandatory, you can wear it on the outside as well) with the magnet on the opposite side of your underwear.

Adjust it accordingly, depending on your desired masturbation session, you may decide to wear it standing, lying down or sitting.

Once worn, you or your partner can activate and control the Ferri as you so choose via the accompanying app on your phone. As soon as you or your partner turns the Ferri on, close your eyes and let your body loose.

Lovense Ferri App

The app is the true source of magic when it comes to the Ferri.

It is compatible with: iPhone/iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Touch and iPod Touch iOS 10.0 and later, Mac (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled), Android 4.3 and later (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled), and finally Windows PC (with a Lovense USB Bluetooth adapter installed)

As a high-quality panty vibrator, the app is so simple to use and is highly customizable through its many different modes: Remote, Alarm, Music, My Patterns and Sound.I will describe each subsection below.


This will be your usual first stop as far as this app goes. On your phone, a blank screen will appear, where you would use your finger to trace the type of vibration pattern you want the Ferri to follow.

Similar to if a person would write a signature in the air, you would use your finger to dictate the height, length and speed of the vibration pattern. This will all be indicated by a pink line and would look similar to a hospital heartbeat monitor (but let’s get that imagery out of here for now, this is a happy time.)

Once this is set, you can click the “loop” setting so that the Ferri will repeat the pattern over and over until your body’s content. Alternatively, there is a “float” option, which will allow the Lovense to generate its own buildup and constant rhythm.

Lovense Ferri’s remote option is also a godsend because if you own another Lovense toy, you can connect two at once, which is ideal for any combination of stimulation you want: clit plus G-Spot, or clit plus buttplay (but remember, the Ferri is intended for non-penetrative masturbation, so do make sure that the penetrative product is not the Ferri.)

Lovense Music

This is a highly underrated helluva good time. Angela and I used this once while she was cleaning around the house and I have to say it was such an unexpectedly powerful sexual session that she had in a long time, and it was fun as hell for me.

As the name suggests, the Ferri will connect to your music currently playing, or to Spotify/Apple or most streaming services that you would open up with the app. You can also save songs if you have a favourite sexy song.

A good tip that we have found is that the Lovense Ferri will respond best to bass-heavy music. So, anything that you can dance to is a good bet. 

Because the Ferri is attached to your panties, feel free to dance your heart out, but definitely be mindful of your surroundings because your legs will give out for sure. Another technique worth mentioning is playing a song and then turning your volume all the way down to feel the vibrations in unexpected rhythms to keep you guessing.

Lovense Alarm

You will have to enable Lovense’s accessibility on your phone (turn on notifications, etc.) Once enabled, the Ferri will activate according to your alarm, including snoozes. As always, you are able to set the vibration patterns and intensity for this function.

The only concern for this setting is that you will have to leave your Ferri and phone on, so be sure that both devices have ample battery life. The alarm setting will have you creating multiple alarms throughout the day, even if you’re not sleeping!

Lovense My Patterns

This setting is designed to help you in case your own patterns in Remote don’t quite finish the job. On My Patterns, the menu will have four patterns to choose from--default patterns, if you will.

On each one, you can adjust them accordingly in terms of speed and intensity (for example, the speed can vary from quarter speed all the way up to four times as fast as the original.)

There are four preset patterns: pulse (alternative sudden vibrations from the low to high sections of the Ferri), wave (vibrations gradually transitioning from the low section to the high section and back down), fireworks (slow buildup to the top, then suddenly return back down) and finally earthquake (slow and long buildup, then suddenly back down.) 

Once you find a pattern that is especially enjoyable, you can save it and rename it to whatever you want.

Alternatively, there is a “create your own” pattern, which will take you back to the Remote screen. Further, on the app you can connect online: to see what custom patterns other users have created. 

Lovense Sounds

This setting is unique in that the Ferri will adjust to the sounds happening around you. Similar to my story with Angela above, this setting would be optimal if you are listening to music without headphones, anywhere ranging from your home speakers to a club. 

In this setting, you can adjust the sensitivity as well, so that your Ferri’s vibrations pick up more, or less, sounds. 

Lovense Ferri Vibration Patterns

The settings above are the ones listed in the app. But, the Ferri itself has built-in, touch-sensitive patterns on it, in case your device is not paired or if the device needs to be charged. The product itself has seven options:

  1.  low power buzz (constant)
  2.  mid-power buzz (constant)
  3.  high-power buzz (constant)
  4.  quick, strong pulses
  5.  quick, up to down waves
  6.  low to high power “S” vibrations (constant)
  7.  two quick “S” vibrations from low to high power (constant)

Again, these are built-in settings on the Ferri’s actual setup, but once you connect your phone, you have more great features to further enjoy the product.

How Does Lovense Ferri’s Connectivity Work?

Whether your partner is on the opposite end of the same room or across the country, the Lovense Ferri has you covered.

There is a close-range mode and a long-distance one, which are both easy to use and are intuitive.

When either option is chosen, a notification will appear asking you, “Give Up Control” to which you can reply with a yes or no. If yes, that will activate your partner’s control of your Ferri, with no delay, slowness or connectivity difficulty.

There is an option to save your partner into the “saved connections” portion in the app for easier sharing capabilities on future uses. When they are online, you will see a green checkmark appear next to their name.

After giving your partner control of your Ferri, there are even more ways to make your not-so-alone time interactive. Lovense’s well-thought-out app lets you and your partner send texts, voice memos, vibration patterns, voice calls and, of course, video calls. 

While your partner is controlling your Ferri, you will not have any access to the settings, leaving your body entirely under the naughty desires of your partner until one of you decides to end the control sharing. 

During the shared session, you will always have the option to turn your camera off or mute yourself to explore your partner’s imagination when one of the two are unavailable to them. The owner of the Ferri can also record the session in case they want to remember the unique experience; however, the person only controlling the Ferri will not have access to record.

Finally, the Lovense Ferri can give up control to anonymous users for a unique one-time situation. This can be ideal for webcam performances or some raunchy anonymous fun. Under these parameters, the Ferri owner can set the duration and length that they will give up control. 

Lovense Ferri

What Sets the Lovense Ferri Apart from Others?

The Lovense Ferri has a three to three and a half hour battery life, which is much longer than many others. It is highly customizable and interactive if you choose any control-sharing options. On top of its easy setup and highly enjoyable vibration patterns, its practical size and strong magnet can provide discreet and sensual public play.

The music and sound functions in particular are such good calls for a product like this. On top of  teasing my partner’s anticipations when the Ferri is in shared mode, these are just great ways to add unexpected pleasure beyond both of our control.


  • The Ferri is so discreet. Its small size allows it to be worn with any type of clothing except leggings, where it will only be noticeable if you really stare
  • Highly customizable and sensitive to details in my created patterns
  • Reliable connection with other devices when shared mode is on
  • Many ways to interact with your partner when shared mode is on, ranging anywhere from texts to full-on recorded video calling
  • Although designed for the clit, its placement in the panties allow for pleasure on all external vagina


  • Not designed for penetration
  • Can be a bit loud if you live with others who you’d want to keep this part of your life secret from
  • Wearing panties and setting up the Ferri can be distracting if you want to masturbate immediately

In conclusion, the Lovense Ferri has mine and Angela’s vote. It is the epitome of being a tease--your partner gives up complete control of her body, all to you. For solo play, there are so many customizable patterns that you can use to guarantee a happy ending every time.

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