Liberator Esse Review:

Is The Liberator Esse Sex Chaise Worth It?

Written by: Angela Watson | Updated: June 4th, 2023

Today's review is a slight departure from my usual fare of handheld sex toys in that this sexual enhancer is a piece of sex furniture, namely, a sex lounger.

The Liberator Esse is referred to as a sex chaise, it is essentially an elongated chair that's been expertly designed to make as many different sexual positions possible to as wide a range of people as humanly possible.

If you came here wondering whether or not the Esse's expensive price tag is justified, you've come to the right place.

As compatible as two people might be emotionally, biology doesn't always mesh perfectly. Couples who are mismatched in weight and height can often find themselves struggling for mutual comfort during sexual play, much to the disappointment of both people.

Sex is as much a mental thing as it is a physical thing, when you can't have sex with your partner they way you'd like it is pretty easy to feel unfulfilled and as if you and your partner maybe aren't as good of a match as you expected. Queue the awkward positioning and trouble that comes with trying to fix this all yourself with proper placement of pillows and other furniture, you have a recipe for disaster.

That's why my husband and I decided to invest in the Liberator Esse chair. We thought it could further expand our repertoire of sexual positions we can mutually enjoy instead of having to save them for special occasions only when we're willing to deal with minor discomfort, caused for the sake of the other. 

To put it bluntly, this chair saved reverse cowgirl for us forever.

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What Makes It Special?

The Esse by Liberator is a sexual lounge chair that was made for couples who want to make more sex positions accessible and comfortable.

Some might find themselves surprised to find out that this is but one kind of sex furniture in our world, there's practically no type of furniture out there that hasn't been converted for more kinky purposes by this point in time.

Those who are more interested in the fantastical world of sex furniture should check out the article we're written by clicking here.

Available in 12 different colors, a properly colored Esse can fit in with just about any style of decor.

To the uninitiated, it comes off as perhaps an extremely modern and ergonomic lounger tailor made for long days spent on television binges as opposed to the much raunchier purposes it was initially designed for.

The Liberator Esse lounge chair measures 5.3 ft x 2 ft x 2 ft. The head of the chair rests 23'' high, the middle at 9.5'', and the foot at 16.5'', so each portion of the lounger allows for just a slightly different range of motion than the others. The bulk of the toy is made of polyurethane foam of a similar kind that Memory Foam is made from, making it excellent at dispersing weight (my knees thank Liberator for this design choice) while a machine-washable polyester liner protects this foam from the inevitable dirtiness it will succumb to.

The seams where the liner can be unzipped are hidden nicely and the entire chair looks like a well-made and fully-sealed unit at first glance. Also included with the Esse is a pillow for the head portion of the lounger and a second pillow that fits perfectly in the middle dip if you'd prefer a much more level experience.

There's nothing stopping you from using the middle pillow (referred to as the mini-scoop) in the bedroom either, so essentially it is a 2-for-1 chaise and sex pillow combination.

Included is a one year warranty against all manufacturer defects, so rest assured that this investment in sexual health is protected against unwanted mistakes during manufacturing.

The Liberator Esse vs The Liberator Esse Chaise

The Liberator Esse comes in two different models:

The Liberator Esse (The One I Bought)


The Liberator Esse and the Esse Chaise are very similar in style and also in price.

The Liberator Esse Chaise comes in $50 cheaper but doesn't have the small pillow that you see pictured above with the original Liberator Esse. 

The design of the chaise is slightly different that the original Esse but the main difference that you pay extra for is the small pillow. This pillow is used for placing under your knees when performing oral sex. This pad has gotten a ton of use in our case and has saved both mine and my husbands knees from a ton of discomfort. 

In my opinion, the original Liberator Esse is worth the extra $50 but you could also mimic its function with a pillow or cushion.

Position Guide: Here's Why We Love It

A common issue with just about all sex furniture is that while they might make some sexual positions easier, there are usually some that are completely out of the question. With the Esse's asymmetrical design and consistent variation, this isn't a worry whatsoever.

I can't comment on whether or not pornography has given us an unhealthy opinion on what kind of positions should be possible between two consenting and loving adults, but my husband and I noticed we were frequently at odds about what to try out in the bedroom due to physical limitations. There's only so much spreading and stretching I can do to make Don's dreams a reality and I'm woman enough to admit that not all of my requests can be found outside of a steamy romance novel with any sort of regularity.

But ever since we added the Liberator Esse lounge chair to our basement, I can emphatically say that both our sexual satisfaction as well as our sexual creativity is through the roof,  the only thing that makes the Esse short of perfect is the fact that our own bodily juices tend to make the Esse's liner a near permanent fixture in our laundry routine.

At first the price tag seemed excessive for something used for the purposes of sexual gratification, but this isn't something that needs to go in the closet once you're done with it. It is a fully functional and dare I say it darn comfortable piece of furniture. I enjoy lounging on it frequently and I can even move it around myself with a little bit of effort. 

Here's a tip I've learned:

  • When you don't know if the stains on your sex chair are from you or the buttery popcorn you've been eating, it's time for a wash cycle.

I was worried at first about how much give the foam would have, but it seems that once you've settled in and distributed your weight across a portion of the chair there's little risk of deflating the whole thing. I'd say I never sink more than a few inches down, even with my husband on top of me. In a practical sense this means that if you dream up a position and are at least semi-realistic about how the chair will conform to your weight, chances are you'll be able to pull it off.

What impresses us the most is that the Esse doesn't just allow for the positions themselves, but also the leverage required to actually enjoy them. Planting our feet is straightforward and despite Don's excess of height and my lack thereof there's never the feeling that we're going to slip across the floor or lose our footing so long as we take the time to remove our socks. Hands and arms are also easily kept out of the way thanks to the fact that there's no side-bars present. The angles are also very conducive to deep, powerful thrusts that I thought were reserved only for honeymoons and anniversaries. Simply put, it is a much more efficient way to use energy while having sex, meaning more goes into the act itself instead of keeping yourself steady.

It's also made long oral sessions possible for the both of us, since our biology hasn't evolved in favor of oral sex it can actually be quite difficult to find a position that allows us to focus solely on pleasuring each other as opposed to doing the best we can until our bodies give out from exhaustion.

I could go on forever explaining the intricacies of all the different ways my husband and I have used this chair to be completely honest, but I think it is something best explored with you & your dearly beloved as opposed to copied from the internet. Spontaneity and creativity will pay dividends for years to come, believe me.

Where Can You Get One?

The place you'll find the Liberator Esse for sale for the lowest price is the official Liberator website. When you buy directly from the manufacturer you can rest assured you're receiving a legitimate Liberator product (there's a ton of knock-off Liberator products on Amazon).

Liberator has a fully expansive line of sex furniture that they work on & improve on a very consistent basis, so whenever I have Liberator on my mind I always go straight to their website to see what's new, even if I only came for one specific thing. Yes, it has worked out for me much in the same way someone might go to the grocery store for eggs but walk out with Fruit Roll-Ups, so be warned.

It's just good, kinky fun going to the website for the IKEA of sex furniture whenever that devilish impulse hits. Not to mention, they almost always have some kind of sale going on. Be sure to browse the "On Sale section" on their website, there you'll find some really good deals.

As of writing, they are running the promo code "OHBABY" for a discount for 20%.

If you want to take advantage of this deal, click here to redeem discount!

Even if that code is out of date, read the header of the page and chances are they're running a near identical promotion. I'd wager that a larger portion of the year is spent with their toys marked down as opposed to full price.

The Esse comes in a nondescript brown box, although the size might draw some attention from the neighbors. Still it really is just a chair if you wanted to argue that point.

Coupon Code: OHBABY

My Final Words

If you've been struggling to make you & your partner's bodies cooperate during sexual intercourse, then this piece of sex furniture might be the missing link between you and some primo satisfaction.

I personally can report easier orgasms and a much better sense of connection & satisfaction with my husband. With him going off on business trips as often as he does, we need to ensure that each and every session we have is milked of all possible sexuality.

After using the Esse I'm often drained and ready to lay down, which is convenient since typically all that means is rolling over and telling Don I'll be in bed shortly.

Do I always make it to bed? That's between me and my Esse.

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Anyways, I'm rambling on.

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Donna & Ray - September 3, 2019 Reply


It was damn expensive but it’s held up well for us so far (we’ve only owned it for a few months). It allows for us to have sex a lot more comfortably and hit many positions that simply weren’t possible for us previously. For seniors like us, the Esse is a product that can really make sex a lot more comfortable.

– Donna & Ray

    Don Watson - September 4, 2019 Reply

    Glad to hear it! Age doesn’t mean you have to settle for anything less than the sex life you deserve.

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