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Using a coupon on the Liberator site is extremely simple, Navigate through the site like you would normally and when you're ready to check out apply the code like so:

While Liberator themselves are more known for their useful and occasionally extravagant sex furniture, their website does come with a standard sex shop full of other sex toys from other prominent brands. In fact, most of the toys we talk about on this site can also be found on the Liberator website. I suppose it is because they mainly want their sex furniture being used they also sell sex toys from competing brands, I like it a lot myself.

Liberator Shipping Policies

Any orders of $75 and above in the contiguous United States are subject to free shipping. The longest possible shipping time is in the realm of 7-10 business days, with an overnight option available for a higher price.

Everything is sent in a nondescript brown box with the charge to any credit card being for "OneUp Innovations".  That's about as stealthy as it gets, their parent company is fairly innocuous, selling bean bag chairs and the like so you wouldn't even be outed if someone did a Google search.

By how they write their shipping page and how we've received our items, they try pretty hard to make sure the package gets to its final destination. They even allow for Saturday deliveries and mandatory signatures if necessary. In short, all of the bases are covered.


Unopened and unused items have a full 30 day window for returns for a refund. For anything used there needs to be a clear defect with the item to be eligible for a return. It's pretty easy to figure out why just about no company out there accepts used toys on the regular, it just adds up.

Not eligible for return is any liquid product or opened videos/media. Besides that, it's all pretty standard sex toy warranty rules.

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