Lelo Hex Condom Review

Lelo Hex Condom

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 10th, 2021

Look, I’m not the biggest fan of using condoms and almost always prefer to go in completely raw, but I do understand that some of you out there have to have protection for multiple reasons. With so many different options when it comes to cock socks however, it can be difficult to make the right decisions.

To help you guys out, I personally went and tried out the Lelo Hex condom a couple of times for some good old rough sex. I made it a point to test how the condom holds up and most importantly, how it feels when I’m having sex. There is nothing worse than having sex with a condom that either hurts me down there, or just simply makes me feel nothing.

Before we jump into this Lelo Hex review however, I do want to quickly mention a brief controversy the condom was caught in and why you shouldn’t worry about it. Charlie Sheen at one point promoted the product and let me tell you, the controversy was because of him, I guarantee you the condoms played no role in that.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s jump into looking at this turtleneck for your penis and finding out how great it is.

The Hexagon

The driving force between the Lelo Hex condom is the fact that it is a re-engineered condom that uses hexagons to help make it durable. They talk about how even if one hexagon breaks, the structural integrity of the condom will remain.

What does this help with? Well for you men who have to wear a condom, it means you can ease three of your biggest fears: discomfort, slippage, and breakage. With the Lelo condom, you don’t have to worry if you end up busting inside of your woman and having problems down the road.

I don’t want to spoil the whole review, but let me tell you, Lelo definitely delivers on those three things and so much more. They call this a luxury condom for a reason and if I were to be using a condom, it would be hard for me to use anything but this.

The Lelo Hex might cost a little bit more than your standard condom, but that hexagon design adds so much more to the sex you are going to be having.

I cannot stress enough that this condom is well made and delivers on what they set out to do. Let’s dive further into this magical creation and see how it holds up when I put it to the test.

First Impressions and Sizing

Before I went straight into sex, I wanted to see how the condom could hold up to my own little stress test. I gave the condom a few pulls with my hands and noticed that it could take a beating. I would pull on the edges and give slight little tugs and the condom would not budge at all.

I have to tell you guys, that condom is one durable sweater for your penis.  Even after pulling and purposefully ripping the condom, it was difficult for more than two or three hexagons to be broken. I don’t wear condoms, but if I had to, the durability of this one definitely impresses me and makes me lean towards it.

I also have to add that when I opened the condom, it was incredibly easy to tell which way was up and which was down. I don’t use condoms often so I must admit that I’ve stared at a condom, flipped it up and down, and eventually even put it on the wrong way. This thing makes it so even I know how I have to put it on.

As for actually covering my penis, it did an extremely good job. With most condoms, what I hated was how it constricted my penis, especially at the base of the shaft. Most condoms do this because it helps them stay on, much to the dismay of the person using it. 

With the Lelo Hex, not only did the base accommodate my girth, but it also didn’t roll up during sex, another thing I hate about your standard condom. This condom definitely helps to get rid of a ton of the problems I’ve always had with condoms and is definitely worth it.

Now, I know some people have a rifle down there while others have a pistol. Does it work for everyone’s weapon? I have to say that it probably won’t but because it is extremely stretchy, it will accommodate a large portion of you and I can definitely say it worked for me.

The final thing I want to say with this condom is that it is extremely thin. Normally that is a huge concern during sex as thin materials rip, but those hexagons definitely reassured me. A thin condom means that I’m also going to have a much better time as my rocket is going to feel a lot more pleasure. It’s now time to hop into the bedroom and get dirty.

Jumping Into the Action

All of this information is cool and all, but a lot of you, just like me, are wondering how this thing holds up in the bedroom. I made sure to give this a thorough testing for all of you men and women out there. There are no consequences if I rip through this thing during sex, unlike some of you.

Getting into things with Angela, I made it a point to try a variety of different positions, thrusting speeds, and everything. I wanted to see if the Lelo Hex condom could hold up to a session of deep passionate love. You’d be surprised to know that not only did this thing hold up under the pressure, it surpassed my expectations.

The first thing I want to talk about is the pleasure and the feeling. Remember when I said that I don’t wear condoms often? There were times during this where I thought there was nothing wrapped around my pecker down there.

I’m not sure if that was because I was caught up in the moment, but this product definitely does allow me and my penis to feel a lot more.

Men aren’t the only ones who suffer when wearing a condom as women do get a little less pleasure as well. With the Lelo Hex? Angela loved every minute of it and was really getting into it. Things definitely are looking good for this condom.

After we were finished doing the deed, it was time for the moment of truth. I pulled my penis out of her and we both decided to take a look. We were both mystified how a condom that thin could perfectly survive everything that we did. Words cannot describe how impressed I was with this thing as I went into it expecting some tears.

Just as I thought, the condom had no slipping issues when I was pounding back and forth and there was no pain or constriction on it as well. Overall, I have to say that I am a huge fan of this condom and if I had to choose one to use, I’d probably be going with the Lelo Hex.

Final Thoughts

Both me and Angela both loved the Lelo Hex. While I’m not exactly a man of science, I can completely get behind this product and the innovations that it has made for couples who have to go at it wearing a condom.

The two major things I want you to take away from this Lelo Hex review is that this thing can take a beating, and that it feels good for you to wear.

Most times people associate thin condoms with tearing, but not anymore with the Lelo Hex. Because of this thing, I am now a big fan of hexagons and I’m starting to wonder where else this technology can be used.

Have fun in the bedroom and don’t hold back with your significant other. If the Lelo Hex can survive a session with Don and Angela, it can definitely survive anything.

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