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KINK Anal Snake, June 2021

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: June 30th, 2021

Attention, calling all size kings and queens! If you’re a deep diver, if you’re searching for gold or if you’re doing your reenactment of Cartman’s anal probe on South Park, there is an amazing toy out there that can help you explore your own or your partner’s deepest depths.

Whenever my wife and I decided to explore deep anal penetration, we always felt like we were lacking a toy that was solely created to that. Sure, we have a lot of anal toys that happen to be long, but owning a toy whose sole purpose is to completely get up in there is something special. 

We were given the KINK anal snake, and our deep diving prayers had been answered. Finally, we had a toy that did away with the beginner’s training wheels and instead, focused on very deep penetration, goal setting and testing limits.

Today, I will be reviewing the KINK anal snake, and I gotta say, I thought I knew my wife’s limits, but I still smile whenever I look at this toy because even after all these years, we’re still learning new things about each other’s limits.

It goes without saying that because this toy is meant for its insane length and limit testing, communication is key with your partner. 

Let’s dive into it.

What is the KINK Anal Snake?

As one of Doc Johnson’s BDSM products, the KINK anal snake is a long anal sex toy that is meant for testing yours or your partner’s anal limits. 

While most anal sex toys shy away from excessive lengths, the KINK anal snake shows up to the party with glorious dominance and presence.

Upon first glance, you and your partner will gawk at this ridiculously huge toy before sizing yourselves up on how far you think you can take it.

While sex toys in general are to be enjoyed, the KINK anal snake is moreso for goal setting and testing your limits--I mean, what fun is there if you know how much you can take?

How Long is it?

The KINK anal snake will make you prove your worth if you say that you’re a size king or queen. Standing at 19.5 x 5.5 x 2.35 inches, this anal sex toy is a perfect fit for goal setters, deep penetration lovers and depth fetishes. It also weighs 1.1 lbs, so it can be handled pretty easily.

You can imagine why this toy is worshipped and revered by depth lovers--even in my house, it sits in its own category among our entire collection of sex toys.

Appearance and Materials

As you could guess, the KINK anal snake is made to look like a snake due to its long rope-like appearance and flexibility.

It only comes in black, which I found to be suitable seeing as it falls under the same category of kink and fetishes as black leather, dominance and submission as well as sexual experimentation in terms of limit testing.

With a flat circular base, the rest of the KINK anal snake a straight, slim body that features multiple light ridges to help maintain your grip and avoid accidental injury to the receiving party.

At its tip is a tapered surface that can easily guide the toy through you or your partner’s ass until their very deepest limits. The combination of the tapered tip and light ridges along its body makes for a confident grip of the toy whether you are teasing or going hard, even when the toy is lubed up.

The snake namesake refers to the toy’s ability to be bent, although some users may find it to be pretty stiff, especially the higher up it is in yours or your partner’s ass. Regardless, the toy can be bent slightly; however, due to its nature of penetrating very deeply, it has to have a stiff structure, so I totally understand that part.

Made with a high-quality silicone, the KINK anal snake is meant to be paired with compatible lubes from the tip all the way to its base, as you test your partner’s anal goals.

Of course, as I said earlier, always maintain constant communication with your receiver--the toy can get really slippery due to your lube, and you could easily get carried away with your excitement while inserting. 

Personal Observations

My wife and I used the KINK anal snake a handful of times, where she was the receiver and I was feeding her ass with its tremendous length. Our first impressions were of amazement of course, but the toy made insertion pretty intuitive and simple due to its ridges and how narrow it is.

Its narrow body made it a little less intimidating for my wife, and each ridge marked about an inch and a half of length, so we went inch by inch, and it worked out pretty well overall, as we always communicated before proceeding to the next inch.

As I said earlier, the toy is advertised as a snake, but it’s pretty firm. You can certainly bend it (while it’s not inserted) but once it’s inside your partner’s ass, you can definitely notice how firm it is.

When I asked my wife how she felt about this, she didn’t mind too much--when you think about it, it actually makes sense. If it bent, that could lead to an extra few inches of deep penetration that neither of you are prepared for.

Where I Bought Mine

I got my KINK anal sex toy from Amazon. It was convenient to buy as it was covered under the Prime program!

You can click here to buy yours!


The KINK by Doc Johnson collection is known to test limits and the KINK anal snake certainly does that whether you are a size king or queen. Right at first glance, you will see its tremendous length and immediately be flooded with sexy thoughts about how far you think it can go up yours or your partner’s ass.

With its silicone materials, tapered tip, multiple ridges and moderate flexibility, it has all the makings of a sex toy that is capable of ridiculously deep penetration.

As always, maintain clear communication. Go out and test your limits with the KINK anal snake!

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