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My Results Using ForHims ED Medication

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: January 27th, 2019

Erectile dysfunction is an extremely troublesome problem for an increasing large population of men around the world.

Of course there are some long term solutions like better diet and exercise, but when it comes to popping boners men are hardly the type to be patient. There's just a mental connection between us and our sexual functioning that affects our sense of well being more than we can control.

That's exactly why so many men turn to ED pills at the end of the day. Specifically, little blue pills that promise a rock hard erection within a few hours.

I'll just go out there and say that probably about 95% of services that promise pills out there are a complete waste of time. These are prescription only medications, if there's a website promising to sell you them no questions asked there's honestly some serious red flags there, not to mention likely illegal activity even if they don't scam you.

But things are changing now, there's a lot of different online services that actually will connect you to a real, licensed medical professional and get everything done online when it comes to getting help with erectile dysfunction. One such service is known as Hims. This article will be going over their service, how my experience with them went, and how they stack up in the wide world of ED solution providers.

Let's get into the thick of it, shall we?

What Does Hims.com Promise To Their Users?

Hims works as an online pharmacy that deals with male products much like GetRoman who also offers a service for erectile dysfunction pills. Like GetRoman, they also work to help people dealing with things like hair loss or premature ejaculation besides the ED issues themselves. Of course, this review is going to be dealing mainly with their ED pill service & the products on offer since it's what I have the most experience with when it comes to shopping with them.

The magic of the internet has enabled us to connect to medical professionals using Telehealth which completely negates the need to find a medical professional in real life.

Since these medical professionals work explicitly with Hims to establish candidacy for erectile dysfunction medication, there aren't any expensive fees associated with having a visit. 

Their medical professional will work through your current health status to see if you can safely take the pills and from there you'll be recommended either a sildenafil or tadalafil containing pill to be sent to you within a reasonable amount of time.

Essentially, Hims is a one stop shop for all things male enhancement from hair loss to skincare with medical professionals being involved in any of their heavier duty options such as prescriptions.

I will say that their gummy vitamins were dangerously delicious and that my wife Angela is likely going to get me a whole basket of their skincare products for my birthday.

Since I've last checked them out, they've also branched into mental health resources for men as well which is sorely needed these days.

It's a comprehensive site that works to help just about any problem a dude could have, embarrassing or otherwise. So the fact that it isn't just ED pills on offer serves as a huge trust marker for myself at least.

The Hims Sign Up Process

Unless you're just going for some OTC products like vitamins, before you can get even a single package of prescription medication sent to you through the mail you'll need to go through their opening questionnaire where you fill in pertinent information about your current health status. The initial barrage of questions deals with your current sexual health before giving way to a more general health questionnaire.

It might not seem relevant to ask about your heart health as well as your overall fitness, I admit. The reason why Hims goes so in-depth on that front is because these pills have an overall effect on your cardiovascular system that needs to be taken into account. Viagra was initially researched as a possible medication for blood pressure issues, but it was found that its main strength was in making erections much easier to obtain. Most of the side effects people report are directly related to how these products change blood vessel function in ways that aren't directly penis-related.

So if you're already on a slippery slope with your heart health it can actually be extremely dangerous to go on ED medication, something the medical professionals at Hims will be able to pick up on and educate you more about.

People who take nitrate medications tend to be immediately disqualified from the service since taking nitrate medications alongside ED medication can put you at a risk of a massive heart attack. The last thing anyone would want is for someone to drop dead on top of their dearly beloved just because they wanted to get freaky.

Still, everyone is different and these medical professionals aren't here to just give out pills to anyone who asks, so the full questionnaire is necessary. I'd say that in total it took me about 15 minutes to go through it all. You'll need to have a recent measurement of your blood pressure handy, but besides that it's all stuff you'll be able to answer off the top of your head.

After you fill out the questionnaire it will be sent for review to their team of medical professionals to determine your eligibility as well as recommended treatment options. Once that's done you'll have the ability to talk to the physician directly as they'll likely require a bit more information before you can place your order. My experience with how quickly I was approved (within a day or so) as well as how much the medical professional seemed to care about my general health blows pill-only services like BlueChew out of the water entirely, no doubt about it.

Compared to other services like GetRoman or BlueChew, I felt much more as if the medical professionals were looking after me as a human being in general than just making sure I wasn't going to get him into any trouble. At the end of the day, these little personal touches go a long way with me.

Hims Prices - How Much Does It Cost?

Next came time to see what Hims was offering as far as actual products for ED. They offer both Viagra and Cialis, with two different generic options available for Viagra and even a newer drug called Stendra which uses the ingredient Avanafil and is a much newer, faster acting medication of the same class but newer generation as Viagra.

Their cheapest option for sildenafil is just generic sildenafil at $4 a dose, moving up to a generic you're more likely to find in a pharmacy for $34 per dose or brand name Viagra for $70 a dose. Cialis, on the other hand? Hims offers generic tadalafil for $240 per month and $570 for branded Cialis.

The expensive pricing of the branded medications makes sense since for the longest time the branded pills were our only option. In my experience, ED meds work just as fine whether generic or branded, so I went with general sildenafil myself.


Not only do I prefer sildenafil to tadalafil, with it being provided for as little as $4 a dose compared to $70 a dose for branded Viagra makes me grateful to have Hims at all, I didn’t think these pills would ever approach true affordability like this when the people who make them know exactly how badly we want them.

It seems that when it comes to pharmaceuticals greed overpowers a desire to help more often than not, so I like seeing Hims push the needle back towards helping people than their profit margins.

I mean seriously, who wants to decide between paying their bills or having reliable erections? I do hope that Hims allows more men to be able to do both.

As far as Cialis (tadalafil) goes, it's harder to find amazing deals. The benefits of Cialis over Viagra would be that Cialis is much longer acting and some people find it to have a much more tolerable side effect profile. The generic option for Tadalafil comes with 5 pills per month at approximately $48 dollars per pill. While that might seem expensive, without a generic option the only real choice is to pay about $100 or more per pill to get access to Cialis. This high price point isn't unique to Hims, anyone selling the real deal tends to have to charge that much since those brands are much better known and cost a lot from their manufacturers to begin with.

Personally, I think sildenafil is more than adequate for my purposes and I also just wanted to get a feel for their services. At $4 a dose it's one of the least expensive legitimate solutions for ED I've ever come across.

Those who are interested in tadalafil might not be as excited at the potential savings compared to people who are looking at sildenafil, but it still represents pretty much a 50% off rate compared to most brick and mortar pharmacies, at least in my area of California. The overall ED treatment landscape has been rapidly improving when it comes to customer care. Most of the websites out there now just follow Hims example in the first place I've begun to notice, so they must be doing something right beyond my great experience with them if they're out there setting some unspoken standards.

Since the first month of Hims works on a trial basis, it's ultimately fairly low risk and they'll usually be pretty quick at addressing any concerns you have throughout the process.

Does Hims Work? - My Experience

I thought naturally that like most online "pharmacies" my package would come in the most minimalist kind of packaging and at the slowest rate possible. Maybe it was just the fact I ordered on a Monday morning, but by Wednesday night I had tried my first dose of sildenafil from them.

Overall the packaging is professional and easy to keep track of with each pill coming first in a large baggie with smaller, individually packaged pill pouches within.

Once I actually got the pills I was quite impressed. The generic sildenafil pills were strong enough to not come apart during handling and in general showed every sign of being exactly as advertised. No more than 20 minutes later, getting an erection was as easy for me as angling my penis the right way in a stiff breeze. On days when I had the pills in my pocket for long periods of time, they were strong enough to not get squished up by the time I needed them after date night. The pills themselves work just like the branded ones I’ve tried previously while being easier to store & move around without worry.

It's a big upgrade compared to a sketchy pill site that sends counterfeits, without a doubt. From all of my experiences with the medical professional in question, the other solutions for men's health they provide, and just how quickly I received my pills I really do get the impression they care for helping men out in the long run. Most of my daily supplement needs are now serviced by Hims after I realized I could shop there for my general health needs and get it faster than some of the supplement-only sites I used to use.

Customer service was very easy to deal with whenever I had questions and they usually explained my questions to me in far more detail than I expected. Not to mention, they repeatedly told me how to seek the cancellation process if I was not satisfied which to me gives off the impression they know full well they aren't in the business of disappointment.

Is Hims Legit?

So objectively saying Hims is a legitimate service that will deliver the products they promise to in the time frame they promise to. The fact alone that they are connected with real medical professionals to issue legitimate prescriptions of genuine generic/branded medication already puts them above 95% of the online ED product market.

If you ever find a website that promises to help you get this medicine without speaking to a medical professional and obtaining a prescription I'd run as fast as humanly possible from that website. There's a good chance they aren't selling products that contain any of the actual active ingredient, much less an actual version of those products. Hims on the other hand gives you legitimate generic options as well as legitimate branded options which leaves nobody out in the cold with a flaccid penis in their hands.

The intuitive UI and ease of finding the cancellation process is also a huge marker of legitimacy in my books. Even most antiviruses these days make it near impossible to uninstall (looking at you, Norton) and leave behind, so when a penis pill provider makes it simple to plug in and out at your leisure that's just good for everybody.

Yes, Hims is legitimate in all senses of the word. Spreading knowledge of how to maximize men's health outcomes is their bread and butter, with the erectile dysfunction pills being a great side of men’s health they’ve specialized in.


Hundreds of thousands of men deal with erectile dysfunction each and every day. Unfortunately most of the information out there is solely to help someone make a quick buck without much care for restoring the loss of erectile power these people are dealing with.

If you absolutely need a solution and want personalized & meaningful service, Hims is functional, professional, and punctual through and through. Other services try to extract as much money as possible hoping you're thinking with your little brain instead of your big one. Ultimately, I like to vote with my wallet and support services that respect me as a consumer as opposed to not.

I almost feel bad for some of the other providers out there I've used previously, because there's honestly quite a bit that Hims has done for me both with ED and non-ED solutions that I find it hard to go back to the way I once was.

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