Our Fleshlight Discount Code

After much negotiation we've finally managed to secure our own Fleshlight coupon code for our readers to take advantage of! Use our discount code to save 10% on your next purchase of any Fleshlight or Fleshjack product!

How To Redeem Our Fleshlight Coupon

First, just shop for the products you're interested in over at Fleshlight.com. Once you hit the checkout page, enter coupon code "DrClimax10" here:

Once the coupon has been applied successfully it'll be underneath the discount code box like in the picture above.

That's about it. It's that simple.

Here's a short 30 second video that will show you how to apply the discount:

Why Use Our Coupon At Fleshlight.com?

The only place I'd ever recommend you buy a Fleshlight product is directly from their official online store. They offer the lowest prices on their own products and when you shop directly with the manufacturer you avoid the countless knock-off's floating around shady sex toy stores.

Few companies in the sex toy world get to ever become as well-known as Fleshlight has. By nature people tend to be reserved about their sex toy collections but if you mention Fleshlight in a crowded room you'll get at least a few glares your way from people who are in on the secret.

They've managed to establish such a huge presence in the male masturbator market because instead of staying underground and sketchy Fleshlight made a sex toy to the same level of quality and thought that regular products typically receive. Instead of a weird looking disembodied vagina meant to be a gag gift or a quick way to lose $20, Fleshlight male masturbators were well-thought out and made from a special blend of TPE meant for maximum pleasure.

Here's the main benefits:

Free Shipping

When you spend over $100 at Fleshlight.com, you'll qualify for free shipping! 

All Fleshlight products are shipped discreetly in plain packaging and nowhere on the box is there ever any mention of Fleshlight or anything. 


When it comes to trying to return a Fleshlight, for some reason they don't let you return them after their used... That being said, if you've not used it, you can return it within 30 days of purchase hassle-free.

That being said, if you've received a product that is faulty or defective, you have a 90-day window to qualify for a replacement.

The Fleshlight Rewards Program

The Fleshlight Rewards Program is a program which was designed to reward Fleshlight's most loyal customers. Every time you make a purchase at Fleshlight.com, you'll earn Fleshbucks which can be redeemed on a future purchase.

Each Fleshbuck is worth 1 cent.

You nessisarily don't have to spend money to earn them. You can also earn Fleshbucks for other things too such as creating an account on Fleshlight (200 Fleshbucks), liking Fleshlight on Facebook (75 Fleshbucks), following Fleshlight on Twitter (75 Fleshbucks), following Fleshlight on Instagram (75 Fleshbucks), for your birthday (250 Fleshbucks), writing a review (500 Fleshbucks).

My Experience With Fleshlight

As a guy that tries more male masturbators than the average dude, I've tried my fair share of Fleshlights. After extensive research, I can say with full confidence that Fleshlight is without a doubt one of my favorite companies when it comes to male masturbators.

Their products are affordable to begin with and are always available at a discount since Fleshlight accepts coupon codes. We're very grateful that they now offer their products to us at a 10% discount and you're able to capitalize on this same discount.

If you end up grabbing one for yourself, I'd highly recommend the Fleshlight STU. Also, while you wait for your toy to ship you should check out our How To Use A Fleshlight guide. If you don't want to, that's cool, just never ever try to use your Fleshlight without lubricant.​​​​

Be sure to leave a comment down below if the coupon code worked for you and mention how much you saved!

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Epic! I saved around $25 on the Launch 🙂

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