Benzocaine Condoms: 
3 Condoms That Make You Last Longer

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: July 6th, 2023

Instead of having to manage a dedicated spray and apply it systematically to a condom, a pack of desensitizing condoms are great for keeping things flowing when getting hot and heavy.

If you're like most men, sometimes you blow your load a few minutes sooner than you'd like to, for this I'd recommend a pack of benzocaine desensitizing condoms to help you last longer.

It's pretty straightforward why companies wanted to bring desensitizing condoms onto the market and introduce them into convenience stores nation-wide. Sell a product that can increase male sexual functioning and you'll never go broke, guaranteed. 

At least unlike gas station dick pills, these condoms actually do what they're supposed to. Make no mistake, all of the recommended condoms on this list will make you last longer.

Desensitizing condoms use benzocaine to numb sensation to the genitals when the condom is worn. Light numbing is to be expected. If one condom makes you a bit too desensitized I'd suggest looking for one with a lower benzocaine percentage.

The benzocaine is only present on the inside of the condom, meaning your partner will not experience any numbing or even know you're wearing a desensitizing condom for that matter.

These condoms can be a secret weapon to men that could suffer from premature ejaculation, or even for guys that simply want to last a few extra minutes in the sack. Every man has at least one sexual encounter that he can remember during which the load was blown a bit too early. Keep a pack of benzocaine desensitizing condoms on hand and you'll never have to worry about this happening to you again.

Here are the best benzocaine condoms based on my experience:

My Favorite Benzocaine Condoms

Trojan Extended Climax Control

What's a condom list without Trojan showing up?

Trojan gets right to the point in letting you know that the lubricant has 4% benzocaine content, there's no dancing around it. Numbing power is more or less guaranteed.

I also found that the lubricant itself was applied more uniformly throughout, making for a more consistent feeling overall. It kicks in pretty quickly, but at least you get to warm up a little and stay occupied.

The condom itself is a one size fits all kind of deal, it pulls it off well enough but there's no such thing as a perfect condom, it works nicely none the less.

Durex Prolong

Prolong condoms by Durex are mainly for her pleasure, not his.  The loss of sensation is really noticeable. If you're looking to explicitly to last longer, it'll work, just know what you're getting yourself into. 

I'd have some of these around and use them when I needed a fair bit of control. There are times when I haven't see my wife for a while, it almost balances out the increased libido that inevitably comes when we see each other again.

Not perfect though, maybe there's too much benzocaine or it isn't spread out properly, but its my least favorite out of the benzocaine options for how numbing it is.

Honestly though, for guys that really need an extra edge in the bedroom, this is probably the option for you. It would be my number one recommendation for guys that suffer from moderate-severe premature ejaculation.

Durex Performax Intense

Performax has the benefit of a reservoir tip and being both ribbed and with a bunch of little bumps running alongside. The benzocaine content is higher at 5% so it's borderline heavy handed. But, it does make for some much longer sessions if you can keep going regardless until it begins to wear off.

The reservoir tip is a smart addition, at the end of the day you're wearing a condom to last longer so you should expect a bit more mess than usual. My wife described the texture as more pleasant than a regular condom but not insanely so.

These guys are very cost effective and are well worth their price tag. They do exactly what their supposed to do and are a great option if you want a ribbed condom that will make you last longer

My Preferred Option: Lidocaine

A similar numbing agent called lidocaine is used as an alternative to benzocaine in many products. Most major brands use benzocaine in their condoms, but if you're checking out benzocaine there's a pretty swell lidocaine option that can work with any condom.

Promescent Spray

As opposed to letting the condom apply the spray by rubbing it around, two to three quick sprays gently massaged in the effects are subtle but insanely effective. No obvious numb feeling, and feelings are muted as opposed to reduced, that's the best I can describe it really.

There's nothing stopping you from putting on whatever condom you please after that. I find that some desensitizing condoms suffer in some other way like condom thickness or shape, as they were more focused on the desensitizing aspect working than anything else. Promescent allows me to hand-pick my condom of choice, and effectively turn any condom into a desensitizing condom.

Many mentions are made to them being able to dissolve the lidocaine better, skirting around the issue why some manufacturers pick benzocaine as the easier choice to make. I personally prefer lidocaine as opposed to benzocaine for lasting longer though.

Lidocaine seems to absorb better based on my experience and the numbing sensation is also more desirable. There's a reason they use lidocaine in most numbing creams instead of benzocaine. It's the same reason they use lidocaine in most delay sprays.


Well, there you have it. These are all of the desensitizing condoms and products that I can personally recommend based on my experience.

I'm curious as to other people's experiences with these condoms. I'm not too sure just how much numbing people are going for, but I personally tend towards the perfect mix of sensation to numbing, too little and what's the point, too much and it might be hard to keep flying at full mast.

Still, I figure one of them is bound to get the job done in a pinch for just about everyone. Good work with the whole safe sex thing too!

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