The Ultimate Sex Doll Buyers Guide: 
The Best Dolls & Manufacturers

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: February 16th, 2021

I can't quite explain it myself, but any man with an internet connection tends to eventually look into sex dolls at some point in time. I'd imagine most people are just window shopping or just plain curious about the potential for pleasure that a proper sex doll can bring. Lastly, I think some people want to see if women are obsolete.

Now that's a whole other can of worms, I'm a simple man who just wants to have a go with a much more involved and lifelike way to get off. Most of the sex toys I use are really just an upgrade on masturbation. An unfortunate downside of this would be that it means a lot of immersion is taken out of the experience since you just don't jerk off with the same movements you use to have sex.

In all honesty, a company selling a basic skeleton just with the right places to hold on to could probably scratch a lot of the sex doll itch. The thing is, if you're going to go that far you might as well make it look as amazing as possible.

We're not talking about your $20 blow-up inflatables here, we're talking about silicone women.

This article will first go over some of the best possible options in sex doll features as well as realism, then a few options that are friendlier on the budget, and then I'll end by going over some of the most common questions I get about these types of toys.

For those of you who are just beginning to learn, you might want to read the FAQ first.

The Best Sex Dolls Currently On The Market

Back in the day sex dolls used to very much live within the uncanny valley. These days it is a completely different story thanks to advancements in just about all of the side-industries that make up production of a sex doll.

Materials have never felt more realistic, dolls have never had this level of articulation and on top of it all most dolls just never looked as good as they do now in 2021.

1. Dominique - A Curvy Pick That Was My Instant Favorite

Height: 5ft. 4in.
Weight: 107 lbs
Material: TPE exterior, steel interior skeleton
Cup Size: H cup
Orifices: Vaginal, anal, oral

Here's a doll that I swear I've been seeing around the Internet in all kinds of advertisements for those "sexy games" or for "local singles", imagine my surprise when I found out it's actually a sex doll and not some digital photo with tons of filters slapped on.

Dominique stands at 163cm (5 foot 4 inches) with milky white skin and luscious, realistic curves that makes her stand out as a well endowed sex doll ready to put some work in. The steel skeleton inside is completely articulated so there was no position Dominique wouldn't accommodate so long as I was willing to put in the posing work.

Truthfully I was very impressed with just how realistic some of her body was. Her stomach and midriff weren't just smoothed over patches of silicone but actually looked like a real life tummy, slight imperfections and all.

For those who think a thick and curvy girl like Dominique is the right choice for them but they want a bit more customization they will be happy to know everything from the hair color, eye color, breast size, and even vaginal options all have several different choices. 

A removable vagina makes cleanup ludicrously simple plus allows for anyone to swap out the interior texture as they see fit should they not like the default option.

2. Auburn - A Slim Ginger Meant To Turn Heads

Height: 5ft. 2in.
Weight: 62 lbs
Material: TPE exterior, steel interior skeleton
Cup Size: B cup
Orifices: Vaginal, anal, oral

Naturally women come in tons of different shapes and sizes which would make sex dolls depicting women no different. Some people prefer a sex doll that is a lot easier to handle than some of the more voluptuous models out there, or even just plain old prefer a daintier woman overall.

Auburn has pretty much everything going for her as far as looking like everyone's dream college girlfriend. At 5 foot two inches she's not a whole lot of woman overall but that can have its perks. Compared to Dominique above, Auburn is a full 45 pounds lighter which makes some positions much easier to sustain for longer periods of time.

As per usual all of the customization options can shift the experience more towards your tastes if Auburn isn't getting your engine running just the way she is already. All of the joints you'd expect articulate nicely thanks to the steel skeleton that can also very easily brace her meager weight without any exterior input whatsoever.

For those who want a youthful and supple choice, Auburn is a no-brainer. SiliconWives bills her as a virgin, while practically that doesnt mean a whole lot seeing as its a TPE doll but I've noticed that any sex toys that try to play up a "virgin" aspect tend to be pretty tight and pleasurable overall.

Like most other high end sex dolls there are 3 fully usable orifices: mouth, vagina, and anus. All three have a different feel and tightness overall so don't be afraid to experiment lots throughout a session to get the most you can.

3. Blake - A Tall, Fit, And Busty Bombshell

Height: 5ft. 7in.
Weight: 90 lbs
Material: TPE exterior, steel interior skeleton
Cup Size: H cup
Orifices: Vaginal, anal, oral

Everybody loves someone who looks like they're well acquainted with the inside of a gym. A well toned body just reflects oil in such an alluring way that just can't be replicated with cheap tricks.

At 5 foot 7 inches, Blake is rather tall for a sex doll and even for women in general, but she's a mere 90 pounds which is typically about 20-30 pounds lighter than sex dolls of her height and bust size. She doesn't have the most aggressive hourglass figure but its clear she doesn't skip leg day.

Blake is a very good choice for anyone who is kind of skeptical about whether or not a sex doll is truly worth their heftier than average price tags. Blake has a beautifully sculpted face that looks very real even in non-ideal lighting conditions thanks to just how much thought went into her facial structure.

With a lusty resting expression and a bust that could float the sports bra industry all on its own, it's really difficult to keep Blake hidden away in a closet. Since she's designed to be tight & fit, her breasts are extremely perky with very little in the way of sag to speak of.

An athletic sex doll is often a very interesting experience since the body is fairly idealized but in a much more realistic way as opposed to an aggressively hypersexualized one. 

No matter how many cheat days you have or leg days you skip, Blake stays as fetching as ever seeing as she doesn't have a metabolism to worry about.

4. Amber - An Elegant Blonde That Makes Leaving Bed Near Impossible

Height: 4ft. 11in.
Weight: 64 lbs
Material: TPE exterior, steel interior skeleton
Cup Size: D cup
Orifices: Vaginal, anal, oral

It's almost strange how much personality a realistic sex  doll can bring to the girl in question. At the end of the day nearly all sex dolls are made up of similar materials & design techniques, but somehow along the way they really do seem to stand out as different women.

Amber is a high class girl who loves her pearl necklaces in more ways than one. She's also rather compact seeing as how she's a full inch short of being five feet tall.

Overall I would describe her physique as not necessarily fit but not out of shape either. Her stomach is firm and has just a slight amount of definition on the edges to give the impression she likes her time in the bedroom more than her time in the gym.

She's also a great choice for someone looking for a doll with full and supple breasts that don't go too far into unrealistic territory. The full D cups are visible in her silhouette but are far from the comically large breasts some sex doll manufacturers tack on to just about any of their options.

The breast size in my opinion works very well with her smaller stature. Since she's just 4' 11'' her breasts are extremely apparent in her silhouette.

Compared to some of the other sex dolls from SiliconWives, Amber definitely has a lot more thought placed into her mouth orifice for a proper blowjob experience compared to some where the mouth orifice is there but not explicitly all that special.

5. Luna - Asian Beauty Ready To Impress

Height: 4ft. 11in.
Weight: 51 lbs
Material: TPE exterior, steel interior skeleton
Cup Size: D cup
Orifices: Vaginal, anal, oral

What about a little bit of foreign flair? Just about everything has a fetish community around it if you look hard enough, and having an Asian cutie waiting for you at home is far from one of the more outlandish ones.

Typical of an Asian sex doll, she's quite small at just 4' 11'' and Luna is also one of the lighter high quality sex dolls you could decide on at a mere 51 pounds. So if you would prefer a girl you can throw around freely without working up too much of a sweat, well, it's all on display here.

Sometimes when a sex doll manufacturer branches out into different races they tend to get a few things a little wrong but I was very impressed with Luna's resting facial expression that does manage to give off an exotic and inquisitive look.

While her cup size is technically 26D her breasts are rather small and not quite what you'd expect from D cups. Women's bra sizes are practically a science in and of themselves, but honestly she feels much more like a bigger C cup than she does a D.

All in all, Luna is an exotic Asian beatuy with a great body and a wonderfully cute face.

So for all of the reasons I went over above I really think that Luna rounds out the available options for sex dolls by showing they don't all have to be follow Western beauty standards sexualized up to 11 to make for an alluring sex doll.

The Best Budget Sex Dolls

There isn't really such a thing as a "cheap" sex doll but there are definitely some dolls that are way less of a hit on the wallet. The main sacrifice typically is not in how pleasurable the doll is to use but things like just how well designed the face is as well as how realistic the skin is under different lighting conditions.

Less expensive sex dolls tend to be less true to life and the skin tones more artificial, but otherwise can be just as fun to use as the top-shelf options.

1. Luxury Sex Doll Torso

Height: 2ft. 8in.
Weight: 37 lbs
Material: TPE exterior, steel interior skeleton
Cup Size: C cup
Orifices: Vaginal, anal, oral

So this sex doll is by far the cheapest on this list by a few hundred dollars and that's for a few different reasons. Her page on SiliconWives seems to be moderately old and not so updated, and this is reflected in the sex doll itself.

By no means is she of poor quality, but her skin isn't at the exact level of fidelity of the more expensive models out there. She's definitely not the brand new 2021 model but that doesn't mean she still doesn't make an efficient daily driver.

The rest of the savings on this doll are entirely from the fact that she has no arms or legs which cuts down on material costs significantly. There's still three orifices on offer and just about everything else you'd expect a woman to be able to bring to the table.

It's definitely a lot less flashy than some of the other options out there, but I'd highly recommend Luxury here for people who just want to get their toes wet in the realm of sex dolls to get a handle on whether or not its really worth it to go all out on a doll finely tuned to your sensibilities.

She'll get the job done and look good while doing it, so there's honestly not a whole lot to complain about even if there isn't necessarily a whole lot to write home about either.

2. Sex Doll Torso With Arms

Height: 2ft. 10in.
Weight: 46 lbs
Material: TPE exterior, steel interior skeleton
Cup Size: F cup
Orifices: Vaginal, anal, oral

I'm surprised they didn't give her a name, this doll is known only as Sex Doll Torso With Arms. Well, it's definitely exactly what it says on the tin.

These types of dolls end up being a much more economical purchase since all of the material that would normally go into the legs is omitted entirely. This also makes this doll a lot easier to hide/store as well as manipulate in use. 

There's still enough hips and thigh area to finagle yourself into a doggystyle position as well as have her posed in a few different positions to great effect. Lots of the meat that's gone in the legs has moved to the breasts instead, if the F cup bust on this sex doll wasn't indication enough.

She's a great option for people who want to get a sex doll for themselves that is indeed of high quality and worth the money but doesn't have all of the extra features typical of the more expensive models.

There isn't really a whole lot different with this doll compared to the full body ones as far as build quality is concerned, all of the money savings come from the fact that there's no legs included versus the toy actually being crappier than other options.

At the end of the day, good on SiliconWives for giving more choice without having to compromise too much in other departments.

Best Sex Doll Stores To Shop At


In my books Silicon Wives takes the cake for the best sex doll store because their dolls are some of the best in the industry without being up to twice as expensive as similar options. In fact, whenever I look around to see what's changed in the wide world of sex dolls I most often find scam sites ripping off Silicon Wives compared to just about anyone else except maybe RealDoll.

On top of that, their shipping is as discreet as can be and is rather fast, anything significant that I've ever ordered from them arrived in about 13 days. To make a long story short, Silicon Wives has by far been the best value for my money whenever I'm shopping sex dolls.


RealDoll is an absolute goliath in the sex doll industry, enjoying some of the most prominence and fanfare whenever sex dolls are brought up. For most uninitiated people, RealDoll is the only brand they know of.

All of this prestige comes with a heftier price tag than other stores but whether or not that's a deal breaker is up to you since the dolls themselves definitely rank among the best out there.


While Silicon Wives and RealDoll do great at the high-end spectrum, SexDollGenie does a much better job at being there for the needs of the average or mid-range sex doll seeker.

The dolls are still extremely high fidelity and definitely not something you would pick up on a whim, but I always have to give some props to the people keeping things affordable and simple when it comes to sex toys.

Joy Love Dolls

Here's another website that I've heard great things about from people sending me emails over the years. People tend to always mention the fact that the buying & shipping process was extremely easy to maneuver and that they felt properly serviced with the options available.

While I haven't shopped with them all that much myself, the sheer number of good things I've heard about these people with pictures to back it up makes me almost have to include them seeing as how many other websites out there are total rip-offs.

Sex Doll FAQ's

Should I Get a TPE Or A Silicone Sex Doll?

When it comes to which material you'd prefer it should be known that both materials are more or less the same when it comes to looks, except maybe that silicone has a bit more of a "sheen" to it than TPE does.

When it comes to feel however TPE is a lot more realistic than silicone, with TPE having a lot more jiggle and wobble compared to the firmness of silicone.

TPE is the same material toys like the Fleshlight are made out of and most male toys go with TPE for its realistic skin like qualities. The only issue with TPE is that it is porous and any accidental stains might prove more difficult to remove than you'd wish. TPE sex dolls also must only be used with either water based or silicone based lubricants otherwise you risk damaging the material.

Silicone dolls on the other hand are a lot easier to keep clean and tends to last longer, while also being compatible with oil based lubricants.

If you want the best feeling & looking doll with the most possible detail and you're okay with having to take good care of it, TPE is the way to go. If you want something easier to clean and can handle taking a hit in the realism department, then silicone will do just fine.

Should You Get A Removable Or Built-In Vagina?

A built-in vagina isn't all that much more difficult to clean than a removable one and will have the effect of the sex doll  being as realistic looking as possible below the belt. The only downside to a built in vagina is that it can't be swapped out for differently textured vaginas for a different experience and if your sex doll is particularly heavy it won't be all that easy to move the doll into the shower for a proper wash. 

How Many Positions/Poses Can A Sex Doll Perform?

So long as you look for sex dolls that have a steel skeleton with articulating joints there's pretty much no limit to how these girls can be moved and what positions they can be enjoyed in. Some people even just like taking pictures of their dolls in suggestive poses and it just isn't the same without an articulating steel skeleton.

This would be because steel has the required strength and weight to really give the doll some structural stability without being too rigid in movement. Moving the limbs of a sex doll doesn't usually require a whole lot of force but any position will be preserved indefinitely in a well-made doll.

So in short, all positions and posing options are possible.

Do Sex Dolls Require Maintenance?

These girls are a much bigger time and money investment that just about any other sex toy you could possibly find, but I wouldn't say they are necessarily difficult to take care of.

On a short term basis all you should be doing is making sure to completely wash your doll of all lube, sweat, and just about anything else both inside and outside after any given session. This consistent refreshing makes sure that discoloration is kept at bay and that the doll never becomes gross.

When it comes to the long term it's a matter of whether or not you have TPE or silicone as the main material of the doll. TPE will require occasional refreshing with cornstarch or similar to keep the skin as supple and vibrant as it was day 1.

Also, if your doll is TPE make sure to not use any oil-based lubricants as this will eventually cause pitting in the material. Water or silicone based lubes only!

Tips To Keep In Mind When Shopping For A Sex Doll

Check The Weight

Remember that unlike a real woman a sex doll won't be able to brace or shift any of its weight to make things easier in the bedroom. Make sure to check the weight of any doll you're looking at and factor that into your purchase. A sex doll is essentially all dead weight so while some of the thicker and bustier models are loads of fun to play around with, there won't be a whole lot of crazy movements or intense standing sessions without a bit of extra pep in your step.

Look At The Extra Options

It can be really easy to scroll past all of the random things you can customize on any given doll, but make sure to actually look at all of the  different options being offered. Besides little things like hair, skin, or eye color you can often make big changes such as to how firm the breasts of any doll are as well as their overall firmness.

Other things like public hair and whether or not the vagina is built-in or removable can also be found here, so don't skip over it!

Buy From Trusted Manufacturers

There are a whole lot of factories out there in China that have no issues pumping out low-quality sex dolls made from unsafe materials. Besides the process of actually picking a sex doll the most intense process you should undergo while looking for a sex doll is figuring out which retailers are actually trustworthy. 

The best way to do this is to check for reviews of any given site as well as look for recommendations. The four retailers I listed in this article for instance have all been in the business for some years with great track records that aren't difficult to prove.

Check All Of The Pictures

If living in our Instagram reality hasn't already made it obvious, pictures can be fairly deceiving at times. These dolls are posed and photographed professionally with a full team of lighting specialists and photographers. Because of this, some people think their sex dolls will look nearly identically to the pictures they found on the website.

By looking through all of the photos posted of any given doll you'll be able to get a better idea as to what it'll actually look like since some of the photos won't be as perfectly staged as the main one they chose for the doll. The pictures towards the end of the photo reel tend to have the most realistic lighting used which consequently gives off a much more realistic view of the toy.

If The Price Is Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is

Sex dolls are an item that lots of people look at or lust for even out of basic curiosity but the price tag can often turn people off. Unscrupulous manufacturers have taken advantage of this and often sell full-sized sex dolls for up to half the price of other similarly made dolls. The thing is that these manufacturers have either used deceiving photos or different photos entirely most of the time and you end up being sent what looks like a scaled up rubber chicken that vaguely resembles a woman. 

A good deal is fine, but a sex doll for significantly less money down without a good reason for it being so is a huge red flag that something is up.

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