The Best Cam Sites: 
And Why I Use Them

All the Best Cam Sites and Why I Use Them

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: May 10th, 2021

  • One of the oldest & longest-running live cam sites
  • Allows private sessions with your models
  • Requires certain amount of tokens (depending on models) for specific actions
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  • Allows private viewing / private sessions
  • Shows the schedule of your favorite pornstars
  • Absolutely FREE!
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  • Offers free high quality, hot entertainment
  • Provides a much more intimate and connected experience to viewers
  • Allows you to send tips to models
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Imagine a life where, instead of working for most of the day, you’re having fun. You’re out with your friends whenever you want, you’re taking care of your mental health, you’re doing tasks that you’re genuinely interested in and doing activities that bring you pleasure.

And, of course, you’re cumming. All the time. Whether it’s from having copious amounts of sex all day or you’re jerking your bone (if you’re a fella) or flicking your bean )if you’re a lady.) Imagine that.

Instead, we’re all humans living everyday human lives.

It’s no one’s fault, but we’re working, cooking, tending to appointments, going to engagements and running errands--all of our playtime is squeezed into the small window of downtime before calling it a night and going to bed.

Sometimes the wife isn’t in the mood for sex when I really want to bang, sometimes I’m not in the mood when she really wants the bone.

But I refuse to go down like this: whenever the wife isn’t in the mood, I dutifully take care of matters myself. Thankfully, we are both open-minded people who consider porn, sex shows and live camming to be acceptable and important outlets in our relationship, and we don’t view any of these as crossing any lines. 

Having said that, I’ve really gotten into the world of live cam sites recently. It feels like a completely different type of fap session and in a lot of ways I prefer it a lot more than porn. I’ve figured that the universe can’t deny me of my sexy right to watch beautiful women get naked and play with themselves while I do the same.

There’s a different pace and rhythm, there’s a wide selection of cam models, there are private rooms and dare I say, there’s even an aspect of it that makes you feel like a porn director sometimes.

We typically see Skype, FaceTime and Zoom as the head honchos for virtual communication, but I’ll gladly trade away all three of those in exchange for an absolutely gorgeous, supermodel-esque goddess using a double sided dildo right in front of the camera because I tipped her enough to do it. 

With a few months of cam site experience as a viewer, here is my list of the best cam sites, and more importantly, why. Whether you have a porn IQ of over 3000 and have been in the cam game for some time, or if you’re a horny newbie looking to have regular interaction with your soon to be favorite cam model, some navigation info could go a long way for those sleepless or sexless nights.

New To Cam Sites? Here’s What You Should Know

Cam sites, or live cam sites, are rapidly emerging as a legitimate competitor for traditional porn and strip clubs.

Compared to porn, there’s a very different entertainment factor--cam models are working for tips, so they are not afraid to be a huge tease, some can be really funny and pretty much anything can happen because it’s live. 

Compared to strip clubs, you’re in your own house, so you can happily get buck naked and give your willy a field day, and the models do a lot more on screen than on stage, trust me.

A huge consideration as well is the directorial aspect of camming.

All of these sites have a chat box and most of them have opportunities for private viewings where you can connect your microphone audio or video. 

 You can tell your model how you want her to be positioned, what toys to use, you can connect with her toy via Bluetooth and you can call the shots for her to please herself while you do the same. A lot of these cam models do this for a living as well, so they want to do the best job possible so that you can keep cumming back as a regular.

Without further ado, I’ll talk about my top 6 cam sites: Jerkmate, Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, LiveJasmin, CamSoda and Bongacams. I find that each of them just does something a little differently each time, and I hope that I can help you find your favorite site or that I can set you on the right path to finding your new favorite model!

Top 1dctblv2-table__imageJerkmate
  • Allows private viewing / private sessions
  • Shows the schedule of your favorite pornstars
  • Absolutely FREE!
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Top 2dctblv2-table__imageChaturbate
  • One of the oldest & longest-running live cam sites
  • Allows private sessions with your models
  • Requires certain amount of tokens (depending on models) for specific actions
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Top 3dctblv2-table__imageMyFreeCams
  • Offers free high quality, hot entertainment
  • Provides a much more intimate and connected experience to viewers
  • Allows you to send tips to models
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  • Offers exremely high quality, top notch camming girls & shows
  • Most models have exclusive contracts with LiveJasmine
  • Pretty pricey for its per minute payment basis
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  • Models are pretty chill and relatable
  • Most models are interactive and quick to reply to viewers directly
  • Tips are sent by sending tokens
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I see Jerkmate ads everywhere (thanks cookies) but I’m never upset. It’s one of the more popular live cam sites currently, with a huge and loyal following and by offering huge personalization capabilities. 

With Jerkmate, I felt like I was signing up for a dating app. Right off the bat, the site asks you what you are looking for in terms of your model’s appearance and your own fetishes that you may be into.

Jerkmate will then recommend models who fit your filters, and due to its huge popularity, Jerkmate is known for regularly featuring actual porn stars.

Once you find any model you like, you can add each other as favorites so she will be one of the first models to appear whenever you visit the site. If you are her favorite viewer, you are definitely more likely to have private viewings when you tip. 

For pornstars, you will be able to see their schedules, which I thought was a neat feature.

So once you enter your model’s cam show, you have an open chatbox where you and other viewers can message your performer directly. If you want some alone time with the performer, you can pay to have a private session where you and her are unbothered by everyone else’s messages. You can tell her to do whatever you want her to do. 

You can create a free account here, but the models work exclusively off of tips for Jerkmate, so it would be useful to set money aside for this site because the models are definitely worth it.


Chaturbate is one of the oldest and longest-running live cam sites around, so it definitely has had a lot of time to master their horny gift to the even hornier world.

Having been in the business before camming became as popular as it is now, Chaturbate has seen it all, and yet continues to impress and to be a huge factor in increasing tissue paper and lotion sales.

Having said that, your first thoughts after visiting the site will be amazement at the overwhelming number of models, each one showing off their best assets and God given (or doctor given) lumps, bumps and humps, each one craving your finger to left click into their virtual rooms.

As far as traffic goes, this site has a consistently high number of viewers, so you would often find the live chat to be pretty busy, but similar to Jerkmate, you can have private sessions with your models if you are lucky enough. 

You may find it hard to get noticed by the model given how busy the chat is, but with a generous tip, you never know what might happen! 

While other sites might be more free form in terms of what type of show your model will put on, Chaturbate is more scheduled and rigid, but not so much as to drive viewers away! What I mean is, each model’s room will have clear instructions on how many tokens are required for specific actions, such as 100 tokens to deepthroat a dildo, or 2000 tokens for a gushing, geyser like squirt.

Some key considerations for Chaturbate are the purchasing powers and entertainment by viewer volume and teamwork with your mates who are also viewing this goddess on the other side of the screen. Chaturbate operates on a tipping formula where you would spend approximately $10 for 100 tokens.

Considering this, you can really see the importance of tipping collectively to have your model perform jaw-dropping and profoundly sexy and dirty stuff to give you that leg-shaking finish you’ve been thinking about all day. I’ve noticed that tips follow a chain-like effect, where one big tipper will get a personal shoutout from the model, which encourages others to tip high as well so they can get a mention too. Nothing like having your model call out your name in a breathy, sexy moan. 

You can save any model as a favorite and tip them accordingly. Similar to Jerkmate, the models work on tips as well, so their incentive is to put on a memorable show. For one on one sessions, Chaturbate charges on a pay per minute basis. Chaturbate is also highly inclusive, as there are sections catered for gay men, couples or trans viewers.


MyFreeCams doesn’t appear as often in terms of ads and popups for me, but every time I visit the site I always wonder why I don’t come around more often. As the name suggests, you would never feel any disappointment because you will have paid nothing to get here in the first place.

Nothing like seeing a beautiful, naked and spread out woman screaming at the top of her lungs by virtue of her vibrator for free. Whether you are just curious to the live cam game or if you are an active expert in the horny field, MyFreeCams has consistently been on the top of many viewers lists just because of it being a free platform that offers high quality, hot entertainment.

Usually, free and high quality don’t really go together,  but this is really not the case with MyFreeCams. I’ve found that there’s definitely a sense of more performative entertainment in this site.

You would typically find more chill, funny and down to earth models on here, almost as if they lived next door or that they’re your asshole boss’ hot, slutty daughter, which can do a lot for many people in terms of getting horny. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean performance in a sense of faking orgasms or anything, what I mean is that there’s more appeal to connect with viewers and to give a more personable experience.

In that sense, MyFreeCams has the potential to provide a much more intimate and connected experience than other sites in this way, my wife has caught me a few times in the other room, laughing hysterically with my rock hard willy in my hand--she never knew what to say to that strange sight. 

So, because MyFreeCams is a free live cam site, you will almost always encounter high traffic in terms of the live chat, so attention from the model will definitely be hard to get. Similar to a strip club, your best bet here would be to sit back, watch and hope that you have an entertaining model. In terms of payment, while it is free, there are options to tip via tokens. 

Although this site mostly has women, there is a section for gay male, couples and trans cam models!


LiveJasmin used to advertise everywhere - I remember watching porn and seeing their ads pop up on almost every video.

However, they haven’t been appearing as much nowadays, but that’s not to say that they’ve been less active, in fact I’d say that they’ve been doing great in the cam world.

The reason we haven’t been seeing them as much, is because they’ve made the switch to extremely high quality, top notch camming girls, shows and clientele. 

Simply put, this is where the best of the best models come, as they are all drop-dead gorgeous and are consistently well made up, bodacious as ever and ready to get down and dirty.

At my first visit, I thought I was watching the X-rated version of the Miss Universe Pageant. In this sense, LiveJasmin provides the echelon of models--in fact, most of the models have exclusive contracts with LiveJasmin.

In terms of features, the free shows aren’t anything to write home about as the models themselves are drool worthy enough to make you want to tip. It’s during the private shows where viewers are likely to devote their jerk sessions to this site, as the models will do everything under the sun to make you explode your love juices everywhere. The site has a mobile option, which I thought came in pretty handy, even though I myself never used it.

For payment, because LiveJasmin’s bread and butter are in the private shows, they operate on a pay per minute basis, which can be pretty pricey if you get lost in between your model’s legs and forget to check the time. This site has sections devoted to women, men and couple-play, making it accessible for all sexual orientations.


CamSoda is one of my favourites because it consistently delivers great content. But the biggest turnoff for many viewers is that you’ll have to pay to get pretty much anything worthwhile.

That’s not to say that you’ll have a bad time, you will still see a lot of tits and ass, and the models are very interactive and quick to reply to you directly, but you won’t get to see this hot model in front of you play hide the dildo without paying for anything.

Similar to MyFreeCams, my first impression was how chill and relatable the models were. I entered a chatroom that had about 20 other viewers and the chatbox was filled with laughter and funny reactions.

It’s a strange thing to witness before jacking off, but that definitely makes me want to see her moaning and screaming from pleasure. This is exactly that quality that porn doesn’t have--that relatable aspect which makes your fapping session so much better and different than just watching a screen.

In terms of payment, CamSoda works on a tipping by tokens option, where you and other viewers have to tip collectively to see the model do the dirty stuff we all came here for. 

Bonga Cams

Widely known for high end, top tier cam performers, Bonga Cams constantly has a high number of viewers and a pretty big following.

Most of the models are well versed in how to entertain large crowds, so they will give you an equally sexy and entertaining show.

Similar to some of the above sites, performers will clearly have their prices set for various sexual actions, and depending on the model, there will be a wide selection of things to do, with a hashtag system to search your model according to your kinks and interests at that time--for example, you would not have a hard time finding a model whose performance includes exclusively foot stuff.

For payment, Bonga Cams runs entirely on the token tipping system, and the performers will certainly put on a show to earn them. Like the others, you and similar viewers will have to tip collectively to see some really dirty and hot stuff! 

Which Cam Site Is Best For YOU?

As hot as traditional porn is, live cam shows feel like a different type of fapping experience. There’s a different rhythm and pace if you want to jerk along with your model, there’s a personable and relatable aspect if you want to feel a friend-with-benefits type of human connection with your model, there’s extremely high-quality women who are out of our leagues and there are collective tipping goals that viewers will want to work together. 

Live camming is fun as hell and as hot as ever. If you are not interested in being a regular on these sites, they are still worth a try at the very least. If you are looking to regularly visit this genre of orgasmic pleasure, you will leave satisfied every single time. 

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