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If you're looking to save on your order at Lovehoney.com, use our discount link for 10% off! Lovehoney was nice enough to give us our very own coupon which our readers can take advantage of.

We've made several orders with Lovehoney in the past and we've always made sure to utilize promo codes to save on our orders! Our Lovehoney promo code will never expire, just click the link below to redeem the discount!

Where To Enter The Promo Code On Lovehoney

Using our promo code for Lovehoney is very simple. First head over to Lovehoney.com by clicking our discount link. This will automatically apply a 10% off discount to your browser. Just add all of the items you're looking to purchase into your cart. Then once you've reached the checkout page, you'll receive an extra 10% off your entire order. It's as easy as that!

We'd like to thank Lovehoney for setting us up with this Lovehoney discount code. There a great company and we will continue buying from them in the future. Their prices are always very competitive and shipping is free and speedy. You can't beat them really, except the odd time by buying directly from the manufacturer.

What's really lovely about Lovehoney is that they have three different sites in reality, one for the UK, one for the USA, and one for Canada. No matter which one you access you should be automatically redirected to the one that'll serve you best. It can make things a lot easier for people not from the USA who don't want to pay customs and duties but still get well-known sex toys delivered directly to their door. I'd also imagine shipping is a pinch faster when you order from a warehouse on your continent compared to from across the pond.

All things considered, we here at DoctorClimax highly recommend the Lovehoney store. 

They've always treated us well and tend to stock the most relevant and worthwhile sex toys currently available. They've been known from time to time to stock a few jelly toys or toys otherwise made from unsafe materials, so shop carefully for ABS plastic or medical grade silicone products primarily. Something like 90% of their toys are completely safe, just steer clear from any that won't clearly tell you what they're made out of.

Shipping Policies

Lovehoney uses plain packaging to ship all of their products, I can attest to this fact firsthand. While I doubt many stores will ship you something that says "CONTAINS: DILDOS" a little discretion goes a long way in this industry. Here's an example of what their shipping tag looks like:

If you purchase from the Lovehoney America store, you'll be treated to free 3-5 day shipping if you spend over $59.99 and free 2-3 day shipping if you spend over $200.00. The regular charges of these shipping options are $9.99 and $19.99 respectively, so if you're around that much money shy of free shipping there's bound to be some kind of lubricant or something you can use to bring it up to that amount, consider them free gifts because that's what they essentially are.

In the Canadian shop, you'll be eligible for free shipping via Canada Post with a guarantee of 5-7 working days if you spend $49.00 or more, so it's essentially guaranteed when buying toys that aren't just a hunk of plastic in a familiar shape.

As far as their shop in the United Kingdom is concerned, 2 day tracked shipping with Royal Mail is free when you hit the £40.00 threshold and Royal Mail 1 day tracked shipping at the £60.00 threshold.

If you aren't from any of those shops, don't worry, they're probably one of the biggest sex toy distributors and ship nearly worldwide. After a quick scan through where they do ship to, there's about a 90% chance that if sex toys aren't illegal where you live and you don't live on a tiny island in the Pacific you should be okay.

Warranty Information

Seeing as how they're a clearing house for the toys from a few dozen manufacturers, exactly how covered your toy is varies slightly depending on the manufacturer, but you do get a few straight up guarantees from them directly. 

Any unopened and unused toys can be returned for a full refund within 30 days. I recommend that you make an account because any purchases associated with an account come with a one year product guarantee. They aren't exactly forthcoming as to what that means, but I'd assume it means if you toy isn't precisely as advertised you'll get a replacement.

One thing I think is pretty cool and makes buying sex toys way less of a trail and error process is their Sex Toy Happiness Promise. It only applies to their sex toys, not to anything you can wear or consume (like lube). Should you receive a sex toy and not be completely satisfied with it, so long as you have a Lovehoney account and return the toy within 30 days, you can get a product of similar value free of charge.

It's a straight sex toy for sex toy trade, though. No added money to get a more expensive one and no refund if you get a cheaper one. Still, after all of the reading I've done online this will save some people a lot of headache having to dispose of toys they didn't anticipate not working too well for them.

Be sure to leave a comment down below if the promotional link works for you and let us know how much the coupon saved you!

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