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The Top Rated Sex Pills of 2020

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 16th, 2020

Most men have a very strong inner desire to have a strong & functioning sexual system at all times. Even if they aren't focused on sex at that particular time in their lives, it's an important part of our overall conception of ourselves to at least know we could perform at our best at a moment's notice.

That's exactly why it can be such a big deal to us whenever we notice that we just aren't able to call on the raw sexual power we're accustomed to.

Whether it be difficulty harnessing our libido or just noticing that we can't enjoy sex the way we used to, it can cause so much mental anguish that it can ruin a man's mental state day in and day out.

If that sounds like something you can relate to, you aren't alone as there are thousands of men in the same boat. Luckily there are also thousands of men who decided they weren't going to take their issues laying down and decided to figure out how to do something about their issues.

As a result, there is an extremely robust industry around male enhancement pills that is filled with worthwhile options to help bring you back to your peak. Unfortunately it is also an industry that's full of pretenders and people who just want to capitalize on male insecurity so you'll also need to spend some time making sure you're getting something legitimate and not just a box full of empty promises.

First I'll go over what you need to know about looking at male enhancement pills online, then I'll cover some of the options I've tried myself and can vouch for.

What Is Male Enhancement?

Let's get a few things out of the way before getting too ahead of ourselves. "Male enhancement" is a pretty broad term, after all, the body is a complex beast. 

When people talk about the effects of an enhancement pill, they're talking about things like libido, sexual desire, and things like erection quality. Erections can have a lot of variance, any male enhancement pill is meant to make getting erect easier and have that erection be hard & long lasting. Issues like premature ejaculation are also often dealt with using these pills.

As a man gets older his sexual organs don't operate at the same efficacy they used to. Other conditions like being on certain types of medications or even just random chance can also negatively impact someone's sexual functioning.

It isn't completely out of the question for some men who have satisfactory sexual performance to start taking male enhancement products either with the aim of simply optimizing their sexual prowess.

The inability to get into a sexual mood and achieve an erection can cause a lot of turbulence in a man's life. Besides his own conception of himself being unable to perform sexually can cause friction in a committed relationship. What could be a completely biological issue might be interpreted by their partner as a lack of attraction

So, male enhancement pills, tablets or gel caps are full of ingredients meant to optimize the aspects of the body that concern themselves with having their body work best in all things sex. Just about every issue a man can face that has a sexual component has some kind of product meant to help it out, whether or not that product is effective is another story entirely.

What Do Male Enhancement Pills Do?

To what degree a product modifies these aspects can vary, and some products do more than just one of the following items, but this is what most male enhancement products can accomplish:

  • Increased libido & sexual desire
  • Less effort required to achieve & maintain an erection
  • Harder, stronger, and more sensitive erections
  • Less issues with premature ejaculation, more stamina & endurance in the bedroom
  • Better blood flow to the genitals
  • More satisfying sex life
  • Get the most out of your natural penis size

Which male enhancement pill you should take is entirely dependent on which of those benefits you'd like to see the most.

Some pills are full spectrum and will help all of those issues while others only deal with one or two. It's important to learn some of the basic ingredients present to understand how profound of an effect any one sex pill will have on your ability to function sexually.

What Are The Side Effects Of Taking Male Enhancement Pills?

Since most tablets that work are just a special concoction of relatively common herbs as well as some vitamins and minerals, the side effects of these pills are typically very minute with most having little to no side effects to speak of whatsoever. Still, you can't affect the human body without there being at least some risk of some unintended side effects.

These are some of the most commonly reported side effects associated with these products:

  • Dehydration
  • Headaches
  • Elevated blood pressure
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Elevated heart rate

Should you be on any medication that already has a similar side effect profile I wholeheartedly recommend that you ask your doctor to look at the ingredients of any male enhancement product you've obtained to make sure there won't be any negative interactions.

What Is The Most Effective Male Enhancement Pill?

So there's a good chance you're here trying to find the best male enhancement pill on the market.

Well, I got good news for you.

Here's the top 5 male enhancement pills available that actually work.

The 5 Best Male Enhancement Pills On The Market

My Top Pickdctblv2-table__imageBluechew
  • Works within 30 minutes
  • Same ingredients as prescription ED pills
  • Very inexpensive
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Best Natural Optiondctblv2-table__imageVigRX Plus
  • Helps all aspects of male sexuality
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • No side effects
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Made for better sexdctblv2-table__imageMax Performer
  • Starts to work first week
  • Harder & longer erections
  • Optimizes libido
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Ron Jeremy Approveddctblv2-table__imageExtenZe
  • Helps regulate testosterone
  • Helps libido, desire, and erection quality
  • Noticeable stamina incrase
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Great Option For EDdctblv2-table__imageMale Extra
  • Regulates blood flow to the penis
  • Treats ED symptoms first
  • Improved erection strength
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Lets go over 
each pill!

My Top Pick - BlueChew

BlueChew ranks above all male enhancement pills because it's the pill that broke down my preconceived notions that all products of this type were overpriced vitamin pills. It works extremely quickly in a noticeable and profound way. BlueChew works much better than any other "male enhancement product" and can be considered legitimate medication as opposed to just a supplement or an enhancer.

Bluechew provides chewable blue pills that work to kick erectile dysfunction to the curb within half an hour. Because of the chewable design the body is able to metabolize the tablet much faster than pills that are simply swallowed. This is because there is more surface area for your stomach acids to come into contact with. A little bit of flavoring has been added to make it palatable, people who don't like taking pills will consider BlueChew a breath of fresh air.

There are two options available, sildenafil and tadalafil. 

These ingredients are the exact same ones used in prescription ED pills. Since these are prescription medications part of the BlueChew sign up process involves filling out a confidential medical questionnaire followed by a consultation with a real, certified doctor over TeleHealth in a fashion that is compliant with all confidentiality laws. The consultation will ensure that you can safely take the medication, mainly by filtering out people already on medications that affect blood pressure.

Why these pills are so effective is because the ingredients are potent PDE5 inhibitors, PDE5 is an enzyme in the body that is used to constrict blood vessels. By reducing the amount of activity from these enzymes, your blood vessels remain open so blood can fully fill your penis.

After taking one of the pills what you'll notice is that it is extremely easy to achieve an erection and the resulting erection will be the hardest possible. A bit of penis enlargement will be seen as a consequence as well, BlueChew somewhat functions like penis enlargers do in the sense that the full potential of your penis will be used because as much blood as possible will go to your penis.

A subscription based model is employed where you select how many pills you'd like to receive a month and then from there you'll receive that many individually packaged pills so long as your subscription is active. As part of my test I tested their cancellation feature, I found it to be extremely easy to find & go through with and I was not charged during the next billing cycle. In fact, they prominently display how to cancel should you not be satisfied.

If you want more information, my full BlueChew review goes over my entire experience from sign up to actually using the medication.

Also, you can use the code "GOBLUE" during checkout to obtain a free trial that includes free shipping that you can then cancel should you decide. They're above board, use real doctors, real medication, and I cannot recommend them highly enough after seeing all of the effort they put into being a legitimate source of help for men troubled by erectile dysfunction.

The male enhancement pills contained in each box of VigRX Plus contain a special formulation of natural ingredients that work to function as a full spectrum vitality booster. That means that all aspects of male sexual function from desire to actual performance as well as erection quality all get serious benefits just from the two pill a day formulation.

Each box contains sixty pills which ends up working out to a full month's worth. I was very happy to see that VigRX prominently displays the ingredients they use on the back and I was able to do my own research as to what these individual ingredients do.

Everything included has had multiple studies done to confirm their efficacy and I was able to quickly see why they included each individual ingredient.

Most of them concern themselves with one of two things: blood flow optimization as well as helping the male reproductive system. All of the blood flow optimizing ingredients work to either make sure blood vessels remain as open as possible or help circulation issues directly at the heart. The other type of natural ingredients help to regulate hormones in the body to maximize sexual desire and the general function of the penis & related organs.

Only one ingredient is specifically trademarked in VigRx Plus which is Bioperine, after a bit of research myself I was able to figure out that this is just a special formulation derived from black pepper that was included to help absorption of the pill itself. Without the addition of the Bioperine it's likely that the body would have just processed the pill with me peeing out most of the active bits but thankfully since it's there my body was able to actually use what was included.

It took about a week for me to start feeling the beneficial effects with the full spectrum being felt about halfway through week three. I noticed that it took a lot less to get me erect, my wife moving around doing the dishes could be enough for me to start getting in the mood if I really focused on it, plus whenever I decided to get freaky or masturbate I relied a lot less on visual stimulation instead being able to focus a lot more on the sensations and raw sensuality at hand.

My erections were also of consistently higher quality being a lot harder and a lot longer lasting. Even if Angela went to the bathroom for a little bit halfway through some foreplay I was able to stay hard the whole time without having to touch myself whatsoever. Needless to say I was impressed.

The only thing I noticed side effects wise from VigRX Plus was that I tended to drink more water, besides that it was entirely side effect free. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that because they use such a wide spectrum of ingredients they are able to use each in a synergistic way instead of having to give you too much of any one thing.

So in short, VigRX Plus helped just about every aspect of my sexual functioning with no side effects to speak of at all.

The next option on this list deals a lot more with the raw sexual functioning connected to the genitals itself as opposed to being a bull body helper in general. Max Performer was designed to help men who want a male enhancement product that has its most profound effects during sex itself as opposed to dealing with everything relating to sex.

It includes a lot of herbal sexual enhancement supplements and minerals with some of the most interesting being the B complex set of vitamins as well as Zinc. People who read our website frequently will note that we've mentioned Zinc in another article for it's beneficial effects on the prostate.

In general, Zinc has many different functions in the male reproductive system with most men actually being slightly deficient in Zinc, it has been included to make sure that when the body needs some more Zinc to help your penis work at it's best that there is some on hand.

Other worthwhile natural ingredients include Epimedium Sagittatum as well as Maca. If you're already into supplementation yourself you're a lot more likely to recognize Epimedium Saggitatum under the name Horny Goat Weed. What's interesting about this ingredient is that it has been found to work as a PDE5 inhibitor much like the prescription strength pills you can get from a doctor (and also contained in BlueChew above). Besides that, it also helps to normalize libido and sexual desire.

Maca on the other hand has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years as a general energy booster since it has beneficial effects on how the body transports oxygen via the blood. A welcome extra effect is that this will also help your mental abilities when it comes to concentration so you can better direct your newfound sexual energy.

Max Performer began to have subtle effects within the first two days but like other male enhancement supplements it was after few weeks had passed that I knew for sure I was dealing with something potent that could really help me out. I was practically brimming with raw sexual energy to the point where my wife noticed herself that the pills were having a great effect. I noticed that my erections were indeed of a higher quality but it was my wife who noticed that I started becoming a lot more involved during sex in how I moved & used my body to both of our advantage.

When I'm done testing more male enhancement supplements there's a good chance I'll go back on Max Performer for both the sexual effects but also for the added energy and concentration, I was surprised to find just how much it helped when it came to helping me stay awake and focused outside of sexual topics.

Perhaps the most interesting thing I noticed about ExtenZe is that at one point in time it was recommended by none other than sexual dynamo Ron Jeremy. I figured if it's good enough for ol' Ron, it's good enough for me to give it a shot.

It's yet another male enhancer that works to help regulate blood flow as well as ensure the penis has all of the building blocks it looks for naturally during the body's maintenance periods.

What's a bit different here is that they also include a special pro-hormone blend that helps regulate the body's supply of testosterone in way that directly translated to increased sexual energy as well as sexual desire.

They've actually chopped up all of their ingredients into easy to read categories which are the following: Pro-Hormone Blend, Bio-Enhancement Blend, and the Male Enhancement Blend.

As stated already, the Pro-Hormone blend will help ensure that there are no issues with the male sex hormone testosterone within the body.

The Bio-Enhancement blend contains three ingredients that all work to help increase the body's ability to actually absorb and put to use all of the other ingredients present.

The Male Enhancement Blend deals mostly with either penile function directly or overall blood flow help much like some other products do. Their blend has some recognizable ingredients from VigRX and Max Performer but also a few that are unique just to them. ExtenZe had some effect as a penis enlarger as well thanks to the fact that I knew for a fact my erections were at maximum capacity blood wise.

I found that it worked very well with there being a slow climb to maximum efficiency that took only a few weeks to materialize. There was less start up help but once the benefits kicked in they kicked in extremely strongly. I'm talking massive erections that lasted an extremely long time. There was an extremely profound increase in my overall stamina and endurance, I'd say that conservatively Max Performer added about seven to ten minutes of time in bed before I reached ejaculation.

The final option on this list works in a very noticeable and profound way to work on the blood flow issues that often plague people who have the worst ED problems out there.

This male enhancement supplement makes use of completely natural ingredients and I'd recommend this particular option for people who want a performance enhancer that deals mainly with blood flow to the penis instead of full body help or miscellaneous other items like semen production or overall libido & sex life.

The increased erection strength definitely made me want to use it more, but it was in a much more mental way than it was in the way of raw animalistic desire to get laid.

Blood flow is normalized in more areas than just the penis, which means that oxygen and other nutrients can be carried throughout the body at in a much more efficient manner with the effect of increasing stamina, energy, and of course erection quality.

Since all of the tissues within the penis won't have any issues becoming filled with blood, I very quickly noticed just how much longer and harder my erections would be after just a short while of taking Male Extra.

Penile enlargement was quite easily noticed just a few weeks into taking the pill thanks to the ability of this male enhancement supplement to stop my blood vessels from being unaccommodating. It obviously didn't give me more penis in general but instead worked to let me use all of the penis I had already.

Side effects were few to none, when I was taking this pill I was dealing with some insomnia and it might not have made dealing with it easier although I don't think it made it particularly worse.

Overall, I'd say that it definitely fits nicely into the overall male enhancement product landscape as an option for people who want a pill that focuses almost exclusively on the erection itself and with relatively quick results. Anyone dealing with erectile dysfunction issues and are also on lots of other medications will enjoy the relatively low amount of other bodily effects found in Male Extra.

Male Enhancement FAQ

When to take male enhancement pills?

With typical male enhancement products, you will take the pills daily usually once a day.

With Bluechew's chewable sildenafil, you simply chew a pill 30 minutes before you plan on having sex.

Will these pills give me an erection?

The quick answer to this question is no. Your ability to achieve an erection might come back where it wasn't there previously, but these sex pills do not in and of themselves give you an erection or force you into getting hard. You will still need some kind of stimulus whether it be mental or physical before you get going.

What will change is just how much excitement you'll need to get hard as well as how much effort you'll have to put into staying hard, these sex pills do not in and of themselves give you an erection.

Does male enhancement really work?

In my experience I've found that a large portion of these pills have slight to no effects, but the right male sexual enhancement pills do work and usually start working within a week of starting to take them. The better pills out there use tried and true formulas of ingredients that have been known to medical science for some time now.

Sexual issues can be easily rectified by providing your body with the building blocks it needs to work at maximum efficiency. When you give your body the right materials in a form it can actually break down and use, it'll quickly get to work fixing any deficiencies you might have. Other ingredients work to modify your body in a way that will have the desired effects, such as the herbal ingredients that will make sure your blood vessels are working properly so you can become fully engorged.

How quickly will I see results?

For most of these products they follow the typical supplement regime in that you'll need to wait about a week to start feeling a difference and then by the 3-4 week mark you'll know for sure the pills are working at maximum efficiency. That's because your body needs time to absorb & integrate what you've taken, any pill that promises life changing results in a very short amount of time should be given extra scrutiny. 

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

That being said, some options like BlueChew will begin to work within an hour. That's because BlueChew uses the same ingredients found in prescription erectile dysfunction pills. The caveat of any medication like BlueChew is that while they work quicker, their positive effects tend to dissipate quicker too. The supplement style pills tend to have their effects for a longer period of time after discontinuation compared to the spot treatment options.

What happens if I accidentally take extra pills?

Always do your best to follow the instructions on the back of the box for any male enhancement product you purchase. That being said, most pills won't do much else besides cause slightly more noticeable side effects should you accidentally take a double dose. Pills like BlueChew are often prescribed at much higher doses than what they provide while the enhancement supplements don't have very much in the way of immediate effects anyways.

So besides maybe some dehydration or nausea, you won't notice much of a difference if you take too much nor will there be any negative effects on your overall health. Note that taking a double dose won't make it doubly as efficient, there is a ceiling for how much these pills can help in a day.

How long do the benefits last?

For the enhancement supplement style pills the benefits will last indefinitely so long as you keep taking the pills consistently. Even after discontinuing there is typically a week long period afterwards where you will still feel the benefits. Some people are able to take a full course for the benefits and then rotate weeks/months when they take the pills to help keep costs down while still getting enough of the benefits to stay satisfied.

Other options like BlueChew are a bit different. Their sildenafil option will begin to work within an hour with the benefits lasting a full four and their tadalafil option will work within 24 hours and be effective for about 72 hours afterwards.

Are these pills good for penis enlargement?

The plain and simple truth out there is that no pill or device will work to ever increase your penis size by actually giving you more penis tissue to work with. What a quality male enhancement supplement can do however is make sure that the most blood possible can go into your penis which can end up looking like penis enlargement because you're used to seeing your penis at only a fraction of it's full capacity.

Penis enlargement is often used as a buzzword because hey, if these sex pills are also supposed to give me a boost to my overall size, why shouldn't I give this product a try? You should just be weary that if anyone really did find a special blend of natural ingredients that worked to increase penis size with virtually no side effects that you likely would have heard of them a lot sooner and with a lot less effort.

For people dealing with erectile dysfunction, even the ability to get an erection at all again can seem like penis enlargement, so that's worth keeping in mind as well.

Final Thoughts

I can't say I wasn't skeptical when I first started out using these male enhancement pills, there are a lot of different brands out there saying they can move mountains to help a man not have to worry about his sexual performance ever again. There were pills that were a bit too sketchy definitely got a pass from me, but anyone with lots of good buzz around them and prominently displayed their ingredients without any talks of "hidden secret formulas" got the benefit of the doubt and a proper trial.

The male enhancement pills on this list work because they've carefully honed their formulations to contain just the right amount of well known ingredients to direct their beneficial effects in ways that together translate into way better sexual function for any man, not just those who have ED problems. All of the pills recommended above had me feeling like I was a lot younger sexually which was a great feeling now that I'm starting to get older.

BlueChew is hands down my favorite since it works extremely quickly and they have real doctors on their team to help guide you through the process, but the other options still had worthwhile effects. I would not hestitate to try any of these again, in fact more than one of them I have a few orders for at the time of writing.

Hopefully this was enlighting for you to read, as I had a very fun time with my wife during the testing portion required for this article. In my opinion the options on this list are definitely the best male enhancement pills out there, bar none. If you have any questions at all about when you should take some of the pills, how to best get their benefits, or even just want to talk to me about male enhancement supplements, leave a comment below!

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