The Best Lubes For Fleshlights:

My Recommended Lubricants For Fleshlights

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: April 17th, 2023

  • Natural & body safe
  • Water-based
  • Vegan and eco-friendly
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  • Water-based
  • Hypoallergenic
  • No parabens or glycerin
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  • Gentle lube
  • Affordable
  • Non-irritating
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Lubricant is a sex toy's best friend. Women get the benefit of their sexual organs being self-lubricating, and while it isn't always enough to use each and every toy without outside help, it is a serious benefit that us males don't get to enjoy on the same level.

Nobody is out there producing enough pre-cum to stand in for lube, that's for sure. If you actually are one of the genetic freaks capable of oodles of pre-cum, I'd love to shake your hand. After I've seen you wash it, of course.

Anyways, Fleshlight is one of if not the most popular manufacturer of male masturbators out there. After over twenty years in the industry there's now a Fleshlight for just about every different kind of masturbation session you'd like. Lots of tightness, not so much tightness, easier cleanup, more stealthy, you name it, they have it.

All of the "meat" of these pocket pussies are made up of a proprietary material referred to as Superskin. The true nature of Superskin is as closely guarded a secret as KFC's 11 herbs and spices.

What we do know is that Superskin is phthalate free and made from a blend of plastics and allegedly a little bit of silicone thrown in for good measure which contributes to its title of most realistic feeling synthetic skin material currently available. It's a very unique material, so it needs a very unique lube if you're expected to get everything you can out of this toy.

Now, if you're here for a quick answer to the question "What is the best lube for a Fleshlight?", then my short answer is, Fleshlube.

It's Fleshlights own lubricant which was specially formulated to be used with their products.

After all, if the best lube for a Fleshlight was made by someone other Fleshlight, in my opinion, that would look really bad on their company.

My Favorite Lubes For Fleshlights

Product Name




Fleshlube Water

(Best Overall)

  • Best feel & overall lube composition for use with Fleshlights

Sliquid H2O

(All Natural)

  • Very gentle on the skin & all natural while still ticking the right boxes in use 

Lovehoney Enjoy

(Best Value)

  • Best budget lubricant for the job

ID Glide

(Longest Lasting)

  • Best longevity out of the lubricants on this list

Wicked Sensual

(Supreme Slickness)

  • Best overall slickness

Lets go over 
each lube!

#1 - Fleshlube Water (The #1 Lube For Fleshlights)

Before you roll your eyes that I personally chose Fleshlube from Fleshlight as the best possible option, I'd like to say that I do fully believe it is leagues ahead of any other option and Fleshlight has every reason to have invested the money they did into making sure of that. Imagine if your own lube wasn't the best option for your own toy, you'd be the laughing stock of the sex toy retailing community. I don't know if you've ever seen pictures of the Fleshlight founder, but he doesn't look like the type that likes to be laughed at.

Fleshlube Water is the "vanilla" kind of water-based lube from Fleshlight. Fire and Ice are similar except they come with warming and cooling properties, respectively. Those two aren't as great for solo use as the regular Fleshlube Water is. It's completely hypoallergenic with no parabens of glycerin, and it's even nice on my wife's extremely sensitive skin. No reaction = no problem.

Since the high-ups at Fleshlight are the only people who know what exactly is in the Superskin that makes up the toy, they're uniquely poised to make a lubricant perfectly suited to compliment the material. The lube is viscous enough that application isn't a mess & the lube has staying power while at the same time it will spread out and coat the entirety of the sleeve after a few strokes. Fleshlube feels different in Fleshlights than in my other male masturbators, and I'd like to think that's because of some behind the scenes trickery that we're not privy to as consumers. That is, after all, what a secret recipe is all about.

#2 - Sliquid H2O Water-Based Lubricant

This lubricant is special because it is entirely natural & body safe which makes it extremely gentle on the skin. It feels luxuriously rich and realistic for a water-based lube, typically water-based lubes are outclassed by oil-based and silicone-based when it comes to coverage and slickness.

On top of all of that it's also completely vegan and eco-friendly, so it's really hard on hate on Sliquid for their design philosophies here. As far as natural & safe lubricants go, there really is no beating Sliquid in that department.

The smell is neutral (semi earthy, maybe?) and it isn't absolutely revolting in taste if you're planning on sharing yourself with someone else before/during/after using your Fleshlight, so that's another plus. What impresses me about this lube is that without any artificial ingredients whatsoever it lasts just as long and is just as slick as some more questionable lubes I've tried over the years. A single application will last me anywhere from 5-10 minutes while the original slickness is maintained for the majority of that time before it begins to peter out.

It's runnier than Fleshlube which is why it doesn't make it to the #1 spot, but I'll be damned if it didn't try its hardest to be the best Fleshlight lube out there. Because of the all-natural formulation, it's also ridiculously easy to wash out of the toy.

#3 - LoveHoney Enjoy Lubricant

The #1 and #2 spot on this list are occupied by Fleshlight lubricants I'd say are purpose built. Fleshlube is meant specifically for the toy while Sliquid prides itself on being the safest, gentlest, but still impressively functional lube out there.

Lovehoney Enjoy gets to have the benefit of the #3 spot because it is everything a Fleshlight lube needs to be and nothing more, it ticks all of the basic boxes and also is rather affordable in large quantities. Anyone who doesn't care for the best-of-the-best but just wants a lubricant for their toy that'll perform exactly to the standards I laid out earlier in the article should choose the Enjoy lubricant.

After extensive testing both my wife and I proved that it fits the bill as non-irritating on the skin (even her extremely sensitive fingers). It isn't particularly thick but thanks to the pump applicator it's a match made in heaven, out of all the lubes I've tried with my Fleshlight this one had the least lost to spillage.

My sheets remain unstained, my toys clean, my skin comfortable, and my balls empty. Thanks Lovehoney.

#4 - ID Glide Water-Based Lubricant

Where ID Glide loses points in having the right viscosity for a Fleshlight, it gains big points in longevity.

Anyone who is absolutely turned-off by the idea of having to reapply lubricant on a frequent basis should look towards ID Glide for their Fleshlight. Out of all of the lubes on this list, it definitely lasts the longest and there are anectocal reports of being able to "reactivate" the lubricant by spritzing a bit of water into the toy. I can't confirm that, but it doesn't sound out of the question.

The increased longevity comes at the expensive of increased viscosity, less realistic texture, as well as the fact that it does get sticky when it does finally start to poop out. I recommend that if you do choose this lubricant to be more diligent in your cleanup than you would usually, if you run your finger across the interior of the sleeve and it feels like there's a bit more than just water there, give it another rinse.

All in all, it does make for pleasurable Fleshlight time and I do enjoy how long it lasts. Could it be better for Fleshlights specifically? Sure! Is it trash? No! You can't have it all when it comes to water-based lubricant. This lube specializes in durability & longevity.

#5 - Wicked Sensual Water-Based Lubricant

All of the lubricants on this list have all made it because they either perform the task itself as best as possible, or they get the job done and specialized in one specific area. This lubricant's specialty is raw slickness.

Designed as an anal lubricant, it is probably one of the slickest water-based lubricants in general and should be chosen by those who really refuse to mess around with their slipperiness. It's also convenient to pour into any Fleshlight, something that will always get extra points out of me.

It is much more jelly like in consistency compared to the other lubes on this list, I'd imagine that's because of the ingredients that help give this lube its trademark slickness. As an anal lube, it needs to be non-sticky, slick, and modestly long lasting. I don't know if you've been paying attention, but the same reasons why it excels as an anal lube is why it excels as a Fleshlight lube.

Does My Fleshlight Really NEED Lube?

One of the main questions I had before buying a Fleshlight was "Do I really need lube every time I want to use my Fleshlight?"

The answer to this question is simple: YES. Without lube, the Fleshlight experience won't be pleasurable and you might have difficulty entering the toy at all. If you do manage to squeeze past the initial opening, it isn't going to be nearly as accommodating and pleasurable as it should be. You risk damaging the sensitive nerves on your penis by forcefully moving your genitals across the sleeve without proper lubrication.

Sure, it can be a pain once you finally get your toy to realize you need a little bit of extra help, but after using just water in a panic my first few times I was floored by how much lube can really change the experience. I wholeheartedly consider lube of some kind to be an absolute necessity with every male masturbator, not just Fleshlights.

What Types Of Lube Work With Fleshlights?

There are dozens of different sub-types of lubes out there, each with their own reasons for existing. A more comprehensive look at the world of lube is best found by clicking the following link to our Lube Guide. Whether you just don't want to get the lubes I'll be suggesting next or you only have the resources available to pick up lube in person, I'm going to fill you in on what kind of lubricant works best with this wonderful toy that changed how the world sees sex toys.

Firstly, anything oil-based or silicone-based is out of the question immediately. This is because of the materials used to make Superskin. It will degrade the inner sleeve of the toy upon contact. The consequences of using the improper formulation of lube include: loss of detailed structures inside the sleeve, bigger pores where bacteria can hide, remaining lubricant can serve as a food-source for bacteria, and finally the ultimate destruction of the sleeve with enough use. For this reason, only use water-based lubes with any Fleshlight product that uses Superskin.

Next, you have to ensure the lubricant has the right consistency for a Fleshlight toy. Anyone who produces a water-based lube needs to decide how runny it should be while noting that the less runny it is, the less slick it will be. Another factor that's influenced by the consistency decision is how sticky the lube will be when it begins to dry out. Any lube that is noted for being able to stick in a glob when on a flat surface but still run when placed on an angle is a good sign, plus whether or not people say the lube begins to turn sticky as it dries out. Sometimes it is necessary to reapply lube even with the best of lubes, but a lube that becomes sticky shortly after application will end up costing you much more money thanks to the near-constant need for application. Lubes with these attributes also tend to be very easy to wash away by just running warm water through the toy, keeping the burden of cleanliness lower.

Also avoid lubricants that have parabens as ingredients. If it doesn't advertise itself as paraben-free, it is safe to assume it has parabens. Parabens are known to disrupt human hormonal functioning. Suffice to say, not stuff you'd like to expose your genitalia to.

So remember: Water-based, non-stick, non-toxic, semi-viscous lubes that washes away easily work best with Fleshlight.


Each of these best Fleshlight lubricants serve a distinct purpose and excel in one of the areas I mentioned earlier. I personally find that the five lubricants I've chosen are actually in the definitive list of best lubricants you can get for this particular toy. Each satisfies a particular niche/user desire and including more would just be excessive. I know there are some similar lists with 10+ items, I'm sorry, but I sincerely doubt after the fifth lube there's really anything worthwhile those other options are bringing to the table that hasn't already been covered by another lube that costs identical.

  • Fleshlube is the clear choice for anyone who wants the purpose-built and all-around beauty of a perfectly formulated lubricant made just for Fleshlights.
  • Sliquid should be chosen for those who want an all-natural and extremely gentle alternative to Fleshlube that still comes very close to Fleshlube in desired consistency.
  • LoveHoney Enjoy is for those who want to get the job done well at the right price and not a dime more.
  • ID Glide is the premier choice for those who don't want to know what having to reapply lube twice in a single session feels like.
  • Wicked Sensual goes well with those who want a focus on slickness above all else and who care for the other attributes desirable in a Fleshlight Lube that just aren't as important to them.

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