The Definitive Guide To Prostate Milking

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: January 4th, 2020

A handful of men are aware of the prostate and how prostate stimulation is a favorite pass time to many across the world, but only a few are willing to take the plunge themselves to discover everything this little gland is capable of. The process of stimulating the prostate is known by many names, prostate milking, prostate massaging, or even just prostate play. It's essentially the male g-spot, it's a small target within the body that when tickled just right results in pleasure like you wouldn't believe. For a more sanitized explanation, the Wiki article on prostate massaging does a good job explaining everything besides how to best capitalize on the sensations, which is more the focus of this article overall.

All of these methods are trying to end up at the same conclusion: a prostate orgasm. I must warn you, many people feel that once they've crossed the threshold and given it a shot, it's hard to go back to regular masturbation without integrating a bit of prostate massaging in some way or another. But let's not get too ahead of ourselves just yet.

Milking the prostate isn't necessarily a straightforward procedure. There's enough that needs to be known & understood that it really isn't something you can just jump right into.

For example, there are a few different ways to go about massaging the prostate and even a handful of different tools that can help make the job a little easier.

So without further delay, let's get into everything you'll ever need to know about this intense way of getting off.

What Is Prostate Milking?

The prostate is a gland found within the male reproductive system that produces a fluid that makes up about 30% of the volume of semen. It is found directly under the bladder and is about the size of a walnut. What we've also discovered as a species is that being able to give the prostate a good rubdown makes for a stunningly memorable sensation.

It's referred to as prostate milking since to access this gland you'll have to repeatedly rub the area to properly stimulate the gland. No liquid is retrieved, it isn't milking in the same way that you milk a cow. It's merely referred to as milking because it involves a very specific process in which sensation is slowly brought on bit by bit.

The process does clear out the prostatic duct, but you aren't going to get buckets of material by the end of it all.

As far as the actual act of prostate milking and how it is best accomplished, there are two main ways to get at the prostate: via internal or via external stimulation. There's a good variety of techniques within both disciplines and I'll be covering as many as I can in this article. Before we get started though, I'm going to give everyone a bit more information about the prostate gland itself as well as prostate orgasms.

Why Should I Milk My Prostate?

Besides the obvious hedonistic pleasure, there are actually a few health benefits from prostate milking.

  • Treatment for prostatitis: Men with an inflamed or infected prostate are often recommended by doctors to engage in a prostate massage. The medical benefits are that the prostate itself becomes engaged and works to clear the prostatic duct that carries fluid. Keeping "freshness" in the area helps men feel more comfortable by relieving uncomfortable sensation.
  • Treat some forms of erectile dysfunction: Some forms of erectile dysfunction are related to this area of the body, with prostate cancer or just prostatitis contributing to an inability to achieve erections reliably. By draining the prostate the entire system is given a sort of soft-reboot that can aid in re-establishing proper blood flow.
  • Help urination: Many men suffer with an inability to urinate at all or when they do they suffer from incapacitating amounts of pain. While our medical understanding of why and how a prostate massage can help treat this condition, there is a significant amount of anecdotal evidence that prostate massaging helps restore proper urinary function.
  • Keeps the prostate in good health: Regular massaging ensures that your body consistently produces prostatic fluid. Massaging any area helps to increase blood flow which is necessary for proper bodily function.

Those benefits are all major reasons to give massaging the prostate at least the benefit of the doubt. We're still very far behind where we should be as far as how worthwhile massaging the area can be, likely because of a lack of willingness on both the part of doctors as well as volunteers. Nobody is lining up to get a gloved finger up their bum, that's for certain.

So yes, besides being a great way to further connect with yourself sexually and blow off some steam, a prostate massage is actually a healthy choice so long as you know what you're doing.


If you want to get the most out of your prostate milking experience I highly suggest taking a little bit of time to prepare yourself and your surroundings. It's an involved process that can take up to 30-40 minutes before you finally have a prostate orgasm.

Prepare Your Body

You should first start by taking a whole body shower to feel as fresh as possible. In the future you can just clean your anus and perineum area, but for now I'd recommend a full shower with you scrubbing your booty hole until it is absolutely squeaky clean.

I also recommend that you eat lots of fiber leading up to your massage to make for a clean, hassle-free bowel movement before you jump into action. This is best done on an empty tank that's been recently cleaned. Finalize the area with a wet wipe to make sure you're absolutely not going to have to deal with any fecal matter during this process.

When going for internal prostate stimulation it is important to know that the prostate is about 2-3 inches inside of the anal cavity. Going all out and having a 100% clean anal tract all the way to your intestines is far from necessary.

Prepare Your Materials

The next step is to understand what you'll be using to stimulate the prostate. Regardless of internal or external stimulation, you'll either be using your finger or a dedicated prostate massager.

If you're going to use your fingers you should consider just how comfortable you are with the reality that you'll be putting your finger about 2-3 inches inside your rectum. Having a condom on hand or even some surgical gloves to give you some separation is a great solution if you're hung up on the overall ickiness of the situation. You also absolutely need to have some lubricant on hand to put on your fingers as well as on your body. The lubricant will make the entire procedure a lot more comfortable as well as eliminate any risk of hurting yourself.

When using sex toys like prostate massagers you should give the toy a quick rinse beforehand to make it nice and clean. After that, it's a matter of making sure that you have some lubricant on hand to lube the toy up much like you would with your fingers. Remember that the prostate toy will probably be larger than your finger so if you have to warm yourself up a little bit beforehand that's completely normal.

Prepare Your Mind

Now this is perhaps one of the most important things to consider when you're about to apply some pressure to stimulate the prostate. The overall mood you should have is almost as if you've been taken to a prostate care spa, ready for the experience now ahead of you. I suggest finding a comfortable place in your home like your bedroom so you can lay down and get comfortable.

Start with deep breaths and calm yourself as much as you can. Deal with bodily needs like hunger or thirst, emptying your bladder, etc. Understand that the first few times you give milking a shot you probably won't be able to reach orgasm with any kind of speed. It takes some time to track down the male g-spot, then a little bit more time to properly stimulate it. Give the situation the respect it deserves.

Internal Prostate Milking Guide

I personally believe that internal milking using sex toys is the easiest and most pleasurable way to enjoy a prostate massage. I've actually made a list of my top rated prostate massagers.

The guide for external milking will follow shortly but if you want the most bang for your buck and to really understand how intense the experience can be, give internal stimulation a go.

Pictured to the right is the Lovense Edge, a toy that helped guide me through my first few attempts of finding the prostate spots and exploiting them for all they had to offer.

I found that after comparing it against some of my later purchases, I liked how big it was overall and how adjustable it was.

The main end can be bent to better fit personal biology, I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a modular toy with enough girth and length to get the job done.

Make Sure You're Ready To Start

Have you followed all of the above tips on how to best prepare yourself? Make sure to completely relax yourself and empty your bowels before getting started. Also look to make sure you have your prostate massager/finger help and lubricant ready to go at this point. Start by laying down on a comfortable surface such as a bed or a couch. As you get more experience you can get a little bit more creative with your regular prostate massage as far as positioning is concerned. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

Add generous amounts of lubricant to your anus as well as whatever you plan on inserting up there. This is one time where there's really no such thing as too much lube.

Go Slow And Listen To Your Body

You may now begin by inserting your device of choice into your body. Take care to go slowly as you insert and always take note of how you're feeling. Some slight discomfort is normal but a painful sensation is not. The prostate gland is approximately 2-3 inches inside the body facing the front, ensure that the curve is towards the front of your body and then move the toy inside.

Locate The Prostate

This part is a bit easier with a finger than it is with prostate massagers in my experience. You're looking for a walnut sized bump within your anal cavity towards the front of the body. You'll be pushing the tissue towards this point so it rubs up against your man bits.

Finding it can take some time, you'll know when you're on the right track when the sensations go from regular and unassuming to much harder to ignore. It feels similar to the feeling you get right before you reach orgasm, with each rub and tap bringing that sensation closer to the forefront of your mind.

Begin Your Prostate Massage

Once you've located the prostate gland the fun can really begin. How you choose to best lead yourself to a prostate orgasm is a matter of personal preference, here's a variety of the best ways I've found to get the job done:

  • Contraction method: Using your kegel muscles as well as the same muscles you use to stop pooping mid-session, you can contract said muscles and force the toy/finger inside of you closer to the prostate. By consistently flexing and un-flexing these muscles, you'll create a back-and-forth sensation and be well on your way to wonderful orgasms. This way is best if you don't want to move the toy/your finger around too much.
  • Movement method #1: Using either your finger or the handle of the toy (most have a perineum end that is easy to grab on to), move in a "come hither" motion to push the tissue of the rectal wall and apply pressure directly onto the prostate. This is probably the first method you'll experience any amount of success with as it allows for direct control of what's being touched. Don't be too forceful with your movements, the rectal cavity is quite delicate.
  • Movement method #2: By moving your body around slightly you can make the toy inside of you reach forward and rub your male bits to your delight. This is more for people more confident with letting their bodily movements dictate what goes on inside of them. By bringing your waist up and down you can force some movement into the toy and make it do all of the hard work for you.

These methods can be mixed and matched to your delight, I never use only one method whenever I sit myself down for a good old fashioned prostate orgasm. If you're consistently feeling strong sensations that slowly build up sexual pressure then you're on the right track. Just keep doing what you're doing and eventually the sensations will bubble over into an orgasm.

I should mention that there's no refractory period with prostate orgasms compared to penis orgasms. The intense experience can be immediately repeated as many times as you'd like with no lag time in between each prostate orgasm.

External Prostate Milking Guide

If you don't want to insert something inside of your body to enjoy the beauty that is prostate orgasms, I don't blame you one bit. Luckily, there is an option for those among us who would rather apply pressure from the outside of the body.

It involves using the perineum (gooch, taint, whatever you'd like to call it) to push the rectal wall into the prostate. Mr Racy has a good write-up on external milking, when it comes to external prostate massaging it's always better to have as many different perspectives as you can since it's much more up in the air than internal style.

Lay Down & Get Prepared

Much in the same way as with internal stimulation, you should lay down somewhere comfortable and get naked. Bare minimum you should be naked from the waist down as you'll need direct access to the perineum.

Begin Applying Pressure

If you're using your fingers you should be using your index, middle finger, and ring finger to make a large point. I personally find a toy much better for external prostate stimulation since they're usually softer overall and just shaped better for finding the male g-spot in this fashion. Place the tip of your desired stimulator directly in the middle of the perineum and begin moving in circular motions while adding more and more pressure. You should feel the sensations begin to get more intense as time goes on, that's how you know you're doing the right thing.

Notes On External Stimulation

When you choose this kind of prostate stimulation, you should be aware of the fact that you probably aren't going to tickle the male g-spot enough to actually have an orgasm. You should probably couple in the regular penis stimulation you're used to and reach orgasm that way, just with a little bit of prostate fun to help bring up your overall pleasure level.

I'm Having Trouble With Prostate Milking - What Gives?

If you are having trouble enjoying everything a prostate massage has to offer, don't fret. It's very common to have some difficulty when you're first starting out.

Relax Your Body

If you're too tense while hunting down your prostate you won't be able to push the rectal wall where it needs to go in order for you to get the kind of sensations you're looking for. Yes, you're shoving something up your bum, I don't blame you for being a little on edge about the situation. Do everything in your power to get comfortable so you don't tense up and ruin the experience for yourself. If you just can't hack it the first time around, don't get discouraged, you might be surprised how easy it is the second time around.

Use The Right Toy For You

Depending on your personal tastes and biology, what kind of prostate massager you use can change the experience. If you want to be able to move the toy around yourself, consider a smaller toy like the Aneros Helix Syn that allows for much more finely controlled rubbing and tickling. If you want something where you can let the bulk of the toy do most of the toy, something like the Lovense Edge is more suited for you. Carefully choose based on size and shape what toy you get to help out.

Experiment With Different Positions

Laying on your back is the easiest way to get to the prostate, but it isn't the only way. Getting on all fours or bending your body while semi-upright is another way to try and track down this elusive gland. Change things up and see how it changes the amount of subjective pleasure you feel, it could just be a change of position for you that makes all the difference.

Be Patient

You aren't going to get the hang of things right off the bat. It's kind of an intermediate level thing to try out prostate orgasms for yourself. Expect it to take about 30-40 minutes during your first sessions for you to feel anything worthwhile. As time goes on and you learn more about yourself, it'll get much easier.

Prostate Milking FAQ

How Do Prostate Orgasms Feel?

The way I like to describe it is that you should think about that feeling you get right up until you cum. The feeling people seek to maximize while edging, essentially. When massaging your prostate it is going to feel like that mostly the entire time except with a feeling that's equally as intense as your pre cum feeling is to regular masturbation. After that you'll have a massive release of all of this stored up pleasure that's at least one or two magnitudes stronger than your average orgasm.

In short, a prostate orgasm feels like one of the best orgasms you'll ever have.

Will My Penis Get Hard?

Sometimes, but not always. Some men don't ever really get much of an erection while others have one that is nothing short of raging. This is more of a mental thing than it is a physical thing, erections are not a guaranteed part of the experience.

Am I Going To Ejaculate?

Sometimes, but not always. Prostate stimulation does not always mean you'll ejaculate from your penis. Sometimes the sexual stimulation is just so strong that you can't help but also get a rock hard penis that's along for the ride, but it isn't necessarily part of the experience each and every time.

There's Really Health Benefits?

In your travels of looking up how to have a prostate orgasm, you're sure to find lots of stories about how it can help prostatitis, urinary control, and a handful of other options. The scientific literature is still pretty lacking overall, but the health benefits are present. No crazy methods of action are here, it's just simply known that you can use a prostate massager for health reasons since by massaging the area you'll be creating lots more blood flow. Prostatitis is effectively aided by the extra blood flow and the clearing of the prostate, it isn't too crazy of a method of action for beneficial effects. I'm confident in the benefits being real since it isn't out of the question for big health information resources like Heathline to touch on the health benefits of stimulating the prostate.

Final Words

Hopefully you've learned a lot about prostate milking from this article. Bare minimum, you've learned that a prostate massager health benefit isn't out of the question entirely. Don't get discouraged if you don't get the results you want right off the bat, it's a learning process that requires a lot of listening to your body and being willing to dedicate the time to the endeavor.

Have any more questions? Or maybe you just can't seem to find your prostate yourself? Leave me a comment below and I'll do everything in my power to help you along on this great quest for knee-bending orgasmic delight.

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