ForHims ED Pills Review: 
Here's Why I Don't Like Them

Written by: Don Watson | Updated: January 27th, 2019

Erectile dysfunction is an extremely troublesome problem for an increasing large population of men around the world. Of course there are some long term solutions like better diet and exercise, but when it comes to popping boners men are hardly the type to be patient. There's just a mental connection between us and our sexual functioning that affects our sense of well being more than we can control.

That's exactly why so many men turn to pills at the end of the day. Specifically, pills like Viagra and Cialis that promise a rock hard erection within a few hours. Men aren't always eager to discuss their sexual issues with their family doctor, so many search for solutions for erectile dysfunction online.

I'll just go out there and say that probably about 95% of services that promise pills out there are completely bunk. These are prescription only medications, if there's a website promising to sell you them no questions asked there's honestly some serious red flags there.

But things are changing now, there's a lot of different online services that actually will connect you to a doctor and get everything done online when it comes to getting help with erectile dysfunction. One such service is known as Forhims, or just Hims for short. This article will be going over their service, how my experience with them went, and why I instead highly recommend BlueChew versus their service.

Let's get into the thick of it, shall we?

What Does Promise To Their Users?

Forhims works as an online pharmacy that deals with male products much like GetRoman who also offers a service for erectile dysfunction pills. Also like GetRoman, they also work to help people dealing with things like hair loss or premature ejaculation besides the ED issues themselves. Of course, this review is going to be dealing explicitly with their ED pill service & the products on offer.

The magic of the internet has enabled us to connect to doctors using Telehealth which completely negates the need to find a doctor in real life.

Since these doctors work explicitly with ForHims to establish candidacy for erectile dysfunction mmedication, there aren't any expensive fees associated with having a visit. 

Their doctor will work through your current health status to see if you can safely take the pills and from there you'll be recommended either a sildenafil or tadalafil containing pill to be sent to you within a reasonable amount of time.

Essentially, Hims tries to be a one stop shop for all things male enhancement from hair loss to skincare with doctors playing the main role instead of cheesy informational articles written by some random man trying to push pills & other health products.

The ForHims Sign Up Process

Before you can get even a single package of pills sent to you over the mail you'll need to go through their opening questionnaire where you fill in pertinent information about your current health status. The initial barrage of questions deals with your current sexual health before giving way to a more general health questionnaire.

It might not seem relevant to ask about your heart health as well as your overall fitness, I admit. The reason why Hims goes so in-depth on that front is because these pills have an overall effect on your cardiovascular system. Viagra was initially researched as a possible medication for blood pressure issues, but it was found that its main strength was in making erections much easier to obtain. Most of the side effects people report are directly related to how these products change blood vessel function in ways that don't have anything to do with the penis. So if you're already on a slipper slope with your heart health it can actually be extremely dangerous to go on ED medication.

People who take nitrate medications tend to be immediately disqualified from the service since taking nitrate medications alongside ED medication can put you at a risk of a massive heart attack. The last thing anyone would want is for someone to drop dead on top of their dearly beloved just because they wanted to get freaky.

Still, everyone is different and these doctors aren't here to just give out pills to anyone who asks, so the full questionnaire is necessary. I'd say that in total it took me about 15 minutes to go through it all. You'll need to have a recent measurement of your blood pressure handy, but besides that it's all stuff you'll be able to answer off the top of your head.

After you fill out the questionnaire it will be sent for review to their team of doctors to determine your base eligibility. Once that's done you'll have the ability to talk to the physician directly as they'll likely require a bit more information before you can place your order. I was disappointed in how long it took for them to review the initial questionnaire. BlueChew had mine reviewed within 8 hours or so, GetRoman within about 24 hours, but I waited a full four days before anyone from For Hims got in contact with me.

I also felt that out of all three services the doctors connected to the Hims service offered the least amount of help with regards to my continued health, but Hims did do enough for me to be sure that they aren't giving out erectile dysfunction pills in a way that would get people hurt. Once that was done, I was able to make an order.

ForHims Prices - How Much Does It Cost?

Next came time to see what Hims was offering as far as actual products for ED. They offer both Viagra and Cialis, with two different generic options available for Viagra but no similar option for Cialis, a tadalafil containing medicine.

Their cheapest option for sildenafil is just generic sildenafil at $4 a dose, moving up to a generic you're more likely to find in a pharmacy for $34 per dose or brand name Viagra for $70 a dose. Cialis, on the other hand? Hims offers generic Cialis for a whopping $240 per month. Plain and simple, this kind of pricing is why I absolutely detest the erectile dysfunction industry. It's clear that these medications aren't incredibly expensive to produce yet some suppliers are willing to get men to spend exorbitant amounts of cash just for something they can take for relief.

I feel at this point it's my duty to mention that BlueChew is leagues better as far as pricing since they create their own product to mail to subscribers.

Their least expensive option with regards to sildenafil (Viagra) of 6 pills per month costs $3.33 per dose while the biggest package brings the price down to only $2.64 per dose.

Sure, if you get the cheapest For Hims option $4 doesn't seem like that much more, but I doubt Hims is in any way connected to the production of this medication like BlueChew is. Simply put, there's a lot more pressure on BlueChew for their products to be of high quality than some random supplier of pills Hims then mails across the country.

As far as Cialis (tadalafil) goes, BlueChew is ludicrously inexpensive by comparison. The BlueChew plan with the least amount of pills (4) ends up costing $5 per pill with the $90 option for 28 pills ending up being a mere $3.21 per pill. Hims on the other hand will charge about $8 for every Cialis pill, and it's still a generic option.

Throw in the fact that BlueChew even offers a one month free trial (read the following guide to claim a free BlueChew trial), there's really no reason to even consider Hims if you're really struggling with erectile dysfunction. These people at Hims clearly aren't trying to break the current conception of ED pills as a predatory industry and for that reason alone I can't support them.

Does ForHims Work? - My Experience

I thought naturally that if Hims is going to be charging so much extra compared to other options that they'd at least reinvest some of the extra money into quality customer service. Lo and behold, I was completely mistaken. My package took a full week and a half to arrive. They promise lightning fast shipping yet it was sluggish at best with the support ticket I lodged not even getting answered until about five days after the pills landed. Their response to me was just a canned "sorry the pills are taking longer than we said they would" with no extra help being offered.

Once I actually got the pills I was even more unimpressed. The pills are clearly random generics but those at Hims still take the time to repackage them into their own branded packet and ultimately the product did work but it really just seemed as if I was being taken advantage of. Side effects were minimal yet there was still a slight headache type feeling after I took a single dose, plus a little bit of loss with regards to my ability to hear clearly. Strange, indeed.

It's a big upgrade compared to a sketchy pill site that sends counterfeits, don't get me wrong. But ForHims still isn't what I would consider a service that respects men's time or their desire for legitimate help. I'm not expecting them to be crusaders for equal opportunity boners but it really left a bad taste in my mouth. Did I mention the pills also will leave a bad taste in your mouth legitimately?

They need to up their customer service game big time as well as figure out their order fulfillment situation. I'd also recommend that they ask their doctors to be a bit more involved with managing their patient's continued sexual health. For all of the extra costs they charge there isn't much to show for it.

At the end of the day I want to reiterate that my experience with BlueChew (my recommendation) and even GetRoman (who still have their own issues) didn't have me this let down. I can't in good conscience gloss over these major issues.

Is ForHims Legit?

So objectively Hims is a legitimate service that will deliver the products they promise to, just not in the time frame they promise to. The fact alone that they issue legitimate prescriptions of genuine generic medication already puts they above 95% of the online ED product market.

If you ever find a website that promises to help you get this medicine without speaking to a doctor and obtaining a prescription I'd run as fast as humanly possible from that website. There's a good chance they aren't selling products that contain any of the actual active ingredient plus they are notoriously difficult to distance yourself from once you realize what they're really all about.

Perhaps the best part of my ForHims experience was the cancellation process. It was easy enough to cancel after a bit of detective work through their website. That's a good attribute in my opinion since difficulty cancelling is another big way some of these sketchier services make money. They're banking on the fact that men will be to embarrassed to properly cancel while they pocket as much extra scratch as humanly possible.

Yes, Hims is legitimate in all senses of the word. At the same time, reading my review back to myself I'm at a loss to mention any aspect that they really excel in.


Hundreds of thousands of men deal with erectile dysfunction each and every day. Unfortunately most of the information out there is solely to help someone make a quick buck without much care for restoring the loss of erectile power these people are dealing with.

If you absolutely need a solution and don't have the ability to get a better deal & level of service, ForHims is functional. But with BlueChew on the scene it's really difficult for me to understand why Hims doesn't step up their game. As men, we need to vote with our dollars and only order from people who are willing to provide unbiased information to really help those of us in need have good sex for the foreseeable future.

I almost feel bad for writing such a scathing review of their service, I really don't mean to be spreading hate and I hope I don't come off as vindictive at any point during this review. At the same time it's important that the players in this industry work to help people get the help they need as opposed to being milked for as much money as possible.

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