Our Aneros Discount Code

Aneros was nice enough to set up our very own discount code that all of our readers can use to save 10% off.

All you have to do to save 10% off is use our coupon code at checkout! 

How To Use Our Coupon Code

Using our discount code is extremely simple. 

All you need to do is head over to Aneros.com, enter the items you're interested in into your cart and then enter your coupon code here:

Then just click "Apply" and you should see your discount applied down below:

It's that easy. You just saved 10% off your entire order!

Here's a short video that illustrates how to use our coupon code:

Reasons To Buy Aneros Toys

Aneros is one of my personal favorite companies. I commonly refer to them as "The Butt People" when speaking with my wife, instead of using their name Aneros. They are a company that is dedicated to anal pleasure and they service that need very splendidly. Every toy I've purchased to date has been affordable and more importantly extremely pleasurable.

Aneros toys from my experience are typically extremely efficient when it comes to bringing oneself to a prostate orgasm. All 3 toys I've bought from them to date have been the perfect length and shape for hitting my prostate.

Here is basically everything you need to know about Aneros:

Free Shipping On Orders Over $75

On all orders of 75$ or more, Aneros will ship your order for free. However, this only applies to US customers. 

All orders are shipped on the next business day of placing an order, unless you order before 9AM CST in which case they ship it same day.

Warranty & Returns

All non-vibrating and non-electrical toys made by Aneros come with a lifetime warranty while vibrating and toys that contain electrical components are warrantied for one year after the date of purchase.

This is not something you see very often in the sex toy industry, most retailers and companies will not accept returns on used products.

Be sure to leave a comment down below if this coupon worked for you and also let us know how much you saved!

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